Web Sites to Avoid

You may be wondering which web sites should you look at to discover the truth and which web sites should you avoid and never look at to discover the truth. This question becomes relevant especially when using an internet search engine to do research that retrieves many web sites in the search result and you wonder which sites should you look at from that list and which sites should you avoid.

While I cannot tell you which web sites can be trusted because there are many scattered across the internet, what I can tell you from my own experience are web sites that are to be avoided since they are guaranteed to be either establishment disinformation or controlled opposition disinformation. Either way, these web sites are to be avoided and never gone to by red pilled, truth seeking people. It is the sad truth that many search engines such as Google and even DuckDuckGo are manipulated to make these disinformation web sites appear at the top of the search engine results so you will likely see a lot of these in your search results. What else would you expect in a lying Jewish World where the Jewish deceivers control everything behind the scenes? Of course (((they))) control the search engines too in order to deceive the public and hide the truth. However, with a little due diligence you can avoid the disinformation by looking at this list of known disinformation web sites. Avoid these web sites and do not rely upon them to be the truth because they are not the truth. They are lies pretending to be the truth to deceive YOU.

This might be a long list by the time I get everything added to it but I will start small and add to over time. In some cases I will explain why the web site is not to be trusted but in most cases I won’t explain it. This is my own judgment and experience that I have acquired over a long time period and I pass it on to you for your general awareness.

Google Search Engine – the worst of the worst of the Establishment search engines. Using this search engine you will only get pro-Establishment disinformation web sites in the search results. NEVER USE IT. Find an alternative search engine such as DuckDuckGo.com.

Reddit – Stay far away from Reddit. It is not red pilled and its not the truth. Never go to Reddit for the truth.

4chan/pol – Although the very rare red pill does get dropped here, in general this is just a troll site. I recommend that nobody goes here. Its troll central.

Wikipedia – this is maintained by Jews to tell the public what the Jews want them to believe about everything. You should not even go to this site. It is one hundred percent Establishment Disinformation and any truth it does tell is purely coincidental.

Debunker web sites – Any debunker web sites such as Snopes.com should be treated as the enemy. These web sites are specifically created to make it appear as if the truth is a lie and conversely lies are truth. These web sites are paid to attack truther oriented web sites. Never ever go to them.

Web Sites with Pop ups – Any web site with annoying, obtrusive pop ups that block what you are trying to read on the site should be closed immediately. These are not truth oriented web sites. If you open a web site and a pop up comes up, close the web site and never come back to it.

Web Sites using the term “Conspiracy Theory” – whenever you see any web site using the term “Conspiracy Theory” or the term “Conspiracy Theorists” or anything similar, shut it down immediately. Its not the truth and you want no part of it.

Any web site associated with a televised media station – All televised media stations are controlled by Jews and their web sites are also. At best you will get only controlled opposition disinformation from these web sites. Examples:





Any web site associated with a Newspaper – All Newspapers are owned and controlled by Jews and their web sites are also. At best you will get only controlled opposition disinformation from these web sites. Examples:









Any web site associated with a magazine – All magazines are owned and controlled by Jews and their web sites are also. Avoid them. Examples:



Any web site associated with an internet tech company – Jews control all of these so avoid them. Examples:




Any web site associated with the government or any part of the government – Jews own all the governments and they also own the government web sites. Do not trust them at all. For example, any web site associated with NASA is to be avoided at all cost.

Any web site that says the Apollo moon landings were real and not fake – If you see any web site saying the Apollo moon landings were legitimate then close that web site immediately. This includes Stormfront.org.

Any web site associated with Fox News – Fox News is controlled opposition run by Jews. Anything on Fox News or associated with Fox News or promoting Fox News or anyone on Fox News such as Tucker Carlson is controlled opposition disinformation and should not be looked at.

Any web site promoting Donald TrumpDonald Trump is a Jewish Snake and any web site promoting him as honest or trying to make him look like a Patriot, etc. should be ignored. Have nothing to do with Trump or those advocating Trump.

Any web site promoting Alex Jones – Alex Jones is a controlled opposition disinformation agent and any web site promoting him as a truther should be immediately shut down and ignored. Infowars.com is the big web site that is associated with Alex Jones and you should ignore that too. Although Alex Jones did tell some truth early in his career to give himself credibility in the truther community, he has long been exposed as a Jewish Snake and anyone who does not know this is a fool who you should not be listening to.

Any web site promoting a known disinformation agent – See this link for a list of known disinformation agents. Any web site that promotes anyone on that list as honest or truthful is to be regarded as a disinformation web site and should not be trusted.

WhatReallyHappened.com – Another controlled opposition disinformation web site run by a disinformation agent. Never go to this web site.

Any web site associated with QANON – Any web site associated in any way with QANON or promoting QANON as being honest should be ignored.

Any web site associated with Flat Earth – if you see any web site in any way associated with promoting the notion that the earth is flat, then this a shill web site. Do not have anything to do with this.

Any web site discussing Reptilians – you should know better.

websleuths.com – a controlled opposition web site ran by a disinformation agent and likely CIA asset.

Other web sites to avoid in alphabetical order














More to Come

4 thoughts on “Web Sites to Avoid

    1. I used to believe in Miles Mathis until I saw through him. He says way too many deaths are faked. He also says the JFK assassination was not real but faked. In other words, he supports the ridiculous notion that JFK was not assassinated and lived on in secret after his so called assassination. As someone who has looked at the JFK assassination closely, that is the most offensive thing to me that outs Miles Mathis as a disinfo agent.


    1. I am coming to believe that Stew Peters is a disinformation agent of the kind that Alex Jones is but I am not certain enough about that to add him as a disinformation agent. Its just my suspicion. Henry Makow is in the same category. His web site speaks enough truth that I cannot condemn it but I do not recommend it. Whatever you see on Makow’s web site you can get from other sources.


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