CNN is at it again

I like to check out what the Jews are showing the people on (((their))) main stream media and what I saw today confirmed what I have said before about the Jews intentionally trying to stir up racial divisions and racial strife among non Jews but especially among the Black and white races. This is part of the Jewish Master Plan. See the following link.

Sowing Racial Divisions which Jew profit from

I turned on the Jew owned CNN and saw one of these today. The title of this particular Jewish hit piece was called “Police Drag Black Paraplegic man from car.”

What does the man’s race matter? Is it not enough to say that police dragged a paraplegic man from his car? But no, CNN emphasizes the race of the man as if racism was the entire cause of the incident and nothing else. I am not condoning police brutality but this is blatant race baiting by CNN and its just one of many such incidents that CNN has done.

What CNN is trying to incite is another Black Lives Matter racial protest against the police in the city where this took place and that will likely happen since Jews are cheerleading it to happen. And you just know that at least one of the police officers involved are white.

This is a very evil, intentional campaign by the Jews to turn the non Jewish races against each other and make them hate each other so they will not even look at the race they SHOULD be hating, which is the evil Jewish race.

And just in case you doubt that CNN is owned and controlled by Jews, the following graphic should help to dispel any doubt in your mind that CNN is speaking the Jewish voice loud and clear.

It should be called the Communist News Network because its goals are right in line with long term communist (Jewish) goals to purposefully stir up racial divisions as a way to achieve their evil goals. Let this evil Jew explain it to you:

Know your enemy.

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