A Key to understanding the JonBenet Ramsey Death and its cover up

Sometimes the truth comes to you in the middle of the night. when you least expect it. So it was with the idea behind this post. If we had a decent main stream media then they would connect these dots for the people but instead our main stream media are disinformation whores working for the bad guys against the people. So the main stream media will never tell the people what is really going on about this case or any other. If anyone is going to uncover the truth, its going to be some nobody like me who is not getting paid a cent to do so but is doing so only because I really care about the truth.

But in case you are wondering what the key I am talking about in the title of this post, it is the Colorado Oil and Gas Industry. The information I am about to discuss has been there all along, hiding in plain sight, just waiting for someone like me to come along and connect the dots. Well, I am going to do that. Its very late now so I will wait until the morning but that is my plan to document this while I see it. My mind put it together and handed me the key and I am going to tell you. Its nothing new that I have not already said but I need to connect the dots right for it make sense to you, the viewer. I am doing this to help us all understand this case which has never been solved to this day and is screaming out to be solved. Justice demands that we at least know what happened.

Oil and Gas Development in Colorado

If this were a court of law, my first piece of evidence or “Exhibit A” would be this little chart showing the history of oil and gas production in the state of Colorado.

Colorado Oil and Gas Production by year

The source of that graphic is from this web site: Oil and Gas Wells in Colorado. At this point you may be asking so What? What does this have to do with the JonBenet Ramsey murder? Have patience as I show the hidden connections. As you will see, this little chart explains a lot of other things in this case.

In terms of this case, only the first part of the chart is really relevant. Here it is shown below:

In terms of dates, January 1996 is approximately where this chart begins and there is no production shown here. Likewise there is no production shown at the beginning of 1997. But in 1997 through 1999, oil and gas production starts for the first time in a huge spike. Oil Production went from 0 BBL to 20 million BBL and gas production went from 0 MCF to 70 million MCF in the space of around two short years. What explains that huge amount of sudden production is previous oil and gas well development. Before oil and gas well production must come development, including surveying, acquiring property, taking samples, getting permits, etc. Oil and gas development in a new area like Colorado is a complex process and it takes time to do it right. It can take years for the oil and gas development stage to be finalized before the oil and gas production stage begins. So what I am saying is that during that time on this chart showing 0, major oil and gas development in Colorado had to be happening to explain the later spike, but since there was no production happening yet, the chart reads 0. I say that this oil and gas development was happening before this chart even shows. This development could have been going on since 1990 or even earlier. So the point I am trying to show is that during the years 1990 to 1997, which are the relevant years for the JonBenet Ramsey murder, there was major oil and gas well development happening in Colorado, of which actual production started at approximately the first of 1997. Note that JonBenet Ramsey’s death happened just before the start of this oil and gas production spike. Big money for a lot of people was invested in this production and they were not going to let the death of one little girl interfere with their money and investments. This is the foundation for understanding a lot of other things and the involvement of other people in this case. This is also the foundation for the cover up.

Boulder, Colorado

Its not just that there was major oil and gas well development happening in Colorado during the 1990’s but where this development was happening. As it turns out, the area around Boulder Colorado is one of the biggest oil and gas production areas in the entire state today. Here is my “exhibit B” showing the oil and gas wells in Colorado as of 2017. Here is the source of that graphic. The red dots represent the highest producing oil and gas wells.

Although you cannot see it for the dots, Boulder Colorado is on the lower bottom of the red zone on this map. Below is another map of this area so you can see exactly the area covered by the red zone.

What I am showing you is what the Jewish Main Stream Media went out of its way not to show the public during the years long media circus surrounding the JonBenet Ramsey murder. Keeping the public ignorant and distracted away from the truth is the primary job of the American Main Stream Media and it does that job very well.

I did not have this information available to me during my earlier investigations but I am now leaning toward the theory that the real location of the death of JonBenet Ramsey took place somewhere inside that red zone area, likely in a remote location.

Fleet Oil Company

It is here that Fleet Oil Company and Fleet White Sr. and Fleet White Jr. enter into the picture to be part of this Colorado oil and gas well development and production. It was very difficult for me to find out information about this company owned by Fleet White Sr. because I believe that most information about it was wiped off the internet after the death of JonBenet Ramsey to hide it from the public’s attention but despite this I collected quite a bit of information about it.

Fleet Oil Company was a successful oil and gas company started in Southern California with headquarters in the Los Angeles area. It is noteworthy that Fleet White Sr. is not the first member of the White family in the oil business. Fleet White Sr.’s father, Mariner Fleet White was a pioneer in the oil business in the Long Beach area of California in the 1930’s and onwards.

