Why I think the Protests will do no good

I am aware of the massive world wide protests against the vaccine mandates that are being entirely ignored by the Jewish Main Stream media. Many people are clearly against the “everyone must receive the vax” Establishment agenda and these world wide protests are proof of that. And while I fully support these protests, I do not think they will do any good in the long run, and I will explain why I take this position. It is mainly because I have seen the Real World that perhaps you haven’t seen yet or not nearly as clearly as I have.

The Plandemic is not honest. Its not about any virus. Its a PSYOP supporting a pre planned Establishment agenda. The true goal of the Plandemic is world transformation on multiple fronts and Jews are 100 percent behind this. Not all Jews but the Jewish leadership that I refer to as the Jewish Snake. Never forget about them even though they hide in the shadows and pretend to the brain dead that (((they))) don’t exist. They DO exist and they are running the world behind the scenes, in secret.

Our Jewish masters don’t care what the people want and never have cared. Jews and the Jew run Governments do not care what the people want. What the people want counts for nothing to these Jews. What the Jews want counts for everything to these corrupt Jew owned governments who are pushing the injections on the people in virtually every country of the world. They intend to push the vax no matter how much the people protest against it.

The Jews knew since before they even started the plandemic in 2019 that there would be protests against it, perhaps massive world wide protests against it as we are starting to see now, and they planned for this from the beginning. Part of Event 201 was preparing for the people protesting against the vaccine mandates. Clearly they knew there would be protests and they built in readiness for those protests into the plandemic from Day zero.

So (((they))) are not going to be changed from their plans by Protests. All Protests will fall on deaf ears. (((They))) will push ahead with their pre-planned agenda despite the protests. Watch and see. I have seen (((them))) well enough to be able to predict this, and you will see that I am right about this.

This is not me being Black pilled. This is me being entirely realistic and honest with you about my assessment of the reality in which we find ourselves. But there is a solution.

There is a solution, but its not in protesting. Its in Revolution.

Protests, no matter how many people are involved, won’t stop (((them))) and (((their))) agendas.

Revolution to take away (((their))) control of the Governments and society is the only thing that can.

They won’t stop unless they are stopped.

This is why I repeat again what I have been saying on this Blog about the plandemic since the beginning of it.

Revolution is the only Solution to the Plans of the Elite.

If you have not realized that yet, you will come to realize it, sooner or later. You can protest until you are blue in the face and they don’t give a fuck. Peaceful protests will get the people nothing. Violent Revolution to remove these corrupt monsters from power is the only way the people can win this battle.


I have more to say on this topic but the main point I want to make is that the Jewish control of every country has to be removed. Jews control the governments through the leadership of the governments which the Jews have carefully installed via Freemasonry, etc. By removing those Jew controlled leaders, Jewish control of the Government is removed. Therefore, ALL Jew controlled leaders of every country have to be removed by any means necessary. Jews are not going to allow themselves to be removed from power peacefully. They will have to be removed by force. The Revolution that must happen world wide in every country is to identify those Jew controlled leaders (it is very easy to identify them) and then target them for removal by any means necessary. This is the key to removing the Jewish control of the world and it must happen for the world to be free of Jewish control. Understand this. Governments of the world must be transformed so the government serves the people of the country and not the Jews. Absolutely. Its not about Anti Semitism. It is about freeing the people from Jewish control. Jewish control is what has brought us the plandemic and we must remove that control to ever be free.

32 thoughts on “Why I think the Protests will do no good

  1. I see more feminised society and there is no sign of masculine power overriding the jewish power… Jews are very clever on how they transformed the society into a pacifistic mindset… People indeed will not solve the same predicaments today if people didn’t learned the past history(just like what happened in Hitlerian times).. Pragmatically the only solution of this very old “jewish problem” we need to imitate the german resistance or nationalistic revolution in severing the Jewish Power… We need to revive the essence of “National Socialism” and this is the only movement that had been feared mostly by the jews and that’s why the adolf hitler and national socialist is the most vilified entity in the WW2 history, they want to perpetuate this lie from the minds of next generation, what national socialist have been done to the jews is very taboo or uncivilised indeed.. That’s why there are too many gatekeepers in WW2 History, specially how the national socialism is very closed in smashing the Jewish World Order


    1. We are neither powerful feminine or masculine. We are in the negative polarities of both masculine and feminine.

      Feminine power: creativity, compassion, care
      Masculine power: Action, stability, providing

      Feminine polarised: delusion, fear, passivity
      Masculine polarised: violence, anger, domination

      As you can see, the dark elites have suppressed both the masculine and feminine. We need to unite both, we need creativity and compassion to think of new ways of organising a system that isn’t controlled by the few, and the powerful masculine to get these systems into order. We need to work together.

