The Jewish Snake

As my understanding and awareness increases, I feel the need to create new posts on this Blog so I can elucidate that increased awareness and this post is an update to a previous post made on my old Blog called the Jewish Snake Described. My understanding of what the Jewish Snake really is and how it operates has grown over time and so this post is needed to say what I believe this organization really is. I will try to use logical categories to explain everything to the best of my ability. As you will see, there are many parallels between the Jewish Snake and the Jewish Master Plan, as one would expect.

Definition of the Snake

The Snake is a single hierarchical power structure consisting of evil men that control the entire world. When you think about the Snake, think about the Mafia because the Snake is a Mafia on a world wide level. 

Primary Attributes

Corruption, Dishonesty and Evil are the primary attributes of the Jewish Snake and its membership. If there is a Devil, then the Jewish Snake is clearly on the side of it. Another attribute is Secrecy.

Secrecy is Paramount

One of the traits of the Snake is to hide its existence so it is invisible to the common man.  Most of humanity does not know or even suspect it exists and this is by design because the Snake works best in complete secrecy.

Secrecy is very important to the Jewish Snake and it has developed very formidable stealth mechanisms over centuries to conceal itself from the public eye. One of the most basic ways that the Snake maintains secrecy is by the use of minions, described in the following section.

It is known by various names

Although the Snake tries to hide itself by brainwashing ignorant people not to know about it, there is a growing segment of humanity who is aware of (((it))).   For those who do know about the Snake, it is not seen as a single entity (which it is) but is seen as multiple entities. The multiple entities are an illusion or false fronts that hide the single entity that the Snake is in reality. For those who are aware of its existence, the Snake is known by multiple names. Everyone seems to have a different name for it:

The Illuminati

International Jews

The Global Elite

The Deep State

The Octopus

The Rothschilds

A World Satanic Cult

The Synagogue of Satan

The Cabal

The Beast (from the book of Revelation of the Christian Bible)

Regardless of what it is called, it is a single entity that hides itself behind multiple false fronts. This is by design so that nobody is on the same page as to who is the real enemy and who they should be against. The Snake hides itself behind multiple false fronts so nobody can see who it is and so that nobody knows who to fight should an organized rebellion to the Snake ever rise up.  Keeping everyone divided benefits the secrecy of the Snake and prevents resistance to it. 


The membership of the Jewish Snake is not all Jewish but is made up of several groups that are in alliance and share control of the world, as follows:

Select Jews (not all Jews)
Real Satanists
The Rich Corrupt Elite

More to Come


The Leadership of the Jewish Snake is exclusively Jewish. It is the Jewish Leadership that makes all the big decisions about what the Jewish Snakes does and those decisions get passed down to the membership and to several hierarchies of Jewish minions that carry out those decisions as commands.

Besides being exclusively Jewish, the leadership is also very likely Satanist. They are all Jewish Satanists. This explains the hidden secret relationship or alliance between Jews and Satanists.


The Jewish Snake has a very exclusive membership. The following groups make up that membership:

Many Jews but certainly not the majority of Jews. These are top level Jews who are rich and well connected.

Some Real Satanists at the highest levels.

Rich, corrupt Elite who are non Jewish.

Royalty of selected nations. For example, Queen Elizabeth of the U.K.

A Shadow Government

The Jewish Snake is a Shadow Government that rules the entire world in secret. Its called a Shadow Government because it rules from the shadows, unseen by the public eye.

Use of Minions

The primary way that the Jewish Snake controls the world in secret is by the use of minions, who are usually corrupt people who willingly work for the Snake but also includes those who have been blackmailed to serve the Snake unwillingly. Minions also include Front Organizations who serve the Jewish Snake in secret. So the members of the Jewish Snake are always unseen by the public but the minions who serve them are seen by the public. There are many many many Jewish minions.

(((They))) own all in positions of leadership and fame

Anyone of any significance in the world is owned by (((them))), such as all people in significant positions of leadership and fame. It is the Jewish Snake who has put these people into these positions to be pawns for (((them))). If these people in positions and leadership of fame were not in bed with the Jewish Snake then they would not be allowed to occupy those positions.

Control of World Governments

The Jewish Snake has secret control of virtually all governments of the world while not being a part of those governments. It uses minions within the individual governments to exercise its secret control.

