The CIA Role in the 1994 Rwanda Genocide

I have made several posts about the 1994 Rwanda genocide on this Blog and how that EMF based mind control was purposely used to cause that genocide. It was Dr. Pierre Gilbert that led me to Rwanda and mind control and also the relationship that vaccines may have played in that genocide.

That is as far down this rabbit hole that I have gone but it is my very strong suspicion that the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was directly involved in that genocide and also involved in the EMF based mind control used in it and also may have been involved in using vaccinations of the Rwandan population as some kind of mass mind control experiment that perhaps was a precursor to the use of “vaccines” in the plandemic today. Whatever the case, my instincts tell me that the CIA was involved in this 1994 Rwanda incident. So in this post I want to explore the possible CIA involvement in this genocide to shed illumination on what really happened there in 1994 and why. Here I am trying to show a link between the CIA and that incident.

Incident leading up to the Genocide

On April 6, 1994, a plane carrying then-President Juvenal Habyarimana and President Cyprien Ntaryamira of Burundi, both of whom were Hutus, was shot down. Everybody on board was killed. Was this a CIA assassination of the President of Rwanda to replace him with a puppet of the CIA’s choice? See the following link to explore that.

A CIA Role in the 1994 Assassination of Rwanda’s President Habyarimana

Hutu extremists blamed the RPF Tutsis while the RPF said the plane had been shot down by Hutus to provide an excuse for the genocide which commenced the next day.

The Hutus started slaughtering the Tutsi. Thousands of Tutsi women were kidnapped and became victims of sex trafficking. Within 100 days from April 7 to July 15, 1994, up to 1,074,016 million people were slaughtered in Rwanda by ethnic Hutu extremists.

Fact Check: Is Rwanda President Paul Kagame A CIA Asset?

The CIA watched the genocide and did nothing to stop it.

There have long been rumors that Kagame, who became Rwandan President in 2000 is a CIA asset.

“When the RPF launched its invasion, Kagame was in Kansas at the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, studying field tactics and psyops, propaganda techniques to win hearts and minds,” The Guardian reported.

Rwandan President Kagame: CIA installed puppet

His son moved into a lavish Beverley Hills Mansion:

Rwandan President’s Son Moves Into Lavish Beverly Hills Home

Mind Control

None of the above linked articles make any mention of mind control but we know mind control was involved in this genocide. The CIA is known to be very heavily involved in mind control projects and has been for a long time. So the mind control aspects of this genocide are very important but very hidden. The CIA does not want anyone knowing its business so of course this is probably classified information. Whatever we uncover about it is going to be by our own efforts. No one is going to freely give us this information.

More to Come

5 thoughts on “The CIA Role in the 1994 Rwanda Genocide

    1. The Guardian is owned/controlled by Jews, The Guardians’ Boss is not U.S. Authority. The Guardian and U.S. Authority are controlled by the same people. So you are suggesting that I do not use the Guardian as a source at all? Sometimes the truth (or at least partial truth) gets printed in Establishment media sources. That happens much less in the U.S. I look for the truth wherever I can find it. Sometimes that may be in the Guardian or maybe everything the Guardian says is nothing but controlled opposition disinformation. Maybe I should not use the Guardian or any other Establishment media as a source.


    1. I was unaware that Gottlieb was Jewish but I probably should have known that by his name alone. I believe that Gottlieb came up with the paralyzing agent delivered by dart/flanchette to JFK’s throat prior to the assassination that immobilized JFK and made him powerless to resist Jackie’s head shot which killed him.


      1. yes that is interesting theory and would make sense about 1st immobilizing JFK…now their jew poisons come in all different flavors it never ends


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