      Hitler didnt do anything against the elites. He made their job easier. He showed them how easy it is to take control, he showed them how easy it is to play genocide into “necessity” and you’re seeing it now. There is no old ideology that will save us. There is only forwards.

      These elites are such a minority, to the degree that highlighting their jewishness just makes it harder to know who they really are. If you really knew the truth, you’d know that them being Jewish is the most normal thing about them.


      1. I don’t agree with you in the hitler part. Adolf Hitler was considered is one of the dangerous enemy that had been faced by the International Jewry, let face this facts he is the only european leader in the WW2 history known as “jew wise” and pointing out the Jewish Problem that we faced today, No one european leaders can compare than in hitler heroic deeds, saving the entire europe from the communist/bolsheviks intrusion(Operation Barbossa),Ending the private banking cartel of the Rostchild in the germany and seizing their assets, and he nationalised the currency of the germany without any backing of physical assets like gold and he created a non-inflationary notes that based on the labor certificates(greenbacks).. He also closed all freemasonic lodges in the germany that serving the Jewish Agenda… Only shills or controlled oppositions who deny this fact.. I’m not glorifying hitler but i’m stating the fact this man is the most demonised historical figure in the history.. Just look the facts that perpeuated lies by the Jews in the history, one of this the holocaust and the german who started the WW2 lol.. if you buy the Nazi-evil rhetoric without realizing this is another atrocity propaganda to demeaned the image of the germans.


    2. Jews have control of all the Governments through the leadership of those Governments which Jews have carefully installed via Freemasonry, etc. To remove the Jewish control, you must remove the Jew controlled leadership, peacefully if possible but by force if necessary. That is the Revolution that needs to happen in every country. Forget about Hitler and National Socialism. The goal has to be the removal of Jewish control and that is the removal of the Jew controlled leadership by any means necessary.


    3. Look, It’s pretty Simple.

      You cannot work “within” a system that is completely corrupt and especially one where the legal system is corrupt, in fact it’s a complete JOKE when it comes to the big Lies like this that really matter.

      It’s as bad as those naive idiots that say “write a letter to your senator>”

      I don’t know what planet they’re on but we’re WAY WAY further down the rabbit hole than that


    4. Lots of misunderstandings about Hitler (the great one) here. I’ve done enough study on the man and in my opinion he was clearly one of the “club” who went Rogue. And therein lies a big part of his genius. You see, we were already far down the rabbit hole when he came to power and it was the only way it could be done. And he wasn’t blackmailable like every “leader” today, all of which toe the line on the death by endolthelial toxicity (acutely) and autoimmune disease/sterility/death later, in a word genocide, in a word WW3, as traditional warfare is obsolete with the bomb.

      Hitler went rogue and showed the way, and the real reason he is called satan the Man-goat by all media is he trashed the Usurious central Jew bank, printed real money and saved his nation in a matter of months, an economic “miracle” (in the same way the sun rising is a “miracle)….END OF STORY.

      And he did the unthinkable, He named the perps who helped him attain power.

      Which is the exact same reason JFK was killed (LOOK up the bill he was getting ready to introduce) … END OF STORY.

      btw…Any talk of “WAR” between nations is a completely farcical waste of time, since THERE ARE NO NATIONS AT THIS POINT…. Any talk of “ECONOMICS?” also a joke.


  2. Hello. I’m a follower of this type of information, but not with the racial terms being thrown around, I think you have attracted the wrong crowd, I’ve even seen a commenter named “Adolf”.. and we all know love and unity is the answer!

    Anyways. I read that you are trying to find a better way to describe the Elites that are controlling everything without using the term “Jewish” and i appreciate you opening that door. The truth is that the fact that they’re Jewish has little to do with it. The same people they answer to were responsible for Hitler.

    They played the game on this “conspiracy community” by making their talking heads Jewish despite them being behind the tyrrany of Hitler’s camps, and I’m not saying Jewish folks were, I’m saying the forces above them.

