Beaver Island, Michigan

I have become aware of an island in Michigan called Beaver Island that has been alleged to be the site of some unusual activity. Before I go on to discuss that activity I want to point the close proximity of Beaver Island Michigan and North Fox Island Michigan. In fact they are right next to each other as shown on the below map.

The close proximity between Beaver Island and North Fox Island may help to shed light on what happened on North Fox Island, Michigan in the 1970’s, based upon what I am about to discuss here.

Cathy O’Brien allegations

Cathy O’Brien, who you may have heard of before alleges that Beaver Island, MI was home to a mind control project called Project Monarch that was part of the CIA’s MKUltra series of programs. This is an unsubstantiated allegation at this point but it is worthy of investigation.

Cathy O’Brien is from Michigan.

University of Michigan

University of Michigan was involved in MKUltra from 1948 to 1974. Source

More to Come

2 thoughts on “Beaver Island, Michigan

  1. I have heard Cathy O’Brien tell her story. Unfortunately, the only way to really know if they are telling the truth is if they end up dead, under strange circumstances. (usually) The fact that she is still alive and always, without fail, accompanied by a Mark Phillips, who took pity on her & allegedly helped her escape the bondage blah blah. He is CIA, so those two red flags cause me to doubt the whole thing. She does however, name names of VIPs, so Im unsure of why they allowed that out.


    1. I do not know if Cathy O’Brien is a disinformation agent. She may be. I simply document her allegations here and label them as her allegations without saying they are true. But it is interesting that she names Beaver Island as being an MKUltra location and Beaver Island is very close to North Fox Island. We know what happened on North Fox Island in the 1970’s. I don’t have any information about Beaver Island being a mind control station outside of Cathy O’Brien’s allegations. Until I do I cannot say more about it. I need proof of her allegations. Cathy O’Brien may be a CIA plant. Even though she and Phillips make many allegations against the CIA, that does not mean they are not both CIA paid controlled opposition disinformation agents. Also just because O’Brien names VIPs means nothing. Fiona Barnett who I identify as an Australian disinformation also named VIPs but she is lying. Naming VIPs means nothing unless what she said is the truth. In any case, why she would select Beaver Island is interesting to me. I believe CIA mind control experiments are real and they were definitely going on in Michigan and many other places. I just want the truth and I want to be sure what I say on this Blog is as close to the truth as possible.


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