People who have lost their sense of the truth

An epiphany that I had recently is this one:

A people who have lost their sense of the truth can be made to believe ANYTHING.

There is a lot of truth to that statement. This applies primarily to the Brain Dead, which unfortunately appears to be the majority of the human population of this world.

As an example of the truth of this statement I present the image at the top of this post of the Brain Dead lined around the block waiting to get their “Covid 19” injection(s) and pay for it out of their own pocket or with their insurance. Dupes, they lack the ability to know they are being deceived and so they line up like idiots to take the Jewish poison into their own arms. But that is just one example of what I am trying to say in this post.

As I said before, most people live under the false illusion that the world is honest and believe that those in charge of their governments and their main stream media would never intentionally lie to them or deceive them about anything. I was this way once so I know exactly what that is like. Of course we are conditioned to believe that from birth but I am here to tell you that it just is not so. I wish it were because then the world would be a lot better place to live in than it is now.

The general public is conditioned from birth to be ignorant slaves to those who run this world (Jews and their minions). The public is never supposed to know that the System is not honest…that it never has been honest. They have no clue about the Matrix.

Very few people today know what the truth is about anything and this is by design. The Jewish controlled Central Intelligence Agency is one of the front organizations purposely spreading lies and disinformation all over the U.S. and all the world so the public does not know the truth about ANYTHING.

And the reason for this is so the clueless public will believe ANYTHING that they are told by the Jewish main stream media and Jewish controlled governments as the truth, even complete lies and fabrications.

And if you think the lies they have told so far are bad such as the fake Apollo moon landings and the fake Sandy Hook School Shooting and the fake 9-11 terrorist attack and the fake Covid 19 pandemic, then just wait to see what is coming down the chute in the future.

These lies and deceptions may pale in comparison to the lies and deceptions that (((they))) have planned for the public to believe in in the future, such as Operation Blue Beam. I have never created a post about this on my Blog yet, but if you read about it then you will see it involves making the public believe that God has returned to earth but in reality its a huge world wide deception that is very likely part of the Jewish Master Plan. People who have no sense of what the truth is and no ability to see beyond the deception will be one hundred percent convinced that this is real, especially with everything that the Jews and their minions have planned to convince people of the reality of the deception. This may be one reason why Christianity is being pushed so hard by Jews onto non Jews, so that if and when this happens, Christians will really believe that Jesus has returned (just as is promised in the Jewish Christian Bible) and that their Savior has come to rescue them. People from other religions will see and hear things to make them believe that their God has come to earth too. But its all a deception and Jews will use it as part of the goal of the global enslavement of humanity.

I consider this to be the ultimate Jewish deception and if it does happen sometime in the perhaps not so distant future then it will be a success just as every other Jewish deception I have discussed has been a success. Stupid gullible people believe what they are told by those who they trust and this is why these deceptions have been successful and will be successful.

People cut off from the truth will believe anything and the Jewish snakes who run the world are going to use that for everything its worth to achieve their evil, nefarious goals. Goals such as culling the majority of the world’s non Jewish population and completely enslaving those that remain so that every Jew can have non Jewish slaves in the Jewish utopia to come.

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