Access Graphics, Delaware

Trying to find out the truth about Access Graphics is like trying to follow the pea in a shell game. You know what a shell game is. A pea is placed underneath one of three shells and then the shells are moved all around and you have to guess which pea the shell is under. The number of shells and all the movements of the shells leads to confusion about where the pea is. Well, Access Graphics is like a shell game, with a whole lot of companies involved in different locations and the pea is the hidden truth that I am trying to understand.

First of all, the official story which you should already know is the official lie is that Access Graphics was a company started by John Ramsey in Boulder Colorado that was a merger of some other companies. One of those companies was Advanced Products Group, Inc. of Roswell Georgia, started by Don Paugh, father in law of John Ramsey. So the official story is that both Advanced Products Group and Access Graphics were basically a family business and then Lockheed Martin eventually purchased this company in Boulder, Colorado. But the evidence trail does not support this.

Below is a November 13, 1997 document showing the merger of Advanced Products Group, Georgia into an existing Delaware Company called Access Graphics.

So in November 1997 Advanced Products Group, Inc. officially no longer exists and it is now part of this Delaware company. How does Delaware fit into the picture? Let us try to find where the pea was at this point in the shell game.

Here is a January 27, 1986 document about Teqspec, Inc. of Atlanta Georgia which says it is a foreign filing of a pre-existing Delaware company of the same name. This is significant because the official story has John Ramsey starting a company called Teqspec Distribution Company inc. in his basement in Atlanta, Georgia which later changed its name to Microsouth, Inc. in 1984. Don’t be confused by all the different shells. Follow the pea. Note that the Georgia Teqspec Inc. had all of its primary offices in Florida.

Here is a August 25, 1976 document of that Delaware Teqspec, Inc.

Here is document with a transaction dated February 9, 1989 of a Delaware Access Graphics filing to do business in California.

Here is a document dated October 23, 1996 of a Delaware Corporation called Abacus Systems Corporation. Note that John Ramsey has an association with Abacus Systems Corporation (source):

Let us continue investigating the Delaware connection.

Here is a December 23, 1988 document for Access Graphics, a Wilmington, Delaware corporation. John B. Ramsey NOT listed. This is what I believe is the original Access Graphics in the U.S., which is not John’s Boulder, Colorado company. John represents this Delaware company but he is not part of it.

Here is a February 9, 1989 filing for that Delaware company to do business in California. John B. Ramsey listed.

Here is a February 9, 1989 filing for that Delaware company to do business in Florida. John B. Ramsey listed. Mailing address is Martin Mariatta, Bethesda, MD Headquarters. Peter B. Teets of Bethesda, MD listed.

Here is a February 9, 1989 filing for that Delaware company to do business in Georgia. John B. Ramsey listed. Roger K. Hoover of Bethesda, MD (Martin Marietta representative) listed.

Here is a February 9, 1989 filing for that Delaware company to do business in Minnesota. John Ramsey not listed.

Here is a February 9, 1989 filing for that Delaware company to do business in Ohio. John Ramsey not listed.

Here is a February 9, 1989 filing for that Delaware company to do business in Texas. Principle address is Martin Marietta HQ in Maryland. John Ramsey listed.

Here is a February 9, 1989 filing for that Delaware company to do business in Washington. John B. Ramsey listed. Peter B. Teets listed.

Here is a February 13, 1989 for that Delaware company to do business in New York. John Ramsey not listed. Mailing address Bethesda, MD. HQ of Martin Marietta.

Here is a February 16, 1989 filing for that Delaware company to do business in Illinois. John B. Ramsey listed.

Here is a March 3, 1989 filing for that Delaware company to do business in New Hampshire. John Ramsey not listed.

Here is a March 25, 1992 filing for that Delaware company to do business in Arizona. John B. Ramsey listed.

Here is a March 1, 1993 filing for that Delaware company to do business in Pennsylvania. John Ramsey not listed.

