Gwen Krebs

In this post I want to discuss everything I have discovered about Gwen Krebs, mother of Nancy Krebs (AKA Mystery Woman) who travelled to Boulder Colorado in 2000 to testify in the JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation. I wish I had a picture of this woman to show you but I don’t.

Gwen Krebs was the mother of Nancy Krebs and she plays a central role in this case. Gwen Krebs was a close friend of the White family and in my opinion a Satanist. Gwen Krebs and her granddaughter (name unknown) were present during the Event in which JonBenet Ramsey met her untimely death.

See the family tree below to see where Gwen Krebs fits in:

The Chronology of Gwen Krebs

May 3, 1942: Gwen Cristoff is born to parents Gordon and Alyce Christoff. It is noteworthy that Gordon, Alyce, and Gwen Cristoff were very close to Fleet White Sr. Although not part of the same family, they were so close that they were just like family. Knowing this will shed light on what happened later on.

1960: Gwen Cristoff marries Don Krebs, becoming Gwen Krebs.

April 25, 1962: Don and Gwen Krebs have a child named Nancy Krebs.

Unknown Date:  Don and Gwen Krebs have two other children together, a daughter younger than Nancy named Shirley Krebs and a brother. As you will see later, Shirley’s daughter plays a role in the JonBenet Ramsey death.

Don and Gwen Krebs and their three children live in Buena Park, CA. This is where Nancy Krebs suffered most of her young child sexual abuse. Buena Park is a suburb of Anaheim, California (home of Disneyland), Southeast of Los Angeles (see map below).

Gwen Krebs was seeing other men while she was married to Don Krebs. One of the men she was seeing was Macky Boykin, whose family lives down the street from them in their neighborhood in Buena Park, CA. Macky Boykin was one of Nancy Krebs major sexual abusers starting when she was a young child and that lasted for many years until he eventually died in 1995.

~1965 – 1968: Gwen Krebs allowed the sexual abuse of her daughters Nancy Krebs and her younger sister Shirley by Macky Boykin, Fleet White Sr., Fleet White Jr. and other men, including John Ramsey. Gwen Krebs took both Nancy and her younger sister to the White’s house to be sexually abused by Fleet White Sr. and/or Fleet White Jr. Nyla White of course knew about this sexual abuse and did nothing to prevent it. She is as guilty as anyone else.

John Ramsey comes into the picture starting in 1966 when he was stationed near Los Angeles California as part of his U.S. Navy training. He became romantically involved with Gwen Krebs and was one of the men who sexually abused her daughter, Nancy Krebs. John Ramsey and Gwen Krebs are romantically involved with each other on and off until 1972.

~1968: Don and Gwen Krebs divorce. Don Krebs leaves his wife and two daughters and moves from Buena Park, CA. to San Luis Obispo, CA, taking his son with him.  Nancy Krebs continues living in Buena Park CA with her mother and younger sister, Shirley.

1972:  Don and Gwen Krebs get back together again when Nancy is around ten years old. Gwen and Nancy and Shirley move into the house or apartment where Don Krebs and his son moved to in 1968.

Unknown Date:  Gwen and her three children move into a small two bedroom apartment in Los Osos, CA, separating from Don Krebs.  Gwen was a prostitute during this time a lot of men would come over and have sexual intercourse with Gwen and sometimes they would have sex with Nancy who was sleeping in the same bed as her.

1974: Gwen Krebs wrote a letter in 1974 to her mother, Alyce Sprague and Albert Sprague saying that she talks to Johnny (John Ramsey) every Saturday. She said that John calls her at Sue’s house (unknown person) around 11:00. In the letter she says: He sounds so lonesome and I miss him so much, but hopefully it won’t be too much longer. He just might be here on Thanksgiving.  He has to buy a car and wants to get a 1970 model and I guess they run about $1600.00. It’s been five months since she last saw him. And speaking of Thanksgiving, I would like to have you (Alyce Sprague) come to my house. 

Note: John Ramsey had a romantic affair with Gwen Krebs before 1974 while he was in Southern California during his U.S. Navy deployment there. Later John Ramsey left that location to go elsewhere but he remained in contact with Gwen Krebs by phone. He sometimes made visits back to see her. In 1974 John Ramsey was 31 years old. He was not wealthy at this time since he is struggling to buy a used car. Question: Where was John Ramsey living in 1974? Was he still in the U.S. Navy at this time? Was he transferred to a different location as part of his U.S. Navy service? If John Ramsey said he was lonely then it implies that he was not living with his wife but was possibly deployed somewhere else where he was not with his wife. His desire to buy a newer car to come to Southern California implies he was not living in California but somewhere else in the U.S. where he could travel to California by car.

March, 1976: Gwen Krebs and her two daughters move to Trona, CA.

1976/1977:  Gwen Krebs divorces Don Krebs.

More to Come

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