    The ladder does not end with these Elites who are Jewish, they answer to much darker forces, and they are not even human, the distinction of race is just a ploy to get us to hate each other and nobody wants to listen to the conspiracy that can be labelled as “nazi”, that’s instantly discrediting to the truths that really lie far behind these “Jewish” labels.

    The dark forces thrive off of tyranny, dystopia, horror, trauma, divisiveness, all you can imagine, and peoples reaction to your use of Jewish being extreme? Oh they love that too. You’re letting them win by playing their rules like it was deliberate.

    There are so many terms for these guys, shadow goverment, shadow leaders, the dark elites, the negative, same as illuminati, cabal, archons – its the same same same! Have you heard David Icke? He doesn’t use the word Jewish at all.

    this needs to be known but you’re holding it back by buying into the Jewish terms. Get this further out there by changing your blog or funneling people to a new one where the word can get out further – if that’s actually your goal anyways!


    1. Oh the David Icke or David Kike angle. Gnostic-Fallen Angels-Nephilim-Anunnaki that Jews were granted special unique powers & instructions after their bloodlines were mixed with these descended Fallen Angel demons and cast in their role as “Lucifer’s Chosen Ones” to carryout death and destruction – and that Jews are not humans but hybrid alien Reptilian shape shifters (thanks to David Icke). Just more confusing gobbledygook word salad mind control games created by the Jews to obfuscate-distract-deflect attention away and off from Talmudic Kabbalistic Judeo-Masonic satanic origins. Just another big fat Jewish psy-ops lie. Typical Hegelian Dialectic Divide & Conquer. It always leads back to the tribe which in this case a person named Zecharia Sitchin (another Jew) who projected heavy influences within this Gnostic-Fallen Angels-Nephilim-Anunnaki subculture. It’s The Jews, Stupid!


      1. @dj666666: David Icke is a disinformation agent who would rather identify the source of the evil as Reptilians than to focus on Jews. He is an agent of the Jews. All talk of Reptilians or anything similar I reject. Focus on the physical world and evil men on this world conspiring to rule the entire world by deception. That is where the focus of all needs to be. If you focus on anything outside the world then you are falling into a Jewish trap. Do not do it! Keep your eyes focused on the Jewish control of this world!


      2. I actually don’t listen to Icke regularly, he also has an incomplete image, but can be useful in the information he digs up.

        But you’ll find this take in the form of a few different angles, he is not the only one and he’s definitely not the most informed,
        The most useful has been this glossary in the style of Wikipedia, a much less ’emotional’ depiction of this narrative.


        As we all know the dark forces performed psychic experiments with individuals to harness their abilities for negative reasons, and they use these types of people to this day, that was no accident. It is a truth hard to swallow given the narrative thats pushed about this 3D world being the only plane of existence, and they have a very big advantage if we ignore how important it is.


    2. @Talizna: My goal for this Blog is the Truth. This Blog will go wherever it needs to go to expose the truth. You say that Jews are not really responsible for anything but I 100% disagree. When I started trying to understand the world I knew nothing about Jews. I started out with a blank slate and my own looking led me to the Jews. You can say whatever you like. I named this Blog as it is for a reason. This is a Jewish world and the perps who are running it are Jewish. I stand by that and I resent anyone trying to hide that fact. Not being able to realize who is the enemy is the surest way of keeping the people divided and lost and doing nothing to change their status quo.


      1. No, I’m not saying that there aren’t a group of Jewish individuals that are part of this, but I’m saying the LABEL is incorrect. Why generalise with the name of a whole ass group, for people that are like 0.001% ? Their Jewishness doesn’t make them this way, anyone who falls into negative thought pattern and emptiness inside is subject to these forces,( if you’re at the top you can just do way more damage. ) The more power you seek out of powerlessness, the more you find power from external sources, domination, sexual manipulation and imprinting trauma.

        The reason they’re evil is the same reason we have murder, rape, psychopaths and fear mongering and more, among Human society.

        My point is that this blog has important information, this is honest work, but packaged in a way that associates Jewish with BAD or EVIL, and that is not correct or acceptable among the general population. You could reach more people.

        These dark forces turned religion into a dictator in the sky, and you expect these people, when in positions of power, to NOT act like a dictator in the sky? Its logic!

