The Two Worlds Paradigm example of the Apollo Moon Landings

When I first started this Blog on the Google platform, one of the first things I exposed was the lie of the Apollo moon landings with this post. I can and believe I should create a much better post about this so here it is. As with my new post exposing the Sandy Hook Fake school shooting, I will not create this post all at once but will start it and then add information to it. So feel free to check this thread from time to time to see what additions I have made to it.

The Two Worlds Paradigm

False World Explanation:

The U.S. Government/NASA sent U.S. Astronauts to the moon and back six different times in the years 1969 to 1973. Man going to the moon is the greatest accomplish of humanity of all time.

Real World Explanation:

No Astronauts from any country have been to the moon or have even left LEO (lower earth orbit). The NASA Apollo space program was never intended to really put men on the moon. From the first, it was a simulation of putting men on the moon that was “made real” by the Jewish main stream media and by the corrupt Jew owned U.S. Government. It was a one hundred percent PSYOP. The alleged moon walks of 1969-1973 were all frauds done on earth. Deception was used by showing Astronaut actors walking on a set made to look like the moon on television. Far from being humanity’s greatest accomplishment, faking the moon landings is one of humanity’s greatest frauds.

Location of the PSYOP

The USA.

Goals of the PSYOP

In my opinion this PSYOP had many goals in mind.

One goal was to make the American people feel proud of their country and their government for its “great accomplishment” in space. In this it was successful. As a result of this PSYOP, millions of Americans were proud of their Nation and saw it as Number One in the World and this is still largely the case today.

CIA and Mossad Involvement

It is my very strong opinion that the U.S. CIA and the Mossad were involved in all aspects of this PSYOP. It is my further very strong opinion that NASA is nothing but a de facto extension (or front) of the CIA and the Mossad that has been involved in other faked events besides the Apollo moon landings.

JFK knew the moon mission was not real

It is my opinion after looking at all the evidence that JFK knew the moon mission was not real in 1962 when he gave his public speeches mandating that the U.S.A. go to the moon by the end of the decade of the 1960’s. In many ways JFK was an Establishment pawn and IMO he was an establishment pawn about this. JFK knew the moon mission was not real just as Richard Nixon knew the Apollo missions during his Administration were not real.

Props used in the PSYOP

The props used in this PSYOP demonstrate the obvious fakery of the “moon landings”. For example, below is a close up high resolution picture of one of the Apollo modules that supposedly landed on the moon.  Open this picture full resolution and take a good look at this thing and tell me if you believe it did that.  This thing looks like it was made in someone’s basement and has no ability to fly whatsoever.  Its just a prop used in a PSYOP, and not a very good one either:

The Apollo 11 Press Conference

Most all of the videos on Youtube about the Apollo moon landings are Shill videos promoting the lie that American Astronauts walked on the moon but there are a few videos that are very revealing of the Lie.  Here is a video of the first Press Conference of the three Apollo 11 AstroNots after their return from the “moon”.  The looks of shame and guilt on their faces and their very awkward body language as well as their inability to answer any of the questions put to them realistically is very revealing that these men never went to the moon:

Buzz Aldrin

Buzz Aldrin was one of the alleged Astronauts who “went to the moon” during the first (Apollo 11) moon mission. Buzz Aldrin is corrupt and has lied many times about going to the moon but in his favor Buzz has at least dropped hints that the moon missions were faked. The following is a very revealing video featuring Buzz Aldrin concerning the Apollo moon landings. Buzz wants to tell the truth so bad but he can’t quite do it.  Time for another drink Buzz to ease your guilty conscience, if you even have one. Buzz has been reduced to a circus performer.

Establishment Disinformation

A lot of Establishment Disinformation has been used in an attempt to prove that the Apollo moon landings were real and not fake, including the following.

Reflectors left on the moon by U.S. Astronauts

One of the pieces of disinformation that the NASA shills use to give false credibility to the NASA Apollo moon landings FRAUD is the claim that reflectors were placed on the moon and that these are proof that the moon landings were real.  This is 100% disinformation.  They can no more prove the reflectors are there than they can prove anything else that was supposedly left on the moon by the Astronauts are there.  Its all Bullshit to keep the lie going for as long as they possibly can.

More to Come

Dave McGowan – Wagging the Moondoggie (PDF)


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