The Secret History of John Bennet Ramsey

Since I first started heavily investigating the JonBenet Ramsey Murder, I deduced that John Bennet Ramsey had a secret past that was being hidden from the public. Nancy Krebs in her testimony added validity to that assertion. The involvement of John Ramsey’s father, James Dudley Ramsey in the North Fox Island, Michigan scandal certainly added validity to it. Finally the hidden connection between Access Graphics and some of the principals of the North Fox Island scandal added more validity to this.

What I contend is that John Bennet Ramsey was a Satanist and that his father James Dudley Ramsey was also a Satanist. This is one of those intergenerational Satanic families I discussed in my Satanism thread, where Satanism gets passed from one generation to another.

James Dudley Ramsey, father of John Ramsey

He was born in Lincoln Nebraska, where his father, James Dudley Ramsey (pictured above) held a high position in the Nebraska State government as Director of the Nebraska Department of Aeronautics.

1957: James Ramsey left Nebraska and moved with the rest of his family to Okemos, Michigan. At they time they move to Michigan, John Ramsey is  age 13 or 14.  This same year James Dudley Ramsey becomes the director of the Michigan Aeronautics commission. I note how fast James Ramsey became the Director of the Michigan Aeronautics commission.  In the very same year he moved to Michigan he assumed the very same position he had formerly held in Nebraska.  What this means is that he was set up to be the Director before he even came to Michigan.  James Ramsey was offered that position before he moved to Michigan and that was at least one the reasons why he moved from Nebraska to Michigan is so he could take this new job. This is a man who obviously had high level connections in the Michigan State government and those corrupt people running Michigan behind the scenes. As I will show later, those connections to corrupt people in Michigan led to James Ramsey having a direct role in the North Fox Island, MI scandal in the 1970’s.

1961: John graduates from High School in Michigan.  He is 18 at this time.

1961 – 1966: John Ramsey attends Michigan State University majoring in electrical engineering.  During this time he meets Lucinda Lou Pasch (who is later to become his first wife) while they are both undergraduates at Michigan State University. John Ramsey is age 19 – 24 during this time.

1966: John and Lucinda become married. Their marriage happens in Michigan either before or after John joined the U.S. Navy.

1966: John joins the U.S. Navy and was in the civil engineer corps and went through officer candidate school at Newport, Michigan before being transferred that same year to Port Hueneme, California just north of Los Angeles, CA.

As part of his U.S. Navy deployment, John was stationed at a U.S. Navy Base in Port Hueneme, CA, north of Los Angeles. See below map.

This move to Southern California happened in 1966. I contend that while he was in Southern California that John Ramsey was in contact with other Satanists in California, including Fleet White Sr., Fleet White Jr. and Gwen Krebs. I contend that those three were part of a Satanist network in Southern California that John Ramsey became personally acquainted with while he was stationed here.

~ 1966 – 1972: Nancy Krebs said she saw John Ramsey with Fleet White Jr. and Fleet White Sr. during this time and their association concerned her child sexual abuse. John Ramsey was sexually involved with Gwen Krebs. John Ramsey is age 23 – age 29.  What this means is that John Ramsey was part of the same Satanic cult in Southern California that Fleet White Sr. and Jr. were in.   The Satanic cult is world wide and nation wide in America. Satanists from different parts of the country are frequently in contact with each other.

Besides sexually abusing her, Nancy Krebs said that John Ramsey was handling the business aspect of her abuse. i.e. the filming of it and selling it as child pornography. Also it implies that John Ramsey was involved in helping Gwen to prostitute her daughter(s) to other men for profit. This reveals that John Ramsey was involved in these activities very early in his life and that likely he already knew about these things before he came to California because his father, James Dudley Ramsey was involved in these same activities. Satanist father and son. The men Nancy was being prostituted to were members of the Satanic cult in Southern California and the pornography taken of her abuse was also sold to other members of the Satanic cult in Southern California.

March 1968 – November 1969: John Ramsey was assigned to the Navy Public works Center at Subic Bay Training center in the Philippines.  John Ramsey is 25 – 26. What was John Ramsey doing in the Philippines?  Was he involved in some kind of special training there?  If so, what did the training involve? Since he was involved in intelligence work for the U.S. Navy, was this training intelligence related?

November 1969 – 1972:  John Ramsey is in the Navy in Southern California where he returned after his tour in the Philippines. John is 26 – 29. During this time, John Ramsey is romantically and sexually involved with Gwen Krebs and is involved in the sexual abuse of her daughter, Nancy.

1969:  John Ramsey’s first child is born.  This is Elizabeth, his daughter who later died under mysterious circumstances after she claimed to her therapist that she was abused by people wearing robes (Satanic ceremony).

1972 – early 1974: John Ramsey is in Southern California off and on, sexually involved with Gwen Krebs.  John is 29 – 31,

1974: During most of 1974  John is out of state and not in California but he is calling Gwen Krebs every week who he is romantically involved with. John is ~31.  Where was John Ramsey living in 1974? How old was John Ramsey in 1974?   John Ramsey is unhappy with his marriage to Lucinda. John Ramsey did not have a lot of money at this time.  He was not financially successful.

late 1974  – 1975:John Ramsey travels back to Southern California and is sexually involved with Gwen Krebs, mother of Nancy Krebs. John is 31 – 32.

~1975: John is living in Atlanta, GA.

1978:  John Ramsey divorces from his first wife (Lucinda) for reasons that have never been made public.  John is age 35.

November, 1980: John Ramsey marries Patsy Ramsey in Atlanta, GA. John is age 37.  He invites his good friend Fleet White Jr. to attend the wedding and here they are all together in the below picture taken at that wedding:

More to Come

I am going to skip around a little bit in this post but I will come back and fill in the blanks.

Charlevoix, Michigan

John Ramsey and his new family live in Charlevoix, Michigan, a resort area of Michigan with a big harbor on Lake Michigan.

1989 – 1990:  John and Patsy Ramsey move from Atlanta GA to Boulder, CO. John is age 46 or 47.

More to Come

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