        I can’t respond to the materialist above, so I’ll do it here, this isn’t aimed at you buddy, but materialism was also just a very recent thing, and has allowed these dark forces to sever our soul connection and take over by having us deny the truth of us.
        I can’t argue the nature of reality with someone who hasnt explored the nature of reality, through meditation, lucid dreaming, psychedelic use – and just totes the same story the Elites have tried to sell us about what “science knows” and is capable of. They make the spiritual people look like nuts just like they make conspiracy people look nuts. If you don’t look, you won’t find it. This world is of illusions and secrets. The truth isn’t in your face, but if you stop looking early, your incomplete image will lead to your downfall. I do not claim righteousness, i do not put any of you folks down, we all want the same thing. To be free. I only encourage a broader view of the truth. Thank you for reading.


      2. Jews simply do what Jews do. Jews doing what Jews do is very bad for civilization, because while Jews have a culture, Jews are a tribal people, thus Jews are pre-civilization.

        Jews have swindled their way into totally controlling civilization on our world, yet because Jews are pre-civilized, they do not understand what they have control of. It’s almost like a cargo Cult to the Jews; that’s their comprehension of things here.

        Yet unlike cargo cults of note, which never controlled anything but faked up structures built from bamboo and vines, Jews find themselves in command of huge, complex industries, electronic networks, vast armed forces, and so on.

        To the uncivilized, tribal Jews, the total purpose of all this civilization that they now control is to get money, or to get power and influence so they can swindle people, rape children, etc.

        Jews thus function as a parasite inside a civilization, furnishing nothing nutritious or useful and destroying or weakening connections, structures, and processes that are crucial to the continued life of the civilization.

        Jews thus function to increase entropy until civilization —which is complex — can no longer function. When civilization eventually breaks down e.g. dies, the parasite (((The Jew))) no longer has a home, and neither does anyone else.

        Any survivors attempt to build civilization anew, hoping to avoid another parasite infestation. The cycle continues.

        Alternately, if the Jews are programmed by dark higher forces, it may be that they will destroy humanity itself.

        The fact that Jews show evidence of sharing a hive mind tends to support that last possibility.

        I think John Lash has written about that topic.


  3. Greetings from Finland! Good site please more articles!


    So, what the hell is wrong in the world? If you are looking for the answer, you sure have come to the right place.

    But, be forewarned, the truth can be extremely difficult to bear. If given a choice,

    most people will choose a comforting delusion over an uncomfortable truth which ultimately

    is responsible for most of the suffering in the world – the endless wars and conflict,

    the poverty, the killing.

    “Some people blame all of the world’s problems on the Jews –

    They are called researchers”… Trevor LaBonte


    1. The group that CHOSE them to control the world, did it so you would stop your research at “jews”, and everyone will call you Nazi, and you’ll not realise they’re beyond jewish, beyond human, this is research that takes you beyond your understanding of life as you knew it, physical reality and the nature of consciusness, these Elites are propped up by entities that TRULY understand reality and thats why they control it.

      The more negative they stuff in our psyches, the more reality tips in their favoured direction. The jewish label gives them what they want, divisiveness, sleepiness and hatred among humanity.


      1. Ancient manuscript tells that jews were controlled by the interdimensional entities called “Archons” and you can read this revelation by researching the Naghammadi Library and the Early Church Fathers polemical commentary on the gnostics:

        “Ialdabaoth himself chose a certain man named Abraham from among these, and made a covenant with him, to the effect that, if his seed continued to serve him, he would give to them the earth for an inheritance”

        This fact that the International Jewry serving as a proxy for the Earthly Control. Since the days of Judaism was born the jews was guided by this invisible entities called “Archons”, this demonic force/entity they are behind our sufferings. They controlled the Jews in order to fulfill their diabolical agenda, to bring their demonic Artificial Intelligence Singularity(transhumanism)..


      2. More Jew psy-ops. A former friend went down all my similar rabbit holes but arrived @ same conclusion as yourself. His solution rather than holding Jews accountable and criminally responsible for their international crimes against humanity, is to practice Laws of Attraction-New Age Spirituality-Quantum Physics so we can manifest our own separate utopian destiny world with other like minded higher consciousness-higher ascended-higher level people to create a parallel universe separate and apart from this current life’s demonic physical simulated world. His entire premise is based on Gnostic-Fallen Angels-Nephilim-Anunnaki that Jews were granted special unique powers & instructions after their bloodlines were mixed with these descended Fallen Angel demons and cast in their role as “Lucifer’s Chosen Ones” to carryout death and destruction – and that Jews are not humans but hybrid alien Reptilian shape shifters (thanks to David Icke). As they say, It’s The Jews, Stupid! BTW Sitchin was a Jew.


