Access Graphics

Its time for me to turn my attention to Access Graphics, the company that John Ramsey was associated with in Boulder, Colorado. The official story is that John Ramsey started Access Graphics in Boulder Colorado and it became a very financially successful company, but there is more to this picture than has been told to the public.

It is lie that John Ramsey started Access Graphics in Boulder, Colorado. In actuality, Access Graphics was a company that existed in Amsterdam, Holland before John Ramsey had any connection to Access Graphics. The Access Graphics in Boulder, Colorado was a U.S. branch or division of this pre-existing Amsterdam, Holland Company that John Ramsey became involved in. It does not mean that John Ramsey started Access Graphics in Boulder, Colorado but he did become very influential in that company, eventually becoming CEO. Of course this Amsterdam connection has been completely hidden by the Jewish main stream media in America but this is the truth as I and others have shown. And this Amsterdam, Holland connection is no trivial matter either because it points to other people (who wish to remain hidden) who were involved in the Amsterdam, Holland Access Graphics. This is a rabbit hole to be gone down, which I intend to do in this thread.

A Front Organization

A Front Organization is an organization or a company that appears to be one thing to the public but that is a deception to provide cover for what the organization is really involved in. The CIA operates many front organizations as does Organized Crime. The front is just some innocuous cover to conceal what is really going on behind the closed doors of this pretend organization or company. In the case of Access Graphics, the false front is a harmless computer graphics company but what Access Graphics was really involved in, both in Amsterdam, Europe and the USA was IMO child pornography production and distribution. Before I get into that, I want to discuss who was behind this front organization. As I see it, whoever was behind it had very powerful connections both in the U.S. and in Europe. Although this has been hidden from the public (and from me), I suspect that one or more of the following are involved in this:

The CIA / Mossad

Satanists (Both U.S. and International)

Organized Crime

Jews (Jewish interests)

Corrupt people within the U.S. Government.

An organization like this could not have existed and flourished without very powerful backing and connections. I will try to circle back later to show these hidden connections.

This case connects to a previous case

The story of Access Graphics connects to a previous case, which is the North Fox Island, Michigan scandal. It is likely that you have never heard of this case because it is being purposely memory holed. Whatever real history that they do not want you to know, they memory hole it so everyone forgets about it, so its like it never happened. Except it did happen and there is a lot of documentation about it on the internet. I knew nothing about it until someone else tipped me off about how this case was related to Access Graphics. There is no way to explain Access Graphics and to explain John Ramsey’s role in it without first explaining North Fox Island, Michigan and the role that John Ramsey’s father (James Dudley Ramsey) played in that scandal. I told you this was a rabbit hole.

James Dudley Ramsey

Before I get into the North Fox Island, Michigan scandal I need to give the history of James Dudley Ramsey, pictured above, who is the father of John Bennet Ramsey and the grandfather of JonBenet Ramsey. I contend that this man was a secret Satanist and that his son, John Bennet Ramsey was/is also a secret Satanist. He probably was also a Freemason, since higher level Freemasonry conceals a Satanic Cult.

One thing about Real Satanism which I plan to discuss more is that Satanists ae often infiltrated into top positions or leadership roles in Government (Local, State, and National), the military, in the main stream media, law enforcement and basically every other significant organization. Having Satanists occupying those leadership positions of these organizations gives Satanists and their allies (such as the Jews) effective control of the entire organization. On this Blog I have talked about Jewish minions without defining what this is. A Jewish minion is a non Jew who is corrupt and in bed with the Jews and who can be trusted never to disclose the Jewish control of the world. A Satanist is the perfect Jewish minion because, like Jews they are corrupt and involved behind the scenes in some of the very same things that Jews are involved in. Satanists are brothers in corruption with the Jews. I mention all this because James Dudley Ramsey is one of those people I contend is a Satanist and Jewish minion who occupied a top government position in the Nebraska and later the Michigan State government. It was while this man was in this position in Michigan that his involvement in the North Fox Island, MI scandal becomes relevant.

Around 1948 James Dudley Ramsey was appointed as the Director of the Nebraska Department of Aeronautics, a position he held until 1957.

In 1957 Jay left his home state of Nebraska and this job to move his family to Okemos, Michigan, not far from Lansing, where he became the Director of the Michigan Aeronautics Commission. He held this position from 1957 until his sudden retirement in 1979.

At this point, its time to discuss the involvement of James Dudley Ramsey in the North Fox Island, MI scandal. I created a new thread to discuss that here.

North Fox Island, Michigan

Put on your miner’s hat and make sure the light’s on because we are going deep down the rabbit hole now.

As I said earlier, John Ramsey did not start Access Graphics as the official story wants you to believe. That is the False World of the Two Worlds Paradigm that (((they))) want you to believe in order to hide a deeper truth that you need to know to put the pieces of this puzzle together.

The truth is that Access Graphics was a company that existed in Amsterdam, Holland before John Ramsey had any involvement with the company.

I used to have a picture of that company in Amsterdam circa 1990’s which I can no longer find showing that they are really trying to memory hole this, but this company was right on the edge of the Amsterdam Red Light district, where most of the European child pornography was produced that was distributed to other parts of Europe, the U.K. and the U.S. This is no coincidence because this company was involved in child pornography creation and distribution and got rich off of it.

Amsterdam, European Kiddie Porn Capital of the world

What I am saying in case you don’t get it is that the Access Graphics in Amsterdam Holland was involved in child pornography creation and distribution. Moreover, I am saying that the Access Graphics in Boulder, Colorado was also involved in child pornography creation and distribution. Pornography created by Access Graphics in Boulder, CO was distributed across the U.S.A. and outside the U.S. to Mexico, etc. This pornography from the U.S. very likely was distributed to Europe also, with the Amsterdam, Holland Access Graphics acting as a distribution network hub.

1980’s – 1990’s: After some of the wealthy, corrupt individuals involved in North Fox Island fled to Amsterdam, Holland in 1979, they of course wanted to repeat what they had done earlier on North Fox Island, MI which had been a highly profitable operation.  So these people and their cronies formed a media company front called Access Graphics in Amsterdam that on the surface would be a media company but in reality it would be involved in distributing child pornography in between Amsterdam, Holland and other countries such as the U.K,, France and eventually the U.S.  

More to Come

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