The Rwanda Genocide – Vaccines

This is at the third post I have made concerning the Rwanda Genocide of 1994. Here are links to two earlier posts: What Dr. Pierre Gilbert said about Rwanda Operation Crimson Mist, Electronic Slaughter in Rwanda What I revealed in those earlier posts about this Genocide is that it was purposely created using EMF basedContinue reading “The Rwanda Genocide – Vaccines”

The Secret History of John Bennet Ramsey

Since I first started heavily investigating the JonBenet Ramsey Murder, I deduced that John Bennet Ramsey had a secret past that was being hidden from the public. Nancy Krebs in her testimony added validity to that assertion. The involvement of John Ramsey’s father, James Dudley Ramsey in the North Fox Island, Michigan scandal certainly addedContinue reading “The Secret History of John Bennet Ramsey”

A Key to understanding the JonBenet Ramsey Death and its cover up

Sometimes the truth comes to you in the middle of the night. when you least expect it. So it was with the idea behind this post. If we had a decent main stream media then they would connect these dots for the people but instead our main stream media are disinformation whores working for theContinue reading “A Key to understanding the JonBenet Ramsey Death and its cover up”

The central figure in the JonBenet Ramsey murder

Bit by bit, piece by piece. It is the way any mystery is solved and this mystery is no different. I keep going back to Fleet White Sr., the man shown in the above image because I believe he is the central figure to understanding this entire case. Unless you understand this man and hisContinue reading “The central figure in the JonBenet Ramsey murder”