Dr. Thomas Jendges

As I have said before, I am a watcher of what appears in the media because I believe I have to pay attention to what happens in the world. And while I have no interest in most of the “news articles” I see (for example I do not give a fuck about the Kyle Rittenhouse trial that the whole internet seems to be exploding over right now), certain things I see do get my attention, such as the subject of this post.

Before I get to the article I want to show here I want to say that none of the Establishment media sources are even covering this story at all. As far as the Jewish Establishment media such as CNN, this story does not exist. That should not be surprising because it is the standard M.O. of the Jewish media to hide any truthful information that (((they))) do not want the public to know. The Jewish main stream media is about propaganda, not truth. Its what the brain dead don’t know but every red pilled person should know this.

Dr. Jendges was the head of a clinic in Eastern Germany that is involved in the mass vaccination program of German citizens. Dr. Jendges was against the mass vaccination program, which he called genocide.

German Clinic Director Releases Video Before Being Suicided? We Have Been Warned (Video)

The story is that this man committed suicide but what I want you to consider very strongly is that this man was suicided because of his opposition to the Covid 19 Establishment agenda. This man was in a high level position and was against the Jewish Establishment agenda. He was clearly opposed to giving the injections to everyone, especially children as is being heavily pushed now around the world. Dr. Jendges opposition to the agenda made him a threat to the agenda so he was likely assassinated and his murder called a suicide. How many times have we seen this before? Many many times. Anyone in a position of authority who threatens the Jewish agenda is going to be removed from that position of authority, even if it means killing the person. Jews are deadly serious about their carefully planned and prepared agendas coming to reality and anyone honest who threatens those Jewish agendas is going to be taken out of the way by any means necessary. You know this to be true.

Revealing Video:


Significant Quotes from Dr. Mendges from the above video:

I can only repeat that what is happening here has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with a virus. It is the introduction of a world-wide dictatorship.

In the last month I have spent 1500 hours looking at the situation because I knew it had nothing to do with anything medical.

Last week in Spever I spoke before 1000 people where I told about some of what I was learning. (This is what likely got him killed).

What we have is a dictatorship. There is no other way to see it. Of course it is being disguised. Of course it is happening gradually.

Courage, anger and a great heart. That’s what unifies us.

After reading those quotes now you can understand why this woke German Doctor suddenly “committed suicide”. This is the evil world we live in. In this world, truth means less than zero and the Establishment agenda means everything. Those in positions of authority who oppose that agenda as Dr. Mendges clearly did become enemies of the Jewish state. Time to commit suicide. Or have a sudden car accident. Or for an unknown intruder to break into your house and kill you. Or for your house to catch on fire with you in it. Or time to have a heart attack suddenly or to catch fast acting cancer. (((They))) have a thousand ways to eliminate their enemies.

But after watching that video, you should know that the last thing this man would have done is to kill himself. No, he would have wanted to live to do everything in his power to expose the evil agenda he saw and to stop it. That is why he was suicided, to silence him. Truth is not welcome in the Jewish New World Order.


Germany | Dr Thomas Jendges Head of Clinic, Commits Suicide “COVID-19 Vaccine Is a Genocide

About Covid ‘vaccines’ he wrote:
These are “bio-warfare agents”. He is also said to have described the vaccine in his letter as genocide and a crime against humanity


The tragic death of Dr. Thomas Jendges (55) of Chemnitz Germany

There was no farewell letter by Dr. Jendges as reported by the media. No suicide note. That is a lie being reported in the Jewish media to support the official explanation that the death of this doctor was a suicide and not a murder to look like suicide.

Someone who said “Courage, anger and a great heart…that’s what unifies us” is NOT going to commit suicide. You have to realize that. Suicide would be the coward’s way out. This Doctor was murdered to silence him. I hope everyone reading this realizes that. Because to have someone in a position of authority speaking against the official Jewish narrative is something which the Jews cannot allow. Therefore this doctor was suicided, and he is certainly not the only one. Other doctors before him who went against the official narrative have been murdered and without doubt other doctors in the future will be murdered because they oppose the Jewish official narrative that everyone must have “the Vax”. Jews are the masters of the Big Lie and this Lie (the Plandemic) is perhaps the biggest of all they have ever told.

The “Covid 19” Plandemic

Jews are behind “Covid 19” and the Injections

Jewish Assassinations

7 thoughts on “Dr. Thomas Jendges

  1. Why don’t you mention the homosexual media. You blame Jews but you fail to mention that virtually every talking head is gay and not Jewish.
    United States

    Chagmion Antoine, CBS
    Anderson Cooper, CNN
    Steve Kmetko, QTN World News
    Dan Kloeffler, ABC News Now
    Steve Kornacki, MSNBC
    Eden Lane, PBS
    Don Lemon, CNN
    Rachel Maddow, MSNBC
    Charles Perez, ABC
    Robin Roberts, ABC
    Thomas Roberts, MSNBC
    Steven Romo, NBC
    Jessica Savitch, NBC News Nightly
    Shepard Smith, Fox News
    Jane Velez-Mitchell, HLN

    It’s easy to blame Jews but we are fighting this thing too. Jews are the first ones being poisoned by these shots. Pfizer is killing our children.

    Jews and non Jews alike are being murdered. It’s time people focus on following the money to find the enemy.

    Separating black from whites and Jews from non Jews is the definition of divide and conquer.


    1. The media is Jewish owned and controlled. If there is a homosexual agenda being pushed by the media, its because the Jews want that. I put the blame where it belongs. See: https://strangerinajewishworld.com/2021/09/17/jewish-control-of-world-media/ Not every talking head is Jewish to be sure but the ones who own the media are. So you are a Jew and you resent me saying that Jews control the media? Whatever your heritage is, Jews do control the media. I am aware that lower caste Jews in Israel are being poisoned by the Jab, which I acknowledge in this post: https://strangerinajewishworld.com/2021/10/26/the-testimonies-project-a-harrowing-story/. I am not saying that all Jews are evil and behind the plandemic. I am aware that many Jews are being victimized by it and are not the same as the Jews who are behind the plandemic. It may appear as if I demonize all Jews on this Blog but I don’t. But how can I differentiate between the bad Jews and the good Jews? I don’t know how to do that. Maybe you can help me to do that. But I do not push racial divisions between Blacks and Whites. I think that Blacks and whites and perhaps lower caste Jews like you have a common enemy and need to join together to fight it. The problem is that the enemy we face is not clearly seen. But if you have any suggestions how I can differentiate between Jews like you and the evil Jews (they are Jews, whether you want to admit it or not) then I am interested in hearing about that.


      1. The man on the video is not identical with the named doctor who committed suicide. The man on the video is DR. GUIDO HOFMANN a german politician of the Afd party


  2. @ KRIS DEK
    think about all the hateful sayings of rabbis against us goyim and read Maurice Samuels + Eli Ravages hateful sayings
    against us . ITS OPEN JEWISH AGENDA TO RULE ALL REST OF THE GOYIM (500 milion) AS SLAVE 5G AI steered+
    controled zombies .


    1. This comment really has nothing to do with anything. Its not that homosexual men want to be in the media. It is that the Jews who control the media want to force a homosexual agenda on the general public and use their control of the media to do so. You name makes me suspect you are a shill. Shills are not welcome here.


  3. The the sad thing is about the vaccination is they claim there’s a virus in the world it’s a lie it’s just too depopulate the world only God has the right to take our breath away


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