The central figure in the JonBenet Ramsey murder

Bit by bit, piece by piece. It is the way any mystery is solved and this mystery is no different. I keep going back to Fleet White Sr., the man shown in the above image because I believe he is the central figure to understanding this entire case. Unless you understand this man and his role in the death of this child then you can never understand the JonBenet Ramsey murder. Although his role in this case has been very carefully hidden by the cover up, it is my responsibility to expose it to get to the bottom of the forbidden truth about this case.

First of all, Fleet White Sr. was a very ambitious man who built a large oil and gas empire in California under the name of Fleet Oil Company and various subsidiary names. He became very wealthy and successful in the oil and gas industry in California but I believe that due to competition that the oil and gas industry profitability was drying up in California and Fleet White Sr. was looking for new locations outside of California to drill for oil and gas wells. I believe that Colorado is the location that Fleet White Sr. decided to branch out to from California in the 1990’s.

I do not know exactly when that Fleet White Oil company became involved in the Colorado oil and gas industry but as you can see from the below map it could have been as early as the 1980’s.

Colorado Oil and Gas Development by year

Fleet White Sr. was an old man at the time this development started IMO. Born in 1913, he would have been in his 70’s when this Colorado development started. Now most men at that age are retired but not Fleet White Sr. He was still very much at the helm of his oil company and he had kept himself very fit so even though he was quite old, he looked younger than his years. Maybe some Adrenochrome from his victims made him retain his youth much longer than normal. So IMO it was Fleet White Sr. who took the lead in branching out Fleet Oil Company from California to Colorado. His son, Fleet White Jr. was a partner in his company but he was not a leader of the company in any way. He played a role in the management of the company but it was Fleet White Sr. who was making the decisions about what the Company did and to ensure the Company’s future profitability. Understand that before I go on.

So it was Fleet White Sr. who personally led the new oil and gas development in Colorado. And I contend that the reason that Fleet White Jr. moved from Southern California to Colorado was to be part of this expansion with his father. As a partner in his father’s company this is what he would be expected to do. So this explains why Fleet White Jr. moved to Colorado with his wife Priscilla. And this very well may have predated the move of John and Patsy Ramsey to Boulder Colorado but that is a tangent I do not want to cover here. It also explains why Fleet White Sr. travelled from Southern California where he lived to live temporarily in Colorado to make this new oil and gas development venture a success. As I said before, Fleet White Sr. had purchased a villa in Aspen in 1964 so he had that available to live in but he could live anywhere he wanted to in Colorado during this time. So this scenario explains both Fleet White Sr. and Fleet White Jr. being in Colorado together. And the location of this oil and gas development is significant too since the main part of it is near Boulder, Colorado. See the below map.

I am building the foundation here to explain the JonBenet Ramsey murder that involves all the key figures in this case so bear with me.


I contend that this man was a Satanist and that his Satanism was directly related to the death of JonBenet Ramsey.

More to Come

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