North Fox Island, Michigan

North Fox Island is one of two large islands in Lake Michigan. The reason I am making a post about this island is because of what took place here in the 1970’s, commonly known as the North Fox Island Pedophile ring. This is a complex story to tell involving many people and as I will show, this also connects to the later JonBenet Ramsey murder. Understanding what happened concerning North Fox Island in the 1970’s will help to explain some of the things that happened in Boulder, Colorado some twenty years later. This is another rabbit hole that we must go down in order to fully understand what happened concerning JonBenet Ramsey later.

The elements of North Fox Island were child sexual abuse/pedophilia, child prostitution, child pornography creation and distribution, Michigan State government corruption, huge amounts of profit, organized crime and, hidden beneath the surface of it all, Satanism. 

To get the ball rolling, here is a link to a good site explaining this case, which I am about to cover in more detail.

North Fox Island pedophile ring

Francis Sheldon

Francis Sheldon is one of those mystery men like Fleet White Sr. who have had a lot of information about them scrubbed from the internet to hide them. What remains is a very sketchy picture at best that does not answer the question of who this man really was. For one thing its difficult to even find a decent picture of him. I had to dig to find that early picture of him. Source

Frank Shelden came from a very wealthy Michigan family. Shelden was from Ann Arbor and a well-known philanthropist who sat on boards and involved himself in child welfare agencies.

Shelden purchased North Fox Island from its original owner in 1960. Among his holdings was an office in Detroit, MI, a condo in Ann Arbor, MI, a ski lodge in Aspen Colorado, multiple cars, a plane and North Fox Island, MI. I find it interesting that Frank Sheldon owned a ski lodge in Aspen Colorado because this might connect him to Fleet White Sr., who was a big wig in Aspen Colorado. That is a possible connection between these two mystery men to be investigated.

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It is alleged that Shelden was involved in many prostitution/pornography rings, not just at North Fox Island.

Jeffrey Epstein Connection

Jeffrey Epstein Connection

Access Graphics Connection

According to this obituary page for Frank Shelden, he died in 1996 in Amsterdam, Holland and this is a big revelation because, as it turns out, Access Graphics of which John Bennet Ramsey was CEO of in 1996 had its International headquarters in Amsterdam, Holland. In addition, this Amsterdam Access Graphics pre-existed John Ramsey’s involvement in the Boulder, Colorado Access Graphics. So what goes on here? After what was going on at North Fox Island, MI got exposed to the public, Frank Shelden and some of the other mystery men such as “Adam Starchild” from that case fled the U.S. to avoid prosecution. Apparently the poor overworked and underpaid Michigan LEA could not find them no matter how hard they tried (and you know they tried really really hard – NOT!) but these men ended up in Europe in general and Amsterdam, Holland specifically. It was there that one or more of these men started Access Graphics in Amsterdam, Holland, probably sometime in the 1980’s.

At this point you may be asking yourself this very good question: If Access Graphics was started in Amsterdam in the 1980’s by Frank Shelden and/or some some of the other principals from North Fox Island, then how in the world did John Ramsey come to start a U.S. branch of it in Boulder Colorado in the 1990’s? That is the question you should be asking.

To answer that question we must look at the involvement of John Ramsey’s father, James Dudley Ramsey, in the North Fox Island MI case in order to understand how his son became involved in Access Graphics. If you have been following everything I have said about this then you can already put the puzzle together but if not I will spell it out.

More to Come

Dyer Grossman

Another of the mysterious men involved in this case is “Dyer Grossman”, which may be an alias as he used other names. I know that picture is shitty but like all of these mystery men (Fleet White Sr., Sheldon, Grossman, etc.) you are lucky to even find their picture at all. They are intended to be hidden from the public eye and its very difficult to find out anything about them. That is why people like me are here to show you what is behind the veil that (((they))) do not want you to know about.

Dyer Grossman was a close associate of Francis Shelden, who like Shelden was very wealthy. Dyer Grossman was a New Yorker who came from a family who lived in an exclusive part of Long Island.

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Dyer Grossman taught science at a private school in Westchester County, NY known as the Harvey School.

More to come.

Gerald Richards

Yet another mystery man in the North Fox Island MI scandal is Gerald Richards, pictured above.

“Adam Starchild”

Yet another member of this mysterious group of men involved in North Fox Island is “Adam Starchild”, pictured above. That is the name he is commonly known by but its just one of many aliases this man used. There is a ton of information about this guy available online but how much of it is true and how much of it is just disinformation to hide the truth? As with everything in this world, you cannot just accept what you read on the internet as true but you must suspect disinformation campaigns to hide the truth. “Adam Starchild” was handling the child pornography distribution aspects of this operation, which I will be discussing later in this post.

Thomas Maurer

An openly Gay Catholic Priest from Minnesota who is alleged to have helped fund the operation on North Fox Island. I have been unable to find a picture of this man.

