Connecting the Dots

As I am creating posts about the JonBenet Ramsey Murder and the North Fox Island, Michigan scandal and trying to show the connections between them, I realize that I need to step back at this point so readers of this Blog can see the forest for the trees. In cases of this complexity with so many trees, its very easy to lose sight of the forest but you must see the forest to understand what these two cases are really about.

I contemplate the best way of showing the forest to you but let me attempt it in the following spiel.

The world in the mid 1970’s was a very different place than it is today. After the impeachment of Richard Nixon in 1974 and during the Carter Administration, the U.S. had more freedom internally than it had before that time and more than it would ever have again starting with the Reagan Administration. There was a freedom and laxness in the country that would be unrecognizable today. It was a different country and a different world. This freedom and laxness was taken advantage of by certain people, some of which were undoubtedly Jews but also likely by organized crime to create and distribute child pornography across the U.S.A. Although this has been memory holed today, child pornography was produced and sold in the U.S.A. from around 1975 to 1978. Initially this child pornography came from Europe, and especially from Amsterdam, Holland. A lot of this early child pornography was created in Amsterdam, Holland initially and was distributed to the U.S.A. during this period time. This was an extremely lucrative new business and soon child pornography was being created in the U.S.A. also, especially in California. In 1976-77, Los Angeles California became the Child Pornography capital of the entire world, exceeding even Amsterdam, Holland in production and it was all because of how much money could be made by the producers and the distributors of this pornography. Once produced either in Los Angeles or Amsterdam or elsewhere, then others (such as Jews, Satanists, Organized Crime, etc.) were responsible for the distribution of this pornography across the U.S.A. and across the entire world. All for the money. And there was (and still is) big money to be made selling child pornography. The more illegal something is, the more money can be made from selling it and this “easy money” is like a magnet for bad people (Jews, Satanists, Organized crime, etc.) to cash in on the opportunity. I hope that paints a good enough of a picture for you to understand this environment.

I said all that to set the stage for understanding these two cases and the connection between them. You must understand the environment in the U.S. in the mid 1970’s and the lucrative demand and availability of child pornography during this time period to connect the dots of these two cases.

This is the foundation for understanding North Fox Island, MI which took place in this very same time period of 1975-1978.

People who try to classify North Fox Island as just a pedophile ring have totally missed the big picture here. Yes, there was a pedophile ring involved but the more important thing than the pedophile ring is child pornography production and distribution. That is what North Fox Island was really about. The pedophilia and child sexual abuse in this case was only as a way to cash in on the money to be made from hardcore child pornography created from filming the abuse. Beyond the enjoyment that the pedophiles in this case received from sexually abusing these kids (who appear to be mostly young boys), no money was being generated from this. All of the money came from the child pornography created from it. The pedophile ring was just a precursor to making the lucrative child pornography. That’s where the money was and that is what this case is really about. Understand that before I go on. A more accurate name for this case would be the North Fox Island Child Pornography creation and distribution network.

North Fox Island was a false front operation. The false front is that it was a nature camp for poor and disadvantaged children in Michigan (and perhaps surrounding states) just so the kids could enjoy themselves but in reality these kids were being sexually abused and filmed in child pornography. Since they got away with this for years I suspect that the parents of these children were getting some kind of financial payoff to allow their kids to be used this way. It would not be surprising at all to find that is true, since these kids and their parents were specifically chosen because they were not well off. The only way they could have kept the secret for so long is for the parents to be complicit in the abuse for financial profit.

The Pornography Industry is Jewish

Nancy Krebs in the JonBenet Ramsey case revealed something very significant in her testimony to Boulder, CO authorities when she said that the people who were sexually abusing her always filmed the abuse. And the reason they filmed the abuse is to make money from it. There is no money in sexually abusing a child but there is money in filming it and selling the abuse as child pornography. So one of the main reasons for the abuse was to film it for profit. This is a key revelation of her testimony and as I plan to show this applies to what was happening to the six year old beauty queen daughter of John Ramsey that led to her death. As I plan to show, both child prostitution and child pornography were involved in the death of this child and that her father John Ramsey is guilty of using his daughter in these activities for his own personal ambition.

More to Come.

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