Jewish Minions

In this post I want to discuss the concept of Jewish Minions. I have used this term on my Blog quite a bit without defining exactly what I mean by it. So in this post I am going to say what a Jewish minion is and give many examples of Jewish minions.

A Jewish minion is a non Jew who is willingly serves the Jewish Snake. The Jewish Snake is not just made up of Jews but also of all minions of Jews. Jewish minions are in alliance with the Jews and help the Jews maintain their control of the world.

Anyone who is corrupt is a natural to be a Jewish minion. Corruption is often the key factor of a person being a willing Jewish minion. Since Jews are corrupt and involved in corruption of every kind, any non Jew who is also corrupt is a natural ally of theirs.

Jewish minions fall into one or more of the following categories.


Real Satanists are the perfect minions for Jews because they share many attributes with Jews such as being corrupt, being involved in organized crime, hatred of Christians and Christianity, and human sacrifice.


Since Freemasonry is a Jewish organization that hides that fact from the majority of its own membership, the non Jewish members of Freemasonry are used as DUPES to serve the Jews and Jewish agendas in complete ignorance of the role they are serving in the Jewish Master Plan.

Organized Crime

Organized Crime AKA “the Mafia” is also a perfect Jewish minion that shares many attributes with the Jews, especially being corrupt and interested in making profit from criminal activities.

Intelligence Agencies

National intelligence agencies such as the Central Intelligence Agency and MI5 are also Jewish minions through the Jew owned and controlled national government. These intelligence agencies work with the Jews and keep their secrecy. They also do the bidding of the Jews in terms of spying on Jewish enemies and assassination of those that the Jews deem a threat to their world control such as John F. Kennedy.

Corrupt Politicians

Corrupt Politicians and other world leaders (including Royalty) are perfect Jewish minions. Their corruption and ambition to get ahead at any cost makes them natural bed fellows with the corrupt Jews who own the Stage that the Politician wants to perform on.

Corrupt Hollywood Actors

Jews own Hollywood so for a non Jew to be successful in Hollywood he must be in bed with the Jews and this involves corruption. Only corrupt non Jews are going to get ahead in Hollywood and these people become willing slaves for the Jews, doing and saying what the Jews want in order to stay in favor with the Jews.

Corrupt Musicians

Like corrupt Hollywood actors, any non Jew who wants to be successful in the Jew owned and controlled music industry must be in bed with the Jews and must willingly serve them. Corruption of a non Jewish singer is a prerequisite for being successful in the music industry. Its less about actual talent and more about being doing what the masters want. The most willing slaves are the ones who get ahead the most in the music industry.

People who get blackmailed by the Jews

Besides corrupt people who serve the Jews willingly because they gain something from that, another class of Jewish minions are those who are blackmailed by the Jews to become willing puppets for them and their agendas. Mossad agents such as Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell are just two of the many Jews involved in the world wide blackmail to control operation. Usually the target is set up in a situation with an underaged minor which gets filmed and then the target gets blackmailed to prevent the film from being shown on the Jewish main stream media. It is unknown just how many people have been successfully blackmailed this way but I suspect many.

More to Come

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