A False Front

The North Fox Island, MI scandal involves what is known as a False Front. A False Front pretends to be one thing to the public but it is something else entirely in private. The false front is that North Fox Island was a nature camp for children (particularly poorer disadvantaged children) run by Frank Shelden who owned the Island. The reality is that these children who came to the fraudulent nature camp on the island were being sexually abused by various pedophilic men on the island and child pornography was being created of that abuse to be distributed to other parts of the USA and sold for a lucrative profit.

Another False Front, this time a Religious-oriented one, was used to get children to come to the island. Brother Paul’s Children’s Mission appeared on the surface to be just a Christian missionary establishment trying to help poor disadvantaged youth by giving them access to a free nature camp on the island. In reality it was just a way for the pedophiles and pornographers to get kids to come to their island to be abused and photographed for profit.

Child Sexual Abuse

One of the things that was happening on North Fox Island is that children were flown to the island to be sexually abused by pedophiles there in secrecy.

Child Pornography

One of the things that was happening on North Fox Island is that child pornography was being created of the child sexual abuse happening there. This appears to have been mostly child pornography magazines (which were big in the mid 1970’s) but also may have included movies, and this pornography was distributed outside of Michigan.

One of the places this child pornography was distributed was to New Jersey using a false front of a Church as a cover. This New Jersey church was a front organization that appeared to be a religious organization but in reality it was distributing child pornography for huge amounts of money. New Jersey was just one point in the distribution chain. From New Jersey the child pornography was further distributed to New York (primarily New York City) and other locations within the U.S. This New Jersey front organization church was called the Church of the New Revelation. See the next section.

Church of the New Revelation

This was a false front organization created by “Adam Starchild” in the state of New Jersey to funnel child pornography created on North Fox Island to other locations such as New York City, NY, Long Island, NY and other locations in the NE section of the U.S. The Church of the New Revelation was a hub of a child pornography distribution network in the U.S. in the 1970’s.

Involvement of Organized Crime

Organized crime elements in New Jersey were involved in the further distribution of this child pornography to other locations such as New York City. Child Pornography was and still is a very lucrative business for organized crime to be involved with.

Exposure of the abuse

Two adolescent boys from Port Huron, Michigan told family members that Francis Shelden had molested and photographed them on North Fox Island. The Leelanau County locals were shocked at this because it was completely unexpected.

Corruption of Law Enforcement in Michigan

Although this entire scandal has been seriously memory holed so the general public has no clue it even happened, for those who do know about the case there is a misconception that the LEA (Law Enforcement Authorities) in Michigan investigating this case were too incompetent to ever solve it. That is the very same story as the JonBenet Ramsey murder, where it is thought that Colorado LEA just completely bungled that case so it can never be solved. WRONG! That is what (((they))) want you to believe. Its not the truth. Two Worlds Paradigm. The Truth that (((they))) do not want you to even suspect is that LEA in both Michigan and Colorado are corrupt at the top and that the very same people behind these two criminal incidents control top LEA. I am talking about Satanist infiltration and control of LEA so that LEA will never expose Real Satanism to the public. One of the many safeguards that Satanist take to maintain their secrecy is to control LEA everywhere so that LEA will never expose or seriously investigate any incidents of Satanist behavior that come to the public’s attention. Instead these corrupt infiltrated LEA will appear to bungle the case so its never solved. This same story is repeated again and again all over the world in every country where Satanists operate such as Australia.

The James Dudley Ramsey Connection

James D. Ramsey, the father of John Bennet Ramsey involved in the later JonBenet Ramsey murder played a direct role in this case in that he was Director of the Michigan Board of Aeronautics responsible for all flights in the state of Michigan. In that role he would certainly know about all the flights to and from North Fox Island that went on for years as part of the North Fox Island scandal. What happened on North Fox Island could not have taken place without the knowledge of corrupt Michigan state officials who at the very least looked the other way and did nothing to interfere with what was taking place on that Island involving child prostitution and child pornography.

James Ramsey’s role as director of the Michigan state agency responsible for all flights in Michigan during the North Fox Island, MI scandal virtually proves the corruption of James Ramsey and that he was at the very least complicit in covering up for and never interfering with anything that happened concerning North Fox Island during his tenure. But James D. Ramsey was a man who had high level connections so he was in no way connected to that scandal. Apparently this man was never even questioned by the corrupt Michigan LEA but was allowed to quietly retire from his position shortly after the scandal came to public attention without a question being asked of him. Any serious investigation of what happened on that Island would of course involve questioning what this man knew and how could he not have known that something suspicious was going on but Michigan state “investigators”, if that term even applies here, never even thought to question him. This is just more evidence that Michigan never tried to investigate this case but just swept it under the carpet so it could be memory holed. God Bless the U.S.A.!

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