Nedra Paugh

In this post I am going to be focusing on Nedra Paugh, pictured above. Nedra Paugh was the wife of Donald Paugh, the mother of Patsy Ramsey and the maternal grandmother of JonBenet Ramsey. The reason I am making a post focused on her is to see what can be learned about the entire JonBenet Ramsey murder from looking at this woman who I have long observed that there is something strange about her.

Some images

Above is Don and Nedra Paugh with their grandchildren Burke and JonBenet.

In the above image is Nedra Paugh on the left, JonBenet, Burke and Patsy.

A haunting image of Nedra and JonBenet. What is being communicated by their facial expressions here?

My suspicions about Nedra Paugh

I have long suspected that Nedra Paugh knew that her husband, Donald Paugh had ritually abused her daughter Patsy Paugh (later Patsy Ramsey) as a child and she covered it up and never exposed it. I suspect this woman of being a Satanist.

Some Background

Don and Nedra Paugh originally were from West Virginia but they later relocated to Roswell, Georgia, which is a northern suburb of Atlanta, Georgia.

Access Graphics

Nedra Paugh was put on the payroll of Access Graphics.

After the death of JonBenet

Nedra claims that JonBenet was never sexually abused prior to her death.

More to Come

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