The JonBenet Ramsey Murder Cover up

As I said in my new post about the JonBenet Ramsey murder, there has been a cover up to conceal the true circumstances of the death of this child from the public. This is no simple cover up but a huge one involving many individuals and organizations. There is so much information concerning the cover up aspects of this case that I think it is appropriate to move all of this content to a separate thread, so the main thread does not become too cluttered. So this post is about the cover up of the true circumstances of the death of JonBenet Ramsey.

Reasons behind the Cover up

As I see it, there were multiple reasons behind the cover up.

Since it is my contention that the death of this child involves Real Satanism and those are members of that Cult, then one of the main reasons behind the cover up is to protect the secrecy of the Cult. As I said before, Secrecy is paramount within the Cult and so anything which threatens that secrecy (which the death of JonBenet Ramsey certainly did) will naturally be covered up to protect that secrecy.

One reason for the cover up was to hide the direct involvement of Fleet White Sr. (pictured above) and other corrupt people in the death of JonBenet Ramsey. I say that these people were Satanists. It was also to hide any connection between the death of this child and Fleet Oil Company. I will be discussing Fleet Oil Company extensively in the main thread about the JonBenet Ramsey murder.

A bigger reason than hiding corrupt people was to hide any connection to Real Satanism in this case. In my opinion this is the biggest reason of all for the cover up. Since I allege that Fleet White Sr. and other corrupt people involved in the case were secret Satanists, hiding them and their role in the death is a big part of hiding the entire Satanist aspect of the death.

Hiding Fleet White Sr’s involvement in the death

A big part of the cover up was to hide Fleet White Sr.’s involvement in the death. Part of that cover up was to hide a lot of information about Fleet White Sr.’s past. It is my belief that the internet was wiped of most information about this man sometime after the murder as part of this cover up.

How the Cover up was Implemented

I have been studying this cover up for a long time and what I can tell you is that it was a big complex multifaceted cover up that I break down into the following subcategories.

Satanist Families pulled together to protect the Cult

As I said in my post on Real Satanism, the Cult is made up primarily of families which I call Intergenerational Satanic Families. These families are connected in a network. For example, it is my contention that many seemingly unrelated families in Boulder CO were part of this network and that all of these families worked together in secret to protect the secrecy of the cult when it was threatened by the JonBenet Ramsey death. These families include the John Bennet Ramsey family, the Fleet White Jr. family, the Stine family, the Fernie family and many others.

Organizations and Individuals involved in the cover up

Many different people and organizations were involved in the cover up.

Organizations involved in the cover up include this short list:

The Boulder Colorado Police Department and the Boulder Colorado District Attorney’s office. Included in the cover up is these organizations purposely releasing false information to the public to hide the truth.

More to Come

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