A New Thought about the Secret Location

As I have been saying for years, the death of JonBenet did not happen inside her home as the public has been misled into believing. Instead the death happened at a different location and then the corpse of the child was brought to her house and a fake crime scene was staged there as part of a huge cover up. But I have never known where that other location was. I have a had a lot of theories about it but I have never had any concrete evidence for knowing where it was. But now some new information has come into my possession which gives me a new possible location for this death that I have never considered before.

What I am about to say is an offshoot of this thread, so you may want to read that first. In that thread, I say that Fleet Oil Company was involved in oil and gas well development in the area surrounded Boulder Colorado, especially to the North East of Boulder Colorado. Below is a later map of these oil and gas well developments near Boulder Colorado but this work was beginning in the 1990’s.

Oil and Gas well development in the Boulder Colorado area:

The red area is the most active oil and gas well development in Boulder Colorado with Boulder being the lower left boundary and extending North east of Boulder. What I contend is that Fleet Oil Company, of which both Fleet White Sr. and Fleet White Jr. were partners in, was part of this oil and gas development around Boulder in the 1990’s. I contend that Fleet White Oil Company owned oil and gas development facilities in and around this area in the 1990’s. I had speculated this before but after seeing that map I very strongly suspect that Fleet White Oil Company was developing oil and gas wells around Boulder and had facilities involved in this development. An image of what one of those facilities might look like is shown at the top of this post but I can only imagine what kind of facilities were owned by Fleet Oil Company in Colorado.

But the new thought I had about where the death of JonBenet Ramsey may have actually taken place is on the grounds of one of these facilities, possibly in the area shown in red in the above map or near this area. In my opinion this would be a perfect place for it to happen. Owned by Fleet White Sr and his son, this would provide the perfect cover for a secret satanic ritual to take place in. It would likely be surrounded by a barbed wire fence or even an electric fence like the one Burke Ramsey mentioned being shocked by on 12-25-1996. It would be secure and no intruders could get inside the facility to witness anything taking place there. I am not saying this is the case but it would be a perfect location for the death to take place in and it fits in with other parts of the story. Its in the right location right around Boulder Colorado but likely in a remote area. It also explains why both Fleet White Sr. and Fleet White Jr. would be present at this location, since they were both involved in the Colorado oil and gas development venture. It has the ring of truth to it to me but it needs to be proven with a lot more evidence. I need to find proof that Fleet White Oil Company actually operated these facilities in Colorado and exactly where they were located.

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