Political Leaders and Heads of State as Minions

Virtually all political leaders and heads of State in virtually every country in both the West and the East are minions of the Jewish Snake, including the following short list:

Joe Biden, Jewish Puppet:

Donald Trump, Jew AND Jewish Puppet:

Boris Johnson, Jewish Puppet:

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson looks on during a virtual press conference inside 10 Downing Street in central London on November 5, 2020, as new lockdown restrictions are introduced in England in an effort to curb rising infections of the novel coronavirus. – City centres have reverted to ghost towns as England’s 56 million people entered a second coronavirus lockdown on Thursday, amid scepticism that the stringent curbs will work to arrest the worst death toll in Europe. (Photo by Leon Neal / POOL / AFP) (Photo by LEON NEAL/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Emmanuel Macron, Jewish Puppet:

Justin Trudeau, Jewish Puppet:

Vladimir Putin, Jew AND Jewish Puppet:

Control of Main Stream Media

The Jewish Snake controls not only the main stream media but virtually all media over the entire world, and the reason for this is to control what the general public views as “the truth”. Unfortunately “Truth” in the hands of the Jewish Snake is a toy to be created in any image which (((they))) desire and has no correlation at all to the Actual Truth. This is what the Two Worlds Paradigm is all about.

Control of Banking/Finance

The Jewish Snake controls the Banking and Financial sectors of the entire world.

Control of Industry

The Jewish Snake pulls the strings of industry, including the energy/oil industry.

Control of the World Health Care Industry

The Jewish Snake controls the World Health Care industry and organizations FOR PROFIT!!! Its not about public safety or welfare or health. Its about Jewish Profit.

Control of the Pharmaceutical Industry

The Jewish Snake controls the Pharmaceutical Industry FOR PROFIT!!! Its not about public safety or welfare or health. Its about Jewish Profit. Related Link

Control of the Film Industry / Hollywood

Control of the Music Industry

The Jewish Snake owns Law Enforcement and the entire legal system in every country, so it will never be prosecuted and its favored membership will never be prosecuted. The only people who are prosecuted by the corrupt and owned legal system are those who are not favored by the Jewish Snake or those who are not affiliated with the Jewish Snake.

Control of intelligence/spy networks

The Jewish Snake has secret control of all intelligence and spy networks of the world, both legitimate and illegitimate, including the CIA, MI6, the Israeli Mossad, and the KGB. All these intelligence networks serve as minions of the Jewish Snake.

Control of Freemasonry

The Jewish Snake owns Freemasonry and uses it as a tool to accomplish its world wide goals and agendas in secrecy.

Control of Organized Crime

The Jewish Snake has infiltrated organized crime in every country through the use of Minions. It is through these minions infiltrated into the leadership positions of organized crime that the Jewish Snake controls organized crime in secret.

Control of Terrorist Organizations

The Jewish Snake has infiltrated terrorist organizations in every country through the use of Minions. It is through these minions infiltrated into the leadership positions of these terrorist organizations that the Jewish Snake controls them in secret. For example, ISIS.

The King of Assassinations

The Jewish Snake has been the king of assassinations throughout history and most if not all of the significant historical assassinations can be connected directly to it.

Jewish Assassinations

Control of Child Pornography

The Jewish Snake controls Child Pornography creation and distribution world wide. This connects to several big cases such as this one and this one and this one and this one.

Control of the European Union

The European Union is completely controlled by the Jewish Snake.


It often involves teams of two or more people who work as independent unit, compartmentalized and unknowing what other parts of the Jewish Snake are doing. Only the Jewish leadership knows the big picture. This helps to maintain the secrecy of the entire organization.

Laws do not apply to it and its favored membership

Laws apply to humanity but they do not apply to the Snake.  The Snake is above all laws and will never be prosecuted by man made laws because it is the secret controller of the world that will not allow itself to be prosecuted. The power of the Snake is that it controls the world so it can commit crimes with impunity.  Any honest LE that attempts to investigate the Snake and cannot be diverted away from it will end up dead.

View of Humanity

The Jewish Snake views Humanity as nothing more than Jewish cattle to be controlled, manipulated, exploited and killed at (((their))) will.

