Memory Holing

Memory Holing is an important concept to be known and understood on this Blog.

The definition of Memory Holing is the process of making the general public forget about real historical events that have occurred that the Jewish Establishment wants the public not to know about. As I have said repeatedly on this Blog, the world is not honest. It is an illusion that the world is honest and the purpose of that illusion is to deceive the public about the true nature of the world. Memory Holing is an important part of maintaining that false illusion.

Memory Holing is the process of making the newer generations of the public to forget (and thus not know about) real historical events that older generations of the public once knew about. This is information control in order to control the public’s perception about the world and to mold that perception so it favors Jews and so that anything real that has happened in the past to expose Jews in a bad way is completely forgotten.

The process of memory holing must be understood. Those who control the world (Jews) control the world media. They also control the education system that teaches children what is important to know in terms of historical events. They also control the world governments and all major institutions with those governments. This Jewish control gives Jews the power to rewrite history entirely in their favor. They can completely hide real historical events by never talking about them at all. In this way the new generations of the public forgets what was commonly known in the past by past generations of the public. If the public does not know about real historical events then its like they never happened. These real historical events are said to drop into the memory hole so they are forgotten and lost to public knowledge. At the same time, Jews may substitute false history (ie Lies) that favor them as a substitute for the real history they are memory holing. This is an important part of History Revisionism.

Anything real that has happened in the past that the Jews do not want the public to know about is very likely to be memory holed. There are many many examples of things that have been memory holed which I have discussed on this blog.

A short list of topics which have been memory holed, some of which I have discussed on this Blog are as follows:

The Holodomor, which is the genocide of at least 60 million Christians and non Jews by Jews and their minions in Russia following the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution. While the Jews make sure every non Jew knows all about the Six Gorillion until people get sick of hearing that fake number repeated again and again and again on Jewish media, very few know about the Holodomor. Jews want to be viewed by non Jews as VICTIMS and never as what as what they really are: VICTIMIZERS of non Jews.

Memory holing is involved in hiding the truth concerning the JonBenet Ramsey murder. Part of this memory holing concerns hiding the history of Fleet White Sr. and Fleet Oil Company in Los Angeles, California.

The North Fox Island, MI scandal

Memory Holing was involved in the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing case to hide the real history of what happened in that case and to substitute a completely false reality for it concerning Timothy McVeigh and a truck full of Fertilizer.

That Henry Ford wrote an important series of books in the 1920’s exposing the Jews called “The International Jew”.

That Jews were expelled from Spain in 1492, the same year that Columbus allegedly sailed from Spain to discover America. There is a direct connection between those two events that is being completely hidden from the public.

All the other Jewish expulsions and why they happened.

Everything about the important topic of Jewish Ritual Sacrifice (JRS) AKA Jewish Ritual Murder (JRM).

And many many other examples too numerous to list here.

More to Come

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