The Randy Simons Mystery

From the first of my investigation to understand the JonBenet Ramsey murder, Randy Simons, the man pictured above has been a person of interest to me not because I believe he had any direct role in the death of the child but because of what this man revealed was going on behind the scenes that led up to the death and also the cover up of the child’s death. In this post I want to discuss everything that is known about Randy Simons as a way to shed further light on what really happened to cause the death of this child.

Who was Randy Simons?

Randy Simons was a professional photographer hired by John Ramsey to take professional photographs of JonBenet. Randy Simons was considered the best and the most expensive child photographer in the Boulder, CO area and so he was hired to take innocent photographs of JonBenet by her parents. This is the official story version of Randy Simons in relationship to JonBenet Ramsey.

Child Pornography

What I suspect is that Randy Simons was more than this in reality. I suspect that Randy Simons was a corrupt person that John Ramsey hired to take pornographic pictures and videos of his daughter behind closed doors. I suspect that this child pornography taken of JonBenet was being sold for a lot of money to other people. Randy Simons was involved in taking pictures and possibly videos of JonBenet Ramsey being sexually abused by various men so it could be sold for a profit. This reveals my suspicion that John Ramsey was acting as pimp for his daughter to prostitute her out to important influential men for both money and for the influence this gave John Ramsey. IMO John Ramsey was using his daughter for his own personal ambitions, for example in the success of Access Graphics, Boulder Colorado.

Was Randy Simons present when JonBenet was killed?

I have examined this question and it is my opinion that Simons was not present when JonBenet was killed. He found out that she was dead after the fact.

How Randy Simons reacted when discovering JonBenet was dead.

Randy Simons had a strange reaction when he discovered that JonBenet Ramsey was dead, according to witnesses. He is reported to have said “I’m dead!”. He became hysterical and believed he was going to be murdered, which indicates to me that Simons knew what was going to behind the scenes with JonBenet. Further it indicates that Randy Simons knew the powerful people that were involved (Satanists/organized crime/CIA) and he immediately thought he was going to be killed to silence him. He felt threatened by the discovery of JonBenet Ramsey’s death, so much so that he fled.

Sudden move to Genoa, Colorado

Shortly after discovering that JonBenet Ramsey was dead, Randy Simons suddenly left his wife and children and fled from where he was living to a more remote area of Colorado, Genoa.

Events in Genoa, Colorado

Shortly after the death of JonBenet in January 1997 Randy Simons reported that men in white vans (think U.S. Government/CIA/NSA) came to Genoa where he was living and were trying to get him to sell all pictures he had taken of JonBenet to a photo agency, Sygma Photo Agency. Randy Simons reported being threatened by these people that they were going to get him unless he sold all of the pictures to this agency. This photo agency which went defunct in 2010 was very likely a CIA front. What this indicates to me is that very shortly after the death of JonBenet there was a U.S. Government involved cover up of it. It also indicates that it was already known as early as January 1997 that there was going to be a years long media circus (PSYOP) surrounding JonBenet Ramsey’s death and her photographs were going to become very valuable to the main stream media covering the case. Those behind this did not want Randy Simons to profit from this but wanted all profit for themselves.

Also in January 1997 Randy Simons reported that a paramilitary group was harassing him in Genoa and that he had shot one of them in the leg with an arrow. I believe this is part of the threat from the men in white vans to try to intimidate Simons into selling all of his photographs and negatives he had ever taken of JonBenet Ramsey during his employment with John Ramsey. Clearly someone wanted to get all evidence related to the death of JonBenet out of this man’s possession, which would be expected in a CIA/Government clean up operation.

In January 1997 Simons sold his entire JBR Portfolio to Sygma Photo Agency for the extremely low price of $7500.00. I believe that Randy Simons succumbed to the threats made against him and sold his photographs to get the heat off himself. Randy Simons could have made a fortune off those photographs but he was intimidated into selling them for almost nothing to this CIA front. Most of the later images of JonBenet shown in the years long media circus surrounding the JBR murder were those taken by Randy Simons.

On October 17, 1997 Simons was arrested on a charge of suspicion of Indecent exposure in Genoa Colorado. This arrest may have been part of an organized campaign to harass and silence Simons because of what he knew about the way JonBenet Ramsey was being used behind the scenes that the public did not know.

2019 Indictment for Child Pornography in Eugene, Oregon

In 2019, Randy Simons was indicted on charges related to child pornography in Eugene Oregon. Source. This adds evidence to my assertion that Randy Simons was a corrupt person who was hired to take child pornography photos and video of JonBenet Ramsey by her father. This also may be part of a continuing harassment campaign against Randy Simons to warn him to keep quiet about what he knows concerning JonBenet Ramsey.

More to Come

Roger Hoover (see Peter B. Teets information for relevance)

Ghislaine Maxwell and the JonBenet Ramsey Murder

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