      3. @Anonymous: I see you trying to take the source of the evil off world and suggest that blaming the Jews is just a PSYOP to shield the true off world perps. I do not accept that. There is a reality outside of the earth and outside of our conscious awareness but it does no good for us to look at that is how I see it. Without doubt there is a thing called DECEPTION and the people who push DECEPTION on this earth more than any otehr are the Jews. You do not need to look off world to see that. That DECEPTION is happening right here on earth and it is men on this earth who are behind it. I deeply resent your attempt to shield those evil perpetrator on this earth by looking beyond the earth. That smacks of a Jewish trick to me.


    2. @Talizna: Your objection to me using the word “Jews” to describe the evil controllers of this world is noted but what I say is that at its core, that group (which I refer to as the Jewish Snake) is Jewish. Its not just that some Jews are a member of it. Its far more than that. Jews CONTROL that organization at the top. And the same Jews control the Rabbis of the world. I am not saying all Jews are part of that evil group, but the problem IS Jewish and if some Jews are in denial about that (are you Jewish?) then I make no apology to them for naming the Jew. I do not know how to distinguish between the evil Jews at the top and the lower Jews at the bottom so I don’t even attempt to do that. But I say that not all Jews are part of the problem while at the same time saying that the problem is Jewish. I see no contradiction in that.


  4. Talmudic Kabbalistic Judeo-Masonic World Jew supremacist power will continue to rape pillage plunder poison murder gentiles with their Jew psy-op lies and propaganda as they’ve done throughout history. Unless their 6 million Holohoax lies is exposed, then just cannot see how these satanic demons will be stopped. Jews and their shabbos goys doing their bidding and dirty work have infiltrated and subverted every f’ing public and private sector known to man – hiding behind their crypto Jew White-Abrahamic religious-liberal-conservative identities, et al. Also we should never forget about the millions of treasonous JEW SAYANIM of this world masquerading as our neighbors-friends-acquaintances-business associates and working clandestinely for Mossad and the Jewish cause. Majority of sheep which includes conservatives and Christians will never understand this lying crying denying murdering thieving “PARASITIC PLAGUE OF JEWISHNESS” that has a vice grip wrapped around humanity’s minds and bodies.


    1. @Lle: I do not believe the so called Ancient manuscripts about the Archons. It does no good at all to look at what is outside the earth which can never be proven. We must look at what is happening on this world and at who is responsible for that. I say that Jews are behind what is happening on this world and you do not need to look beyond the world to find the source of that evil. You do not need to look at Demons, UFOs, Repitilians, Archons or whatever else to find the answer. The answer is that evil men on this earth have conspired to enslave the entire world and that is what I want to focus on. Everything else you say I care not about.


  5. I don’t agree with New age rhetoric that just you need to project some positive and loving thoughts and shifting your mind on this false positivity and you can solve the socio-political problems without doing any radical actions to solve this predicaments…. Real revolution will ignited in hatred of the malefience and prejudiced they imposing on us..


    1. @Lle: I also do not agree with the idea that if you think positive thoughts then positive things will happen. Bullshit. Unless we do something to change the status quo then the status quo will never change. Do not be deceived by B.S. rhetoric that would have you do nothing to change your situation. This is what the Jewish controllers want you to do…nothing…so that their control is never challenged. We must not believe their lies. The only way we free ourselves from their control is to FIGHT!!!


      1. The reason there’s the “stay positive!” narrative, is that negativity LITERALLY feeds them. Why do you think our negative emotions are held in the reptillian part of our brains? Because they have a hold on us. Negative emotions suck your life away from you, and without realising you’ve been programmed by society to not even use your thinking mind correctly (as we all have). The body is less functional under negative influence in the mind, it causes disease, mental illness, it is how they have dominated for sooo long.
        We think we are these human identities and bodies, and that our life’s content and other people dictate who we are. Being stuck in that box is a very miserable box.

        All i shall ask of you folk, that really believe that it’s just the Jews – does that fill you with anger, and hatred? Does it make you want to set the world on fire? Does it actually feel …good? Does it feel like who you truly are, deep down? Is it another way to point a finger at something outside of ourselves to explain our pain? If there was another, better way, is still it worth going down in blood and flames, just as they would want it? With no unified plan for humanity as a whole? These are rhetorical. I ask with no judgment, no need for response. I hope the pain eases for you all. Be blessed.


