The Rwanda Genocide – Vaccines

This is at the third post I have made concerning the Rwanda Genocide of 1994. Here are links to two earlier posts:

What Dr. Pierre Gilbert said about Rwanda

Operation Crimson Mist, Electronic Slaughter in Rwanda

What I revealed in those earlier posts about this Genocide is that it was purposely created using EMF based mind control technology to cause one Rwandan population to slaughter another Rwandan population. The reason I even became aware of the subject is what French Dr. Pierre Gilbert said in 1995 about Rwanda in relationship to vaccines. It is the use of vaccines in Rwanda prior to this genocide that has brought me back to this incident.

It was the chilling words of Dr. Pierre Gilbert “Remember Rwanda” that first got me investigating the Rwanda genocide in relation to vaccines being used in Rwanda prior to that genocide that may have played a part in it. In my earlier research on that subject I could find no evidence that mass vaccines were given to the Rwandan population prior to the 1994 Genocide incident but then I saw someone make that claim on a different web site so I decided to take another look to see if vaccines had been given to the Rwandan population that could have led to this genocide. What I found shocked me and I felt compelled to create this new post to show this to readers of this Blog.

I submit as evidence the following PDF showing Vaccine coverage for Rwanda for the years 1980 through 2013

Rwanda Vaccine Coverage 1980 – 2013 (PDF)

So contrary to what I said early, mass vaccinations of the vast majority of the Rwandan people had already taken place by 1990, four years before that genocide.

I already said that the Rwandan genocide was a completely evil and immoral use of mind control technology but now we have evidence that the “vaccines” (are they really vaccines at all?) given to the Rwandan population played a direct role in this. So its not just a completely evil use of mind control technology we are talking about here but a completely evil use of alleged vaccines given to the population under the guise of keeping them safe from disease that was later used in a mass killing of this very same population.

Are the alarm bells going off for you yet? If not, you have not been paying attention. The same people behind that “vaccination” program in Rwanda that led to the purposeful genocide of up to a million people in that small African nation are the exact same ones behind the Covid 19 vaccination program. And they are Jews. There should be no surprise about that.

So they were experimenting on this EVIL shit as early as the 1990’s in Africa but today in 2021 its going on world wide. Can you imagine what (((they))) could do with this? In Rwanda they had to fly C-130 Cargo planes outfitted with huge dishes to beam the EMF waves onto the population in order to cause the insane rage that led to the genocide but in 2021 they have 5G technology worldwide to do the same thing without the use of planes or giant dishes.

Instinct tells me that this is a very evil scheme to control the people worldwide using this technology. It horrifies me to think of how this could be used against select target populations of the world. From the way Dr. Gilbert was talking, (((they))) can make people do anything against their will. Whatever is in these vaccines embeds itself in the neurons of the brain so it acts as an amplifier for EMF waves beamed onto the body from outside. In theory, a human brain so infected cannot distinguish between its own thoughts and externally generated thoughts and feelings from EMF technology. In theory, this could turn people into unthinking zombies who are under the control of someone else against their will.

It scares the Hell out of me thinking about and it should scare the Hell out of you too. The people who run this world are immoral monsters who do not give a fuck about anyone except for themselves. As they demonstrated in Rwanda, they have no morality about mass killing people if it serves their interests to do so. This technology can be used for anything they can think of to control the population.

Those who have been so stupid as to take the vaccines may wake up one day and discover they are not themselves and they will never be who they were in the past. Those who are brain dead may give control of their brains to someone else who is entirely immoral to make those foolish people into slaves even more than they already are. Only a complete idiot would take the vaccine but there is no shortage of idiots in the world today. Taking the vaccine is like selling your soul to the Devil, literally. You may not pay the price right away but you will pay it later.

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