Source: M. Fleet White Obituary

I just realized it, but from that article it appears that it was Mariner Fleet White who originally started Fleet Oil Company and then at some point he gave control of that company to his son, Fleet White Sr. So when did Fleet Oil Company actually start? The official story about Fleet Oil Company that I have been able to piece together is that it was Fleet White Sr. who started it in 1962 but now I see a deeper truth. Fleet Oil Company pre-existed Fleet White Sr.’s involvement in it. The company could have been started as early as the 1930’s but Fleet White Sr. took over as President for his father in 1962. His father continued as a Vice President in the company until his death in 1968. I am the first person to ever disclose this to the public.

The White family was an oil and gas dynasty, similar to the Ewing family on the old Dallas series. In this case Mariner Fleet White is like Jock Ewing, the oil pioneer from the 1930’s who built up the company and made it a great success. Fleet White Sr. is like J.R. Ewing, the spoiled son who inherited his father’s company from him, without any Bobby Ewing to stand in his way. As you will see, Fleet White Sr. was every bit as evil as J.R. Ewing and a lot worse.

How Big is Fleet Oil Company Today?

Although there is a disinformation campaign to hide it, I believe that Fleet Oil Company has blossomed into a huge international Company. If I am correct, it is this company.

Fleet Oil Ltd.

Fleet Oil Limited

Fleet White Jr.

It took some digging for me to find this but here is an illuminating article concerning Fleet White Jr. from the November 15, 1979 Los Angeles Times. Source.

Among the interesting tidbits found in this article, it is revealed that:

Fleet White Jr. and Priscilla White of Newport Beach, CA were married in October of 1979 in Pasadena, CA.

The father of Priscilla White was Chairman of the Board of Century Financial Corp and immediate past President of the USC Alumni Association.

Fleet White Jr. is employed with Fleet Oil Company at this time and probably has been for quite some time.

Fleet White Jr. is a graduate of UC Santa Barbara and received his master’s degree there.

Following a honeymoon in Aspen, Colorado (where his parents own a Chalet purchased in 1964), the couple will honeymoon in Switzerland. Afterwards, the newlyweds will live in Laguna Niguel. See below image:

The following is an Obituary for Fleet White Sr. from the Aspen Times that mentions Fleet White Jr. specifically.

Fleet Russell White was born March 20, 1913, in Clearwater, Calif. His parents were Mariner Fleet White and Ethel Townsend White. Fleet was raised in Long Beach, where he also attended school and was a top athlete, excelling in track and field, basketball and golf. After college at John Brown University in Arkansas, he spent time in the 1930s in Hawaii, where he fell in love with the warm beaches and surfing. With the beginning of World War II, Fleet enlisted as a trained pilot and served in England, France and Germany. He participated in the Rhine Mission, where he flew his glider from France, crossing the Rhine into Germany. After landing with his troops in Wesel, they then fought on land during the major offensive in Germany that brought the end of the war within reach.

After the end of the war, he spent some time in Hollywood acting in a number of postwar films. He enjoyed the movie business but soon decided he was ready to settle down and start a family. His bride was Nyla Marie Overseth, and they began married life in Hawaii. After enjoying a few years on the beaches of Hawaii, and the births of their children, Fleet Russell White Jr. and Lani Nyla White, they returned to his roots in Southern California.

Fleet began a new career in the oil business, eventually forming Fleet Oil Co., which became successful in contract oil lands leasing and oil and gas exploration. Fleet Oil Co.’s first major success was the Mahala Field in the Chino Hills, said to be the largest oil discovery in Riverside County. After his son joined him in the Fleet Oil Co., they partnered with Ron Nunn of Brentwood to develop the biggest gas well in the history of California.

The significant part of that concerning Fleet White Jr. is that he was a partner in his father’s company and also also that the company was very financially successful.

Now what is really significant about all of this is all the lies that were told by both John Ramsey and Fleet White Jr. to completely hide who Fleet White Jr. was, his wealth, his involvement in Fleet Oil Company and any connection to his father.

If you recall that story told by John Ramsey in his book, Death of Innocence, Fleet and Priscilla White were poor anonymous nobodies living in a tiny rental house in Boulder, Colorado that the Ramseys just happened to coincidentally meet in 1994. Fleet and Priscilla White were so poor that the Ramseys had to foot the bill for the social activities such as skiing in Aspen Colorado that the two families enjoyed together. According to John Ramsey, the father of Fleet White Sr. was not wealthy at all. He might have owned a gas station in California, but that is it. Fleet White Jr. backs up this same story in the below video. Go to the 2:40 mark in this video to hear what Fleet White Jr. says.

Clearly both John Ramsey and Fleet White Jr. are lying their asses off to hide something BIG. I am about to show you what that is.