  6. I loved dying in a bloody revolution rather than living and begging just like a dog to all this jewish faggot… Every country must alerted and be more defensive in their own international foreign policy that there is no foreign influence(Jewish Parasitism) will intervened from their local affairs… Democratic countries needs to resort in ultranationalistic government(extreme nationalism) to prevent any existing political parties(liberalism) to succeed in climbing the government positions..


  7. @dj666666: Just thinking positive and taking no action results is no change whatsoever. Those who run the world WANT the people to do nothing. Its those evil controllers who are behind this so called “New Age” concept. (((They))) will do anything to deceive. Nobody should believe that clap trap. Be not deceived. If you do nothing, nothing will change.


    1. I agree there is a spiritual way that’s promoted which enables people to not take part in the revolution against tyrants on the physical plane (if you’re unaware, many actually use astral travelling and remote viewing for this battle, and have located many underground dark bases, so it’s beyond physical) but the most important thing is for EVERYONE to DISOBEY these authorities.

      If we got as many people as possible to say “WE’VE HAD ENOUGH IF THIS!”, they have no power. They only have power for as long as we let them. And society has let them go rampant for millenia, because we have denied the truth that tells us we are in the wrong world, and things have gone too far, and we have denied our own power as the people. It’s not through violence, its through uniting together and not taking any more. There’s more WE than there are THEM. And plenty of Jewish folks are part of that WE.


      1. All the normie rank and file average run of the mill working class Jews who remain silent and never criticize our satanic elite globalist Jew master overlords – are still reaping the financial rewards and social benefits of unchecked global Jewish racist supremacy. Therefore, those Jews who say nothing at all remain complicit in this Jew dictatorship to subjugate humanity. Regarding antisemitic anti-Jewish conspiracy theories, or that we shouldn’t lump all Jews together, or that not all Jews are bad, or these are fake Ashkenazi Jews from Khazar, etc. Big waste of time trying to separate out the good Jews from the bad Jews. Why? Because it forces people to hesitate naming & exposing the real enemy of humanity which are racist supremacist psychopath sociopath elite globalist Jews. Many people will call out and criticize everyone & everything else as the global problem – but fail to name the Jews in order to obfuscate and deflect attention away and off their well documented historical crimes against humanity.


      2. @Tnza: I don’t want people to use spiritual belief as an excuse to do nothing against the evil rulers of this world. In fact, Religions such as Christianity that encourage spiritual belief and say that the people should never go to war are created or encouraged by these very same evil rulers so they people will just pray and NEVER rebel. That is the recipe for perpetual Jewish control of the world. But I agree it starts with disobedience. All Revolutions have a humble beginning with simple refusal to comply with what the evil authorities want. At the very least I want that but that is just the beginning of what I want. You say if many people disagree with them that they have no power. Wrong. They control the police force. They control the government. They control the military. Control of all the institutions of power is in (((their))) hands, not in the people’s hands. Democracy is an illusion in this world. It is not the people of the country who are in control but a corrupt Jew owned leadership of the government that is in control. THAT is what a Revolution would change, to remove those corrupt Jew owned leaders so that the government belongs to the people. Power must be taken out of (((their))) hands. If you say this can be accomplished without force, I do not agree but I ask you how?


  8. Protests will not in themselves do any good, I agree, but due to these protests a lot of people will realize that awake people do exist in sufficient size and they aren’t happy with the false narrative being shoved down our throats. Once a sizeable number of people accumulate, then they can remove the puppets forcibly if the corrupt leaders don’t resign (obviously they won’t so later on they will be punished for it) and form their own political groups, instate them locally and one by one more and more cities and states can see this change coming. They have military and police but still, this is a risk people will need to take. Either die without a whimper or struggle and try to survive, who knows what the outcome may be? Even if latter has a few percent chance of success then any sane person will choose the second option if he really want his children to exist in a free future world.


    1. @Tdog: What you call negativity, I call realism. Its not negative to say that evil men control the world. Its the truth. There is no positive way of looking at that. Reality when seen closely enough IS negative and to deny that with wishful thinking is denial and even worse…delusion. I suspect that the comments on this post are shill comments attempting to distract away from the intent of this post and turn it into something else. That is a shill tactic and I suspect shills have found this post. Whatever. I am not going to allow these comments to change the meaning of this post.


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