Why was Fleet White Jr. in Colorado?

One of the big lies of the official story of the JonBenet Ramsey murder is that Fleet White Jr. and Priscilla White (pictured above) were poor anonymous nobodies living in a small rental house in Boulder Colorado that John and Patsy Ramsey met for the first time in 1994. Supposedly the Whites were so poor and destitute that John and Patsy Ramsey had to foot the bill for the social activities that the two families shared together. I exposed this as a lie fully on my old blog, but let me correct the lie with the truth in the following paragraph.

Fleet White Jr. was the son of a wealthy California oil magnate who was married to the daughter of a partner of a wealthy investment banking firm. Before they moved to Colorado they were living the high life in a wealthy resort area by the ocean in Southern California. See below image.

Laguna Niguel, CA, home of Fleet White Jr. and Priscilla White

So the question must be asked, why did these spoiled California rich kids leave this life to move to Colorado? There has to be a good reason for it and in this post I want to explore that question. Understanding why Fleet White Jr. was in Colorado will help shed light on understanding the JonBenet Ramsey death. I am going to explore this question in four different areas below.

Fleet Oil Company

Although it has been carefully hidden from the public by the complicit main stream media, Fleet White Jr. was employed in his father’s oil company, Fleet Oil Company. Fleet White Jr. was in fact a partner in his father’s oil company. So what I projected very early when studying this case is that Fleet White Jr.’s involvement in Fleet Oil Company was a big reason why he was in Colorado. I predicted that Fleet Oil Company had moved beyond the bounds of California and branched out into the Colorado area in some big energy development project. Fleet Oil Company was first involved in oil, and then gas and then coal and other energy related industries, so any of those industries or a combination of them could have been a reason for Fleet Oil Company to have a subsidiary branch in Colorado. I have never researched this before to see what oil, gas and coal resources are in Colorado that the Whites would be interested in but I surmised it was there. I am going to be doing more research on this but the first reason I suspect Fleet White Jr. moved to Colorado concerns his employment in Fleet Oil Company.

Here are some links concerning energy related resources in Colorado:

Oil and Gas Wells in Colorado

Colorado Oil & Gas Activity

Here’s a map of every oil and gas well in the state of Colorado

Coal has been central to Colorado’s growth and economy since before statehood.

Coal in Colorado

A Colorado Coal Plant Could Help Solve Renewable Energy’s Storage Problem

The third link in the above list is very informative as it shows a map of where all the producing oil and gas wells are in Colorado. Below is a diagram of this map with the producing oil and gas wells shown as red dots. I suggest right clicking that map image and saving it so you can see it in better detail.

Just as I predicted, there is a huge oil and gas well development very close to Boulder, CO. extending from Boulder CO at the lower left of the red area extending to the north east of Boulder. But now you understand why Fleet Oil Company very likely had oil and gas exploration facilities going on in Colorado in the 1990’s because of the money to be made developing these resources. This was a huge investment Bonanza and Fleet Oil Company was part of that, along with many other companies. Is it starting to make sense yet? I consider this a smoking gun.

His Parents have a history in Colorado

A second reason for Fleet White Jr. to be in Colorado concerns his parents. Fleet White Sr and his wife Nyla were regular visitors to Aspen Colorado and purchased a villa there in 1964. They hosted many parties in Aspen and knew many of the big wigs in Aspen.

Chalet in Aspen owned by Fleet and Nyla White

So another reason for Fleet White Jr. to be in Colorado is because of his parent’s previous association with Colorado, especially Aspen. Boulder is less than four hours driving time from Aspen by car and much faster by plane, which the Whites are wealthy enough to have access to. So a second reason for Fleet and Priscilla to move to Colorado is because of his parents’ past with Colorado.

John Ramsey

A third reason for Fleet White Jr. to be in Boulder, CO is because John Ramsey was in Boulder CO. As I exposed on my old Blog, there is a hidden connection between Fleet White Jr. and John Ramsey in Southern California. Nancy Krebs revealed this in her testimony. Fleet White Jr. attended John and Patsy’s 1980 wedding in Atlanta, GA they were such close friends. Fleet White Jr. could have been their best man for that wedding. See below image.

Fleet White Jr. at the wedding of John and Patsy Ramsey

Fleet White Jr. was close friends with both John and Patsy Ramsey before John and Patsy moved to Colorado. So a third reason for Fleet White Jr. to be in Boulder was to be close to his close friends, John and Patsy Ramsey.

But now I ask a question which I have never thought to ask before, which is, was Fleet White Jr. in Colorado before John and Patsy Ramsey moved there? Is the reason that John and Patsy Ramsey moved to Colorado because Fleet White Jr. was already there, as part of Fleet Oil Company development? I have always assumed that John and Patsy Ramsey were in Boulder first and then Fleet and Priscilla came later but now I wonder if the opposite is true. Food for thought.

Access Graphics

As I exposed on my old Blog, Access Graphics was up to no good behind the scenes. I contend that it was involved in child pornography production and distribution, among other things. A lot of corrupt people in this story have a connection to Access Graphics. I suspect that Fleet White Jr. also had a connection to Access Graphics, but his connection to it has not been in any way publicized or exposed. Only by connecting a lot of other dots in this case can one reach the conclusion that Fleet White Jr. played some secret role in Access Graphics.

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