The Case of Richard and Susan Hamlin

Since I am looking deeper into the subject of Real Satanism, I am turning my attention once again to the case of Richard and Susan Hamlin of El Dorado California which I allege is a case that involves Real Satanism. This is the second post about this case I have made on this Blog, theContinue reading “The Case of Richard and Susan Hamlin”

The Fleet Russell White Mystery

I hate mysteries, or more specifically I hate mysteries that I cannot seem to solve because the information for solving them has been purposely hidden from me. Such is the case of the mystery man hidden at the center of the JonBenet Ramsey murder, Fleet Russell White Sr. and his oil company, Fleet Oil Company.Continue reading “The Fleet Russell White Mystery”

A Message to the People of Australia and New Zealand

This is a message to the people of Australia and New Zealand that I feel compelled to create. Of course I cannot tell you what to do but I can only tell you what God has put in my heart to tell you. The time for Revolution for your two countries is here and thisContinue reading “A Message to the People of Australia and New Zealand”

People who have lost their sense of the truth

An epiphany that I had recently is this one: A people who have lost their sense of the truth can be made to believe ANYTHING. There is a lot of truth to that statement. This applies primarily to the Brain Dead, which unfortunately appears to be the majority of the human population of this world.Continue reading “People who have lost their sense of the truth”

The Fake History Channel

If anyone especially in the United States is familiar with this Jewish Abomination, you should know that it very seldom talks about any real history that is significant for the people to know. Instead it goes out of its way to NOT tell this real history but instead to show mostly fake history and bullshitContinue reading “The Fake History Channel”