An Alliance of Evil

Ever since before I started this Blog I have sensed that there is a hidden or secret alliance between Jews and Satanists. On this Blog I have created many posts about this alliance such as this one but I keep coming back to it because I cannot emphasize enough about how significant I believe this is in explaining so many things about this world.

Some people and web sites focus exclusively on the Satanist aspect of the world and do not even look at the Jews as having any involvement at all in the evil that is going on. Others look exclusively at the Jews and do not even consider Satanists as being involved. But the truth of the matter as it has been revealed to me is that BOTH Jews and Satanists are involved in the world’s evil. Of course there are others involved who are neither Jews nor Satanists such as Organized crime but they really are secondary to the Jewish/Satanist alliance that I am talking about here.

What I have referred to on this Blog as the Jewish Snake is really an alliance of evil, corrupt people who profit from a dishonest and corrupt world. This includes Jews and Real Satanists. This also includes corrupt Jewish minions. So the Jewish Snake is like an evil Mafia or alliance of all the evil and corrupt groups of the world. Although they appear to be separate from each other, behind the scenes they are all in bed with each other, kind of like the SPECTRE organization of the James Bond films.

More to Come

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