Hidden Connections

Many things in the world that appear to the general public to have no connection at all are actually directly connected behind the scenes, hidden from public view. I have talked about many of these things on my Blog but I have not really connected them together to form one cohesive whole. But to understand what is going on in the world and what has gone on in the past and will go on in the future then we must understand how that things things are all connected and all work together. They are not separate at all as they appear to be but they are all part of the same whole. In no particular order, all of these things in the following short list are connected.

Real Satanism. This is a big dot. I call this Blog Stranger in a Jewish World but there is such a thing as Satanism in the world that is connected with Jews and Jewish control of the world behind the scenes but appears to have no connection to Jews at all. But this connection is there and its a very old hidden connection that has been revealed.

Freemasonry is directly connected to BOTH Satanism and Judaism but those connections are very carefully hidden from the public. As far as the public knows there is no connection between Freemasonry and Satanism or Freemasonry and Judaism.

The Great Holy book of the Jews is connected here. It is a mystery to me how this Book exists without the majority of non Jews knowing what is really contained in it but this book is filled with evil and hatred toward non Jews, Christians, the white race, etc. and advocates every evil thing imaginable including usury, exploitation, lying, deceiving, sex with young children, human sacrifice and genocide. Its the most evil book in existence and yet most non Jews are clueless about it because Jews control the world and Jews control the public perceptions of non Jews using that control. This could be the Holy Book of both Jews and Satanists alike.

Jewish control world wide of not just the main stream media but virtually ALL media of every kind allows Jews to control what the public thinks and believes about virtually everything. Using that control, Jews can turn complete lies such as the Sandy Hook School Shooting HOAX into truth for the public to believe as real. Also using that control, Jews can hide real historical events that the Jews choose to hide such as the genocide of around 60 million non Jews by Jews in Russia that took place after the 1917 Bolshevik (JEWISH) Revolution so almost nobody knows about it but everyone knows about the SIX GORILLION , which is a completely fictional number. Jews want to be seen as victims and never as victimizers but they ARE victimizers just as the Talmud commands them to be victimizers of non Jews.

More to come

2 thoughts on “Hidden Connections

  1. I remember in one of your posts in your old blogs, you said that the Bush family is very likely a Satanist family. In another post, you showed a picture that Bush held the Talmud book as if he was a student of Judaism. Now you said the Talmud is actually the Satanic “Holy Book” of both the Jews and the Satanists (Satanists = people of other races who don’t have Jewish genes but still worship the Jewish God Satan). I think it is a very plausible and logical conclusion – this is maybe a connection between Judaism and Satanism (which is actually one) from the evidence of the faggot war president above who was involved in both Satanism and Judaism.


    1. Yes, I think the Bush family is a Satanist family. I imply that the Talmud is also the Holy Book of the Satanists because the Talmud condones many of the things Satanists believe in and practice in secret. As to the races of Satanists, I have not given that a tremendous amount of thought. Not all Jews are followers of Judaism. Some Jews can be followers of Satanism but IMO most Satanists are not Jews but they are in an alliance with Jews to control the world. Satanists and Jews have a shared control of the world, as I see it, and they both help each other to maintain that shared control. I hated George W. Bush very early on because I sensed a very evil character in the man before I even really knew what he was involved in. Yes, he was a blatant homosexual for one thing, as I showed but he was more than that. His involvement in Skull and Bones shows he is more than that. But there is only so much I can find out about him. Much of his history is hidden down the memory hole.


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