A Message to the People of Australia and New Zealand

This is a message to the people of Australia and New Zealand that I feel compelled to create. Of course I cannot tell you what to do but I can only tell you what God has put in my heart to tell you.

The time for Revolution for your two countries is here and this is the time to act upon it. The Dystopia that your two countries have endured so far is a clear sign that the leaders of your respective governments are tyrants who have no respect for the people. They deserve the fate of Mussolini. Tyrants who serve a foreign power against their own people deserve this:

And its righteous. The people of these two countries need to make a stand against this tyranny. It has to start with you because your two countries have been affected the worst by this Jewish led tyranny.

Unless you make a stand then the tyranny seen in Australia and New Zealand today will inevitably spread to other countries such as the U.K., France, Canada and even the United States eventually. What you do and don’t do will determine where this goes from here.

The time for being a submissive slave to your tyrannical Jewish controlled governments is at an end. You must stand up for your rights and for the rights of human beings everywhere. You speak not just for yourselves but for every human being on the planet.

We are with you but we cannot do this for you. It must begin in your countries where Dystopia has clearly raised its ugly head. Your countries are not Democratic or this situation would not exist. You live in tyrannies that only pretend to be Democracies to deceive and control the people. That illusion should be dead by now as you see the way your “Democratic” Governments treat you as total slaves to them.

What I am saying goes beyond mere protests against the government. I am aware that you have been doing that but it will do no good because your governments do not care what you want. Its what they want that matters to them and you are just a slave to obey them. Unless you rise up its guaranteed to get worse and worse. They plan to take away your previously held rights and freedoms one by one until you have nothing left but what they choose to give you.

Revolution is the only solution to the situation you are in. I hope those of you who matter hear my message and comprehend its truth. Do the right thing, for yourself and all of us.

Revolution is the only solution to the Plans of the Elite

Just as in the United States, the U.K., and all the other major western nations, the leaders of your governments do not serve the people of the country. Instead they serve as puppets to those who want to enslave the people of the country. In France during WW2 they called them Quislings. There is only one thing to be done to these puppets who are traitors to their own people. I speak to your heart.

17 thoughts on “A Message to the People of Australia and New Zealand

    1. I agree that the entire world should revolt but the reason I talk specifically to the people of these two countries is that they are feeling the worst Dystopia of any of the western nations and so this should generate a true anger and rage in the people to want to do something about that. Tyranny results in action by freedom loving people to go to war against the Tyranny. The more Tyranny, the more the change of revolution by the people against it is. So that is the reason I speak to the people of Australia and New Zealand. But of course I want every country to revolt against Jewish control. If the Revolution starts in one country it will set an example for other countries of what to do. It has to start somewhere in the world where the Jewish tyranny is the worst.


  1. What happens in New Zealand? I think it is the happiest country in the world which has been already overcome Covid-19 so successfully that the media recommend we learn from this country?


    1. Tyranny, dystopia, the people treated as slaves by their government. Its being seen all over the world to some degree but its worst in Australia and New Zealand right now. That may spread to the U,K, and elsewhere next as the plandemic goes into its next phase. Of course the Jewish media recommends the rest of the world “learns” from this country. Are you awake at all or are you totally asleep? Let me just venture a wild guess that you have had your “Covid 19 vaccines”? You have, haven’t you.


  2. anonymous. I am writing from NZ. You say NZ has overcome Covid. Nonsense. Lock downs, mask wearing, MSM disinformation and restrictions continue, as more and more measures such as QR code scanning are being introduced


    1. It would not surprise me that the person who wrote that earlier post is a Jew, This is what Jews do: spread sweet sounding lies to conceal the truth.


      1. Bro, I am an Anonymous in the earlier post. I am the one who always encourages you to maintain this blog (I am grateful for it), and helps you to share your interesting & informative blog with other people. I swear to you I hate Jews the most. Therefore, I hate the MSM because it destroys my peace of mind, so I haven’t read the MSM for a long time which is why I don’t know in detail what happened relating to NZ. I just ask you what happen in New Zealand because I don’t know any truth besides some titles of the news from the Google Chrome newsfeed that the New Zealand female President is successful against Covid. Therefore I ask “What happens in New Zealand?”. Some places on the Internet said New Zealand and Nordic countries are the happiest countries in the world, so I ask “I think it is the happiest country in the world which has been already overcome Covid-19 so successfully that the media recommend we learn from this country?” but of course with the “?” at the end means it is sarcasm and I don’t believe what I just said (what I read from other establishment sources). I just come back from your newest post which is related to this post.


