The Fake History Channel

If anyone especially in the United States is familiar with this Jewish Abomination, you should know that it very seldom talks about any real history that is significant for the people to know. Instead it goes out of its way to NOT tell this real history but instead to show mostly fake history and bullshit programming that has nothing to do with history at all.

I have said that Rewriting History is a part of the Jewish Master Plan and this is just one function that the fake History channel plays.

One thing this channel pushes is the lie that American Astronauts walked on the moon, which I have exposed on this Blog as a lie in many posts including this one. That’s one of the first things I exposed as a Deception on this Blog but the Jewish Main Stream Media and the Jew owned U.S. Government are still peddling this lie to anyone stupid and gullible enough to believe it.

Just today on the Fake History channel they said that the moon rocks from the Apollo moon landings were extremely rare; so rare in fact that a single gram of one of these “moon rocks” was worth 5 millions dollars. This is nothing but Jewish claptrap created for the brain dead, but you would have to be truly brain dead to accept that as the truth.

Besides pushing the lie of the Apollo moon landings, the fake History channel pushes the lie of 9-11 and every other lie that I have talked about on this Blog.

Besides lying about history, the fake History channel shows a lot of bullshit programming that is not true at all, including:

The Mystery of Oak Island.

Ancient Aliens


This is a channel that exists only to present false history, propaganda and meaningless bullshit to a brain dead viewership. It has little or nothing to do with real history.

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