The Fleet Russell White Mystery

I hate mysteries, or more specifically I hate mysteries that I cannot seem to solve because the information for solving them has been purposely hidden from me. Such is the case of the mystery man hidden at the center of the JonBenet Ramsey murder, Fleet Russell White Sr. and his oil company, Fleet Oil Company.

I have been trying to find about this man and his oil company from the very first of my extensive research into this case on my old Blog. I have found out a lot about both but what I have discovered leaves me with more questions than answers. As I have said multiple times, information on this man and his oil company have been purposely memory holed to hide his involvement in the JonBenet Ramsey death. And the fact that this memory holing happened tells me there is something big that is being hidden. Instinct tells me that there is more down this rabbit hole than I have found during my previous explorations down it. If you followed my posts on my old Blog such as this one then you know I was extremely curious about this subject and still am.

In this post I want to make a new start down the rabbit hole by looking at the father of Fleet White Sr. (Mariner Fleet White) and his involvement in the Southern California Oil and Gas Industry. By researching him I can find out information about his son and also about the oil company which both father and son were involved in. It is my hope that some old fashioned internet sleuthing may uncover something which I previously missed to shed light on this mystery.

One way to do this is to find newspaper clippings about these people that give relevant facts about their lives.

To start the ball rolling, here is a newspaper article clipping from 1968 about the 60th wedding anniversary of Fleet White Sr’s parents.

From this article we glean the following information:

Mariner Fleet White and his wife lived in Santa Ana, California in 1968.

Previously they lived in Long Beach, California for 40 years (1918 – 1958):

Mariner’s wife, Ethel White, was formerly named Ethel Townsend.

Mariner and Ethel were married in 1908 in Downey, California.

Fleet White lived in his own home at 2141 Mesa Drive, Santa Ana, CA in 1968.

Mariner White came to Santa Ana, CA when he was 2 years old. He later moved to Long Beach, CA.

Mariner and Ethel White have resided in Long Beach, CA since the early 1920’s.

In 1968 Fleet White Sr. was President of Fleet Oil Company, based in Los Angeles, CA.

Fleet White Sr.’s brother, Ronald White, was a practicing doctor in Philadelphia, PA in 1968.

In this same year, Mariner Fleet White died. Here is a 1968 article about his death.

From this article we learn some additional information:

Mariner Fleet White was an oilman. The White Family is an oil company dynasty. Mariner Fleet White was an oilman. His son, Fleet White Sr. was an oilman. His grandson, Fleet White Jr. was an oilman.

Mariner Fleet White was one of the pioneers of the Long Beach, CA oil exploration and production.

In 1968, Mariner Fleet White was Vice President of Fleet Oil Company, now headed by his son Fleet. From this I infer that Mariner Fleet White created Fleet Oil Company sometime in the 1930’s during the Southern California oil boom and that he was President of the company until he stepped down from that position and let his son, Fleet White Sr., run the company that Mariner had founded. From my research, Fleet White Sr. became President of Fleet Oil Company in 1962.

Here is an additional newspaper clipping from 1958 of Mariner and Ethel’s 50th wedding anniversary:

From this we glean:

Mariner and Ethel were residents of Long Beach California for 40 years (1918 – 1958).

Fleet White and his wife at that time attended this anniversary in Downey, CA.

Mariner White operated the oil salvage system on Signal Hill 20 years ago (1938). This oil salvage system on Signal Hill is to be investigated.

Mariner White was well known to the golfing circles of Long Beach, CA.

Here is a different article about their 60th wedding anniversary that includes a picture of Mariner and Ethel:

From this we glean:

Mariner and Ethel lived in Long Beach, CA since 1923.

Mariner white retired from his work as an oil lease man in 1964.

From here I am going to stop focusing on the parents (Mariner and Ethel White) and start focusing on the son, Fleet Russell White and his two wives.

Here is a July 8, 1952 newspaper clipping from the Los Angeles Times:

From this article we see that in 1952, Fleet White and his wife Nyla (who is in fact his second wife) live in Long Beach, CA. This is unsurprising since Fleet White grew up there from a child and his parents live in Long Beach.

We also see that Fleet and Nyla White are socialites in that they like to host parties for friends. As I plan to show later, they later came to host parties for up to hundreds of people, especially around holidays such as New Years day and Christmas.

We also see that Fleet and Nyla live on the beach right by the Pacific ocean in Long Beach, CA. This indicates the wealth of this couple that they were able to live right on the beach.

Here is a snippet of a clipping from April 2, 1981 about a social event in Los Angeles attended by Fleet White Sr.

From this we see that someone was substituting for Fleet’s wife, Nyla who was skiing in Aspen, Colorado. The Whites were frequent visitors to Aspen, Colorado where they owned a Chalet purchased by them in 1964. They were both avid skiers.

More to Come

Now we turn our attention to Fleet White Jr. and his wife Priscilla.

Here is a clipping from the November 15, 1979 L.A. Times:

From this article we glean the following information:

Fleet White Jr. and his wife Priscilla were married in October 1979 in Pasadena, CA.

In 1979, Fleet White Jr. lives in Long Beach, CA.

Ronald White, Fleet White Jr’s Uncle who was a practicing doctor in Philadelphia, PA in 1968 now lives and practices in Redmond, Washington.

Priscilla White is a graduate of the University of New Mexico.

Priscilla’s father, Albert Brown, was in 1979 Chairman of the Board of Century Financial Corp. He was also a past President of the USC Alumni association. In other words, Priscilla White is the daughter of an important, well connected man and this is fitting because Fleet White Jr. is the son of an important well connected man.

Priscilla White has a sister named Gayle Ann Brown living in New York in 1979.

Fleet White Jr. is employed in his father’s oil company, Fleet Oil Company. In 1979 Fleet White Sr. is President of Fleet Oil Company.

Fleet White Jr. graduated from UC Santa Barbara where he received his Master’s degree in Business.

The newlyweds plan to have a dual honey moon, the first in Aspen Colorado and the second in Zermatt, Switzerland, after which they will live in Laguna Niguel (pictured below)

So Fleet White Jr. and Priscilla White were wealthy children of wealthy parents living the high life in Southern California. This is a radically different picture painted of the Whites in John Ramsey’s book “Death of Innocence” in which Ramsey describes the Whites as someone he and Patsy met living in a small rental house in Boulder, CO in 1994. According to Ramsey, they were so poor that the Whites could not even afford to pay their way on the trips the two families took together such as skiing in Aspen, CO. The Ramsey’s had to pay for everything because the Whites were too poor. Does such blatant lying bother you? It should because it exposes the cover up. I just want to point out the huge discrepancies between the facts and what John Ramsey said and Fleet White Jr. “confirmed”. They are two lying weasels and nobody has ever called them on it except for me. Why do I have to be the one to expose this? Is nobody else in the world honest enough to do it?

More to Come

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