Why Fleet White Jr. was in Colorado

Despite all the lies told by John Ramsey and Fleet White Jr., the reason that Fleet White Jr. and his family were in Colorado concerns Fleet Oil Company, in which Fleet White Jr. was a partner. As I showed at the top of this post, major oil and gas well development was taking place in Colorado, not uncoincidentally, around Boulder, Colorado in the 1990’s and Fleet Oil Company was part of that development. In the 1990’s Fleet White Sr. was still President of the company and he was leading this new Colorado development venture for his company. So both Fleet White Sr. and Fleet White Jr. were in Colorado together working on this development project. Father and son were both heavily involved in making this new development a success for their company. Understanding this puts both of them in the Boulder Colorado area in the 1990’s at around the time JonBenet died. Of course all of this has been hidden by the media and an army of disinformation agents but this is the forbidden truth which they do not want you to know. You need to know this to see other things I am about to tell you. The reason that those two weasels (John Ramsey and Fleet White Jr.) lied so much is to protect Fleet White Sr and hide his involvement in the death of JonBenet Ramsey. I will show this.

A little Tangent

Before I go on I want to pause to discuss a little tangent here concerning what I believe about the real location where JonBenet Ramsey died. When I first started investigating this case, intuition told me strongly that JonBenet Ramsey died in a mansion owned by Fleet White Sr., similar to the mansion used by the Satanists in the Stanley Kubrick movie Eyes Wide Shut.

Even though there is no evidence visible that Fleet White Sr. owned such a mansion in or around Boulder, Colorado, other things point to it. Certainly Fleet White Sr. was wealthy enough to afford such a mansion anywhere in the state of Colorado that he wanted to purchase it. Additionally, from the above evidence he was working and living around the Boulder Colorado area for an extended period of time in the 1990’s. Where would a man like Fleet White Sr. live? A mansion. Perhaps a secret mansion unknown to the public. He did not have to own the mansion. It could have been made available to him by someone else very wealthy in the Boulder area of Colorado. And in this mansion the death of JonBenet Ramsey could have very easily happened as a Satanic ritual or as a child sex party (as described by Nancy Krebs). Of all the different locations I have considered where JonBenet Ramsey might have died, I like this one the best because it feels instinctually right. I know that is not proof of anything but my gut instinct tells me its true.

How John Ramsey fits into the picture

There have been so many lies told to the public about this case by virtually everyone, so who can blame the public for being confused? In the official story, John and Patsy Ramsey are the central figures of this case and Fleet White Jr. is just a coincidental friend of the Ramseys who played no significant role but the reality is far different. The reality is that the White family are the central figures of this case and it is the Ramseys who play a secondary role, just the opposite of what the public has been misled to believe. It is the hidden connection between the White Family and John Ramsey that I want to discuss here to show this.

As I mentioned earlier, the official story has John and Patsy Ramsey meeting Fleet White Jr. and Priscilla for the first time in Boulder, Colorado in 1994 but this is a BIG LIE. What has been carefully hidden from the public is that John Ramsey has been a close friend of Fleet White Jr. and the White family for a long time. For example, it is my strong contention that Fleet White Jr. attended the 1980 Atlanta, GA wedding between John and Patsy Ramsey. Here he is, circled in red below.

Not only do I say that Fleet White Jr. was invited to the wedding, but I also contend that Fleet White Jr. and John Ramsey were so close that Fleet White Jr. may even have been the best man at that wedding. This points to a relationship between the two men prior to this wedding and this I will cover next. As you will see, this fits perfectly with Nancy Krebs’ testimony in this case.

Who came to Boulder, Colorado first?

One thing I want to make clear is that nothing contained in the official story about this case can be trusted to be the truth. The official story is merely what (((they))) want the public to believe. Its not the truth. Even though the Brain Dead who have looked at this case have swallowed the official story hook, line and sinker, the red pilled should know better than to trust any part of that story by now.

But the question must be asked, who came to Boulder, Colorado first, Fleet White Jr. or John Ramsey and why did they come. We already know what the official story says about this but we ignore that and look for the hidden truth, as always. In my previous investigations of this case, I have surmised that the Ramsey family came to Boulder first and then the Fleet White Jr. family came to Boulder because John Ramsey was a close friend of Fleet White Jr. from the past. But now I am seeing a whole new scenario, which is that Fleet White Jr. and his family were in Boulder Colorado first as part of the Fleet Oil Company oil and gas development in Colorado and then at some later point John Ramsey and his family moved to Boulder, Colorado because Fleet White Jr. and his father were already there. I theorize that the reason John Ramsey moved his family to Boulder is because the White family was already there and the wealthy, influential White family could help the opportunistic John Ramsey in various ways. This remains to be proven of course but that is what other dots in this case point to. One of those dots is Access Graphics, John Ramsey’s very financially successful Company in Boulder, Colorado. That is an entire rabbit hole to go down which I do not want to cover here. I just want to say that there is much more to this picture than the public has been told and all the pieces of this puzzle fit together behind the scenes.

More to Come

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