  3. No the crypto jewess and former recipient of a Freemason scholarship and former employee of the war criminal Bliar is STILL placing restructions on NZers.Perhaps every week there is a new alarmist “news” story from the media.
    NZ TV is totally controlled by the jews….even the newsreaders which is not always the case in other countries.
    Ardern has the look of a psychotic….she is always smiling like she is the most benign thing going.As can be seen from her past….she is infact a fully paid up globalist and not to be trusted under any circumstances…….
    It is possible she is an incomplete hermaphrodite…..


    1. I used to read your blog Ted, before they shut you down. I was awake to the (((jproblem))) but loved your comments and outlook.


    2. Being from the U.S., I know little about Australian and New Zealand politics and politicians but I do see the reports about the Dystopia being forced on your two countries surrounding the fanatical demands of the government on the people surrounding the “Covid 19 vaccinations”. I want your people to free yourselves from that tyranny, whatever it takes. The problem that exists in your Governments is the same one that exists in the Governments of ALL the Western nations, including the U.S. and the U.K. Its the same pattern that is being repeated everyone. Jews own and run the government and the people are turned into powerless pawns of a tyrannical government that calls itself a Democracy but no longer is a Democracy. And your MSM is controlled by Jews as Jews control it everywhere. The MSM works for the Jews, not for the people. Your leaders are just puppets doing what they are told to do by someone else and they probably have something on them so they can blackmail them. If they were good people they would not be good puppets to the Jews. My heart goes out to the people of Australia and New Zealand. I am with you, for whatever that is worth to you. Other people around the world are also watching your situations and are with you.


  4. What happened to Mussolini was perpetrated by jew communists when they took over Italy at wars end. Not indigenous Italians.


    1. This could be true but the point I am trying to make is that leaders of a country who sell out to foreign interests and foreign powers against the interests of their own people are traitors who deserve to be executed by the people. I believe that about the President of my own country, Joe Biden. All such traitors should be put down and if and when the Revolution comes, will be put down because they have betrayed the people.


  5. To the Anonymous that I said it would not surprise me if that person is a Jew,: if I misinterpreted your post, which is what you are telling me, then please forgive for doing so and do not take offense at what I said. That is just the way I interpreted your comment. If I interpreted it wrong then ignore that misinterpretation.


    1. I am that Anonymous. Although I am offended at first when you thought of me as being someone I hate the most (the Jews), I somehow even agree and sympathy with your necessary suspicion. It is necessary and understandable. I saw many Jews or disinformation agents spammed your blog before by writing the entire pages about how the JFK assassination was fake and JFK was still alive at that time, DNA is fake, Jews poisoning wells of Gentiles is fake, etc., and then when you figured them out and they no more can argue with you, they deleted your post. Then you had to create this new website and abandon the old blog because the Jews have seen your old blog and harassed you.


  6. Of course I am suspicious that Jews and disinformation agents will comment on this anti Jewish Blog and it is natural that I suspected your comment. However I see now that you just worded it wrong without having any bad intention. You are speaking about fakeologist.com, which is a web site I used to visit before the Admins there told me that the Jews running the world concept was a PSYOP. After that I no longer post on that site. Additionally they call many things fake there which are not fake. I see them as controlled opposition disinformation.


  7. i think as poor german antisemit the australians are to wellfed in their happy sunny continent.
    it needs more poor people to make a rebellion . and specially in NZ the most kiwis are ecomomicly
    to rich, mostly also freemason slaves of the jews to make a revolution . and here in germany +
    probably too in UK the suburbian house+landowners class are only interested to keep their
    property + income to risk anything. some of them have arms but would be the last to stand up
    against tyranny. i think they only would moove when a communist power wood come to size their
    properties . in my eyes they are no germans, only unsolidary traitors like the rest here in europa.
    i once had the hope of an italian or french stand up but now they are so much mixed up with
    3rd worlders that one can forget about. the power jews are very slick. they dont do it fast not
    to start an uprising in population . its like in wilderness . the predator cats are sneaking in
    cauteously around the coral of sheeple . white race is too much divided in to many classes +
    interests and not able to be a mafia . the advantage of the jews is that they are a mafia .


  8. You should never label yourself or anyone else as an Anti Semite. That is a term Jews apply to non Jews and non Jews should never apply it to themselves. But you may be correct about the Australians and New Zealanders being unwilling to risk what they have to revolt. The same applies to the American people and others in the western faux Demoncracies. The more dystopic the government is toward the people then the better the chance of a revolt is. Its the government that will bring the Revolution against itself by its own behavior. As for the French and Italians, one reason those countries have been packed with 3rd worlders by the Jews is to prevent the people from uniting and Rebelling against the Jewish controlled governments there. Likewise in America our people are purposely divided by the Jewish media so we fight each other and never unite against the Jews. Its the same story in all countries where Jews control. Jews are clever not to do things so fast that they cause the people to revolt but they do things in stages and let the people adjust before doing the next thing. Jews have everything and everyone under their control, just like a Mafia and the people are kept clueless about the real situation. You see it well.


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