Here is a July 6, 1994 filing for that Delaware company to do business in North Carolina. John Ramsey not listed.

Here is a July 15, 1996 filing for that Delaware company to do business in Michigan. John Ramsey not listed.

Do you get the feeling as I do that John Ramsey is a front man who is doing business for others who wish to remain unseen? And do you not see Martin Marietta (and the CIA) pulling John Ramsey’s strings? Do you see John’s affiliation with this Wilmington, Delaware entity that he is representing? Do you see the significance that Peter B. Teets is involved in many of these companies, including Advanced Products Group, Inc?

So there are three Delaware companies which appear to be centered around Wilmington that I have discussed here: Teqspec, Inc., Abacus Systems Corporation and Access Graphics. These companies may or may not be related but they deserve investigation.

I suspected that Wilmington, Delaware would be sea port or close to the Atlantic Ocean and it is. See below map.

What this tells me is that Wilmington is a port city used to transport items by ship either to other coastal locations of the U.S. or even more likely to and from northern Europe. This location would be perfect for transport of material by ship to and from Europe. Access Graphics has/had its big European headquarters in the Netherlands near Amsterdam which I believe is the true HQ of Access Graphics. John’s Boulder Colorado Access Graphics is just a hole in the wall compared to the Netherlands Access Graphics huge building (see below).

The European HQ of Access Graphics in Amstelveen, Netherlands:

This Wilmington, Delaware location could have been used to transport materials by ship to and from the Netherlands location, which is also close to the Atlantic ocean. See below map.

It would be very easy to transport material by ship between Wilmington, Delaware and Amstelveen, Netherlands where the Access Graphics European HQ was.

Additionally, Wilmington Delaware is very close to Bethesda, Maryland (HQ of Martin Marietta) and has much more convenient north Atlantic ocean access than Bethesda or Washington, D.C. If someone were planning to do a lot of transport of material by ship between the Bethesda, MD area and Europe then Wilmington would be a prime location on the U.S. side, as Wilmington has close proximity to both Bethesda and the Atlantic ocean. See below map.

But let’s go over these three Delaware companies again.

Teqspec, Inc. Established August 1976 in Wilmington, Delaware.

Teqspec II, Inc. Established August 23, 1977 in Delaware. Note: Part of the official story is that John Ramsey started Teqspec II in Atlanta, GA. There is another early John Ramsey connection to Delaware.

Abacus Systems Corporation, Established October 23, 1996 in Wilmington, Delaware.

As I was researching Abacus Systems Corporation I got a lead on another Delaware company called THE PRENTICE-HALL CORPORATION SYSTEM, INC. Here is how I made that connection. The below image comes from this source.

It says The Prentice-Hall Corporation System, Inc. is a registered agent of Abacus Systems Corporation which will do business in California. CEO is John Ramsey of Boulder, Colorado. Filed 1985. As it turns out, The Prentice-Hall Corporation System, Inc. is a Delaware company also.

The Prentice-Hall Corporation System, Inc. is located in Wilmington, DE and is part of the legal services industry. It is a multi million dollar company operating in multiple locations. There are two companies in the Prentice-Hall Corporation System Inc. corporate family. Year started 1913. Incorporated 1985.

Once more, the early Wilmington, Delaware connection to John Ramsey. Are you starting to see a pattern yet? The question is, who is John really working for? Note that the 1985 date of John’s filing is the same 1985 date that the Wilmington, DE. The Prentice-Hall Corporation System, Inc, became incorporated. Before that it was a privately owned company that was started in 1913. What was the company called before 1985 and who owned it? What other events has John Ramsey been associated with for the year 1985? To be investigated.

Access Graphics, Inc. Filed December 23, 1988 in Wilmington, Delaware.

What we are seeing here is some kind of a network, which John Ramsey is clearly part of. Hidden behind a maze of front companies, this network is involved in something that is not what it appears to be. Last night I had the thought that perhaps Jews are behind this. Its entirely unproven at this point but something to be seriously looked at. And there is also the Satanist angle that I have long suspected John Ramsey of being part of.

