When I first started trying to understand what Access Graphics was really about, I came across an interesting article about a company called Innotrac that supposedly was involved in a merger with Access Graphics and became at least temporarily the owner of Access Graphics. Now this is an unsubstantiated allegation made in this article, I want to make that clear. I can find no evidence outside of that article that Innotrac is/was in any way involved with Access Graphics. I made an early post on this Blog where I mention Innotrac. Here it is. But outside of that post I have done no research about this company and have not even thought about it until something I came across while researching the Access Graphics connection to Delaware brought that old article I read mentioning Innotrac back into my focus of interest. In that article I read which is no longer available on the web it mentioned a Hollywood connection to Access Graphics, which I have not seen anyone else say. Why would Hollywood be involved in Access Graphics? It does not seem to make sense, but in my previous article I show a connection between John Ramsey and the Delaware Prentice Hall corporation. And the thing that brings me back to that article mentioning Innotrac is that Prentice Hall was acquired by Gulf Western (a Hollywood company) in 1984. My instincts are telling me that I need to go back and look at that original article to see what it said but unfortunately I cannot. The web site is hidden behind a password now and is no longer accessible to me. This post is a fishing expedition by me to try to find out what I can about Innotrac and its connection to Access Graphics, if any, based upon information that is available to me. It may go nowhere or it may reveal significant information.

First thing I want to point out, although it is proof of nothing and purely circumstantial evidence is the similarity between the logo of Innotrac (shown above) and the logo of Access Graphics, shown below.

Logo of Access Graphics:

(Original Caption) Boulder Colorado: Access Graphics Sign Office. Mr. Ramsey, the father of JonBenet owns this business. (Photo by © Steve Starr/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images)

The no longer accessible article connected Innotrac with a large child pornography operation around Panama City, Florida, involving names such as Martin Blank, Larry Dorfman, and Blank’s stepson Anthony Thevis who is the son of Michael Thevis, an Atlanta pornography kingpin with Mafia connections.

Martin Blank

Martin J. Blank – Executive Director at Innotrac Corporation, Johns Creek Georgia.

Martin Blank’s stepson is Anthony Thevis. Anthony Thevis’ father is Michael Thevis. See next section.

Michael Thevis

It turns out that Michael Thevis has a connection to Hollywood. See the below image and link.

Michael Thevis biography.

In 1949 Michael moved from North Carolina to Atlanta, GA. where he enrolled in school and began taking engineering courses. He later dropped out of school and became involved in black market pornography including hardcore bondage, rape, bestiality and, eventually, child porn. He became involved with organized crime and pornography, supplying adult book stores associated with the mafia from New York to California.  In addition to his black-market and peep-show enterprises, he also owned nearly 500 adult bookstores and X-rated movie theaters across the country. The government estimated his annual income at $100 million.

Thevis began to branch out into legitimate enterprises. He owned General Recording Corp., a music distributor, and began to produce movies. He fronted the cash for Blood of the Dragon (1971), and anonymously put up money for one of Oliver Stone‘s earliest films, Seizure (1974).  Thevis funded another movie, Poor Pretty Eddie (1975), and extending the reaches of his porn empire into Florida.

Businesses known to have been owned/influenced by Michael Thevis

Apogee Recording Studio – Atlanta, GA.

Fidelity Equipment Leasing Corp. – Atlanta, GA.

Star Distributors

Jewish Involvement

It is very relevant at this point to say that Jews are very heavily involved in the pornography industry of all kinds including child pornography world wide. Jews are heavily involved and control pornography within the U.S.A. It is not just question of the huge amounts of money Jews make from pornography but also about perverting and corrupting the moral values of America and the entire world which Jews are heavily invested in. This is part of the Jewish Master Plan. Additionally Jews are heavily involved in and control organized crime world wide. Wherever there is corruption and easy money to be made, Jews are there pulling the strings of the operation. Whether Michael Thevis was a Jew himself or just a minion of the Jews, his U.S. pornography empire undoubtedly had the blessing of high level Jews and was protected for a long time. Thevis’ involvement in Hollywood, also controlled by Jews is just another proof that he was endorsed and protected by Jews. And let us not forget about the North Fox Island child pornography ring operating on North Fox Island, Michigan in the 1970’s that was distributing child pornography created on that island to New Jersey, New York and other locations. There is no doubt in my mind that Jews were involved in that operation. Thevis himself might have been personally involved in the North Fox Island pornography operation. All these dots connect when you see the Jewish involvement to this. Never lose sight of the fact that Jews control the world behind the scenes. They are involved in all aspects of this story. And Ghislaine Maxwell being seen at that beauty pageant where JonBenet was is very significant that perhaps the Mossad (Ghislaine Maxwell is 100% Mossad) was involved in a child pornography operation that involved Boulder, Colorado, among other places. It may mean that JonBenet was part of a Mossad child pornography operation. We must look at all possibilities here and connect the Jewish dots wherever we can.

More to Come

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