Deception for Now, Tyranny Later

Deception is the Jewish Snake’s primary method for controlling humanity for now but in the future the plan is for the deception to go away and for iron fist dictatorship and tyranny to take its place.

Requirements for Membership

Those who wish to join the ranks of the Jewish Snake must be corrupt and evil. The Illuminati does not want honest people interested in doing good to become part of it. On the contrary, the Illuminati seeks out corrupt and evil people interested in doing evil.

They must prove their corruption/evil by performing some task such as raping a young child or murdering someone and having it filmed, before they are allowed to join. Besides proving the corruption and evil of the person, this task which is always captured on film is used as blackmail material to ensure that the person never attempts to betray the cult in any way. Should a person who has been admitted membership attempt to betray the cult then this blackmail material can be used to instantly remove them from any position of leadership in the world which the Snake has granted to them. In addition, the whistle blower will find himself prosecuted to the full extent of the Law and Law Enforcement, which are fully under the control of the Jewish Snake.

How the Jewish Snake operates

The leadership makes plans for what it wants to happen in the world in the future. These plans are turned into a script which gets distributed to all the Jewish minions who will take part in turning the plans of the leadership into reality. Not all minions see the entire script. Minions are only shown the parts of the script that each minion needs to know to perform its role. When it comes time to turn the script into reality, all the minions work together in lock step. In this way the plans of the leadership become reality with the leadership having had to have done nothing to make their plans happen. It is the minions that do all the work for the leadership. In this way the leadership pulls the strings on the entire world while remaining secret from the world.

More to Come

Hand Signs used by the Jewish Snake

The Jewish Master Plan

8 thoughts on “The Jewish Snake

  1. The old blog has the “search” function so that I can easily find the information I need by a specific keyword (the information that I have read on your blog, or I haven’t read but want to read). However, this new blog does not have. Can you add this fuction?


  2. I do have an Index Page which is intended for the purpose of helping people find things on the Blog. As for a search function, I never used the search function on the old Blog and do not know if the new Blog has this functionality but I will investigate it. Thanks for your recommendation.


  3. when the stupid christians would have read the old testament, the jewish Thora with atention and
    the orders of their Moses desert demon JHWH to multiple GENOCIDES they would understand
    Maurice Samuel´s +Eli Ravage´s mocking claim that they, the jews, were conspiratively behind all
    or most war instigations in history since 3000 years. this children of their father of lies, satan, as
    jesus claimed are most skilled in conspiration + insidiousnes since they are nothing else than
    a mafia !


    only with their help covid fraud NWO + WEF reset programs are working and not any military in
    the world rebeldes against because their generals + officers + states are all by freemsons infested !


    1. Control of Freemasonry is included in the post so I did not forget about it. I have long been aware that Freemasonry is a Jewish tool and I have exposed it as such many times.


  5. The Jewish Snake. Notice that we humans are herd animals: cows go their own way, yet they come when the bull calls. That’s how Jana Janus described it some years ago in an essay titled “Nomads of the Diaspora.”

    However, Jews are not herd animals. Jews are HIVE animals, Jana wrote. As someone else pointed out, every Jew is just one phone call away from the hive.

    This does not mean that all Jews are telepathically connected, but every Jew does KNOW what is good for the Jews. And, Jews pay attention.

    If you come into contact, speak with, and interact with various Jews, you may notice how many Jews base everything about that interaction on how it benefits The Jews.


    1. I do not claim to be an expert on Jews regardless of what I say about them on this Blog. It is easy to stereotype all Jews as being the same. In other words, it is easy to say that all Jews are evil liars and deceivers and exploiters and killers of the Goyim but I do not think that is is true. I think there is a Jewish leadership represented by the Rabbis that is the true evil of the Jewish race. Many of the lower Jews listen to their Rabbis but those lower Jews are not part of the evil Jewish leadership and not in the know about many evil things that the Jewish leadership is doing, such as the Plandemic. Lower Jews listen to their rabbis to tell them what to think and believe and how to behave but that does not mean those lower Jews are part of the Jewish Snake. They are Jews but not part of that evil group. Only some Jews are part of that group an also many non Jews who share the corruption and dishonesty of the Jewish leadership.


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