Ghislaine Maxwell and the JonBenet Ramsey Murder

The above image was taken at one of the child beauty pageants that JonBenet Ramsey was a part of before her death at age six. In that image is shown a woman who looks remarkably like Ghislaine Maxwell. While this photo alone is not proof that this woman is Ghislaine Maxwell, in this post I want to discuss what it would mean if this was in fact Ghislaine Maxwell.

I have been asked before about this image and it has been my intuition that this is Ghislaine Maxwell. I have been asked if I thought that Ghislaine Maxwell had anything to do with the death of JonBenet Ramsey and I answered No but now I want to go back and look at this again with new eyes.

First of all, Ghislaine Maxwell is a Mossad agent known to have been involved in Mossad Blackmail operations of important/high profile people to control them. The way these Blackmail operations work is that a target is set up in a sexual encounter with either an underage minor of either sex or in a homosexual situation and then the encounter gets photographed/filmed. These photographs or film is then used to Blackmail the target. Jeffrey Epstein was involved in the exact same activity.

With this information in mind, what would it mean if the above image was Ghislaine Maxwell and that she was at this child beauty pageant where JonBenet Ramsey was present? What it would mean, if I can supply an answer to this question, is that Ghislaine Maxwell was involved in a Blackmail operation in Colorado and that perhaps JonBenet Ramsey was part of that operation, with the full cooperation of her parents.

What if JonBenet Ramsey was being used in a Blackmail OP?

In this section I am just thinking aloud, not making any assertions. But just suppose that JonBenet Ramsey was being used as part of a Blackmail operation. In order for that to be possible then important/high profile people would have to be brought into the same physical proximity/location as JonBenet Ramsey. These important/high profile targets would very likely not be in Colorado where JonBenet Ramsey was, so either JonBenet Ramsey would have to be flown out of Colorado to the location(s) where the important/high profile people live OR the important/high profile people would have to be flown to Colorado to be set up in a sexual encounter with JonBenet Ramsey. It is the latter case of the two possibilities that has my interest. Again, I am just thinking aloud here without making any assertions but suppose JonBenet Ramsey was being used in a Blackmail op. and suppose during Christmas, 1996 some high profile person was flown to Colorado as part of the blackmail op. During the operation, JonBenet Ramsey was intentionally murdered or accidentally killed by this high profile person or someone else who was with the high profile person. This death was not intended to happen by anyone but it did happen and then it had to be covered up to hide the secrecy of the entire Blackmail operation. This would certainly explain the high profile cover up of the JonBenet Ramsey murder and the CIA involvement in that cover up.

We didn’t intend for this to happen

Patsy Ramsey’s statement “we didn’t intend for this to happen” is IMO a revelation that both John and Patsy had their daughter involved in something which they were both well aware of but that they did not believe would result in the death of their daughter. This would support the possibility that they were allowing their daughter to be used in a Blackmail operation. Alternatively it would support the possibility that they were allowing their daughter to be used in some kind of child prostitution / child pornography operation.

Interesting Comment

So I came across an interesting comment on this post that is relevant to the blackmail operation theory and also involves Access Graphics:

@Therakoon: I personally believe Access Graphics ran the digital end of the blackmail pedophile network utilized by intelligence agencies long prior to computers.

I’m pretty researched on North Fox Island. You should look up the close proximity between Acolyte Press and Access Graphics European division, as well as Paladin Press and Access Graphics US edition.

Adam Starchild, financial Mastermind who played a pivotal role in setting up North Fox Island (the overarching pedophile empire during the 70’s that was pivotal in both the Son of Sam murders and Oakland County Child Killings respectively.

He usually published in locations of close proximity, and had obtained access to a residence that once belonged to Francis Shelden via a passing of the torch of sorts, located in Aspen Colorado. He published out of Paladin Press.

There was a sister company called Loompanics that was located in Michigan, as well. These publishing houses I believe were the “printers” of the sexually explicit materials used to blackmail the recipients.

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