The Prentice-Hall Corporation System, Inc.

So now we go down the rabbit hole of The Prentice-Hall Corporation System, Inc. to see where it leads and what new information it can provide in understanding this whole mystery.

Prentice-Hall, Inc. of Delaware – Filed October 1924.

The Prentice-Hall Corporation System Inc. Incorporated July 12, 1946 in Delaware. Note that this incorporation date contradicts the 1985 incorporation date from the earlier document. Why the contradiction? Why two different incorporation dates for the same company? Are they the same company or two different companies with the same name?

The Prentice-Hall Corporation System Inc. in Delaware, Private Process Servers for the Prentice-Hall Corporation System Inc. This company is involved in the delivery of court documents/subpoenas.

Other locations of this company outside Delaware

Prentice-Hall, Inc. of Florida – Filed December 5, 1946 to allow the Delaware company to do business in Florida.

The Prentice-Hall Corporation System, Inc. filed to do business in Alabama in March 1979.

The Prentice-Hall Corporation System filed to do business in Kentucky. Date of incorporation not listed.

The Prentice-Hall Corporation System, Inc. filed to do business in Montana in November 1995.

The Prentice-Hall Corporation System, Inc. filed to do business in Maryland in January 1992. Registered address: 15 COLUMBUS CIRCLE NEW YORK NY 10023-7773 To be investigated.

The Prentice-Hall Corporation System Inc. filed to do business in Nevada in January 1992.

The Prentice-Hall Corporation System Inc. filed to do business in Indiana on April 18, 1949.

The Prentice-Hall Corporation System, Inc. filed to do business in California on September 25, 1951.

The Prentice-Hall Corporation System Inc. filed to do business in Ohio on May 23. 1956.

15 Columbus Circle, NY NY

The Maryland Branch of The Prentice-Hall Corporation System, Inc. had a New York mailing address that got my attention, which leads to this Bombshell. 15 Columbus Circle NY NY is the address of Trump Towers, NYC!

Trump Tower, New York City. Address 15 Columbus Circle NY NY:

Additional Companies uncovered to be investigated

Coal Technology Corporation incorporated in Delaware Dec 2, 1980. Agent is The Prentice-Hall System, Inc. Note: Coal is one of the industries that Fleet White Sr. was involved with, besides oil and gas. Could there be some connection between Fleet White Sr. and this company? Another shell in the shell game to be investigated.

Focus Entertainment International Incorporated <== This is a rabbit hole that I do not have the bandwidth to investigate now but this ties into Access Graphics as I discussed in this post. I will get to this when I can.

Kinney System of Delaware, Inc.

RP Corporation of Delaware – Filed December 20, 1990. Registered Agent The Prentice-Hall Corporation Systems, Inc.

Sunset Merger Company

Wikipedia page for Prentice Hall

Although I hate to use this Jew owned site as a reference for anything, sometimes it can be provide truthful information. Here is what Wikipedia has to say about Prentice Hall that I consider relevant to my investigation.

On October 13, 1913, law professor Charles Gerstenberg and his student Richard Ettinger founded Prentice Hall. Gerstenberg and Ettinger took their mothers’ maiden names, Prentice and Hall, to name their new company. Prentice Hall became known as a publisher of trade books by authors such as Norman Vincent Peale; elementary, secondary, and college textbooks; loose-leaf information services; and professional books

Prentice Hall was acquired by Gulf Western in 1984 <=== This may be very significant!

In 1989, Prentice Hall Information Services was sold to Macmillan Inc.

In 1994 Gulf + Western successor Paramount was sold to Viacom.

I found something which could be big.

My intuition and hunches sometimes pay off big and what I discovered tonight could be very big. You know how I have been talking about Delaware. particularly Wilmington of being the site of all kinds of different front companies. Well I found another Wilmington Delaware front company that connects to “Adam Starchild” (real name Malcolm Willis McConahy) of the North Fox Island, MI scandal. It is called Minerva Consulting Group, Inc. Incorporated in 1978 in Wilmington, DE, this company is owned by Adam Starchild. Source. What this means is that Adam Starchild could be connected to some of those other Wilmington, Delaware companies like Teqspec that are associated with John Ramsey and later Access Graphics! It is said that Adam Starchild was connected with organized crime. In other words, he was involved in setting up many front companies for organized crime.

More to Come

5 thoughts on “Access Graphics, Delaware

  1. I wish I were interested in the whole Ramsey thing but I can’t be bothered.
    Your stuff on Jackie Killed JFK was enlightening, and it should have been obvious to me from her ABNORMAL movements just before and after the shot..but evil (jewry) always feeds on the “big lie”… the one that seems too insane, and the naivety of entire nations : “everyone is decent like me…”.

    I could tell you volumes about the death by autoimmunity injections, and I can prove to you there never was a “covid” or any variant of this mild cold/flu virus that piggybacks on the more virulent influenza…from 20 years of molecular bio lab studies, I even cloned 3 of the corona genes we didn;’t even use a glove hood with wild type virus, but too tired of telling people this. PS – every adult in the world is guaranteed to have plenty of immunity to corona – plenty of memory t-cells, noone has or will die from a corona infection, 29 or more cycles of pcr with any primer on human dna will give positive bands.

    I know from valid sources that a certain percentage is saline placebo, for obvious stealth reasons and for “reality show” celebrity injections that were televised. OK I’ve given a few important points. Anyway, many more will die in next couple years.- EVERY upper level position at our roche labs was occupied by a jew – just a cohen-cidence


    1. There is a big lie in the JonBenet Ramsey murder case too and that is that this child was murdered inside her home. The truth that is being covered up is that this child was killed outside her home, her corpse was brought to her house and a fake crime scene staged there. Wherever I see a lie promoted as the truth I feel compelled to discover the truth and publicize it. That is why I am so interested in tracking down this case.

      I am interested in knowing about these alleged Placebo injections, which I had already predicted might be the case. It is reported that there may be certain barcodes on the bottles that indicate which are placebos so those who administer them know it advance. Do you know anything about that?


  2. Hey, just want to let you know I am still checking in. This in particular is absolutely stellar information! You are helping put out the truth! Maybe not so much about the Jewish thing (hey, I’m ethnically Jewish, I gotta defend my people), but about this case, you may have surpassed even my knowledge. This and your Beaver Island post are both exceptional.


    1. I do not say that all Jews are evil. I say that the group that is running the show behind the scenes is Jewish at its core but I believe many Jews have nothing to do with that. If you are interested in the truth and not doing evil then I have nothing against you for being Jewish. I say this to you and all Jews. My goal with this Blog is to find the truth about all things and if you are with me in this then we are allies. I do not have much to say about Beaver Island because the only source for Beaver Island being involved in MKUltra is Cathy O’Brien and she might be a CIA plant. Many aspects of her story make me distrustful of her. But this Wilmington, Delaware connection is something I have uncovered by my own research. I have proven by evidence that there is a connection between many companies and that the official story about Access Graphics and John Ramsey’s involvement in it is a lie. The Adam Starchild connection to Wilmington, DE is huge IMO, To be sure that is the next rabbit hole for me to go down. If I can show a connection between him and any companies connected to John Ramsey including Access Graphics then I will have proven what I suspected from the beginning, which is that both James Dudley Ramsey and John Ramsey are corrupt and involved in a criminal network. To be investigated and proven.


      1. Also, I invite you to pick up the threat and help me research this Wilmington, Delaware network of companies. There are a huge number of interconnected companies that I have just scratched the surface of. Minerva Consulting Group, Inc. is the company to be really investigated hard. If you want to assist me, research connections between that company and other Wilmington, DE companies. Its a maze of front companies. Find the connections between them with evidence like I am doing in this post.


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