Rewriting the Script

Sometimes epiphanies come to me about cases I research, where dots get connected which were not connected previously and suddenly what did not make sense before makes sense. I had one of these epiphanies tonight about the JonBenet Ramsey murder cover up that I want to write down while its still fresh in my mind. This is rather deep but if you have been following my Blog it should make sense. Here goes.

In previous posts I have referred to the world run by Jews as being a Jewish Stage. In that post I said that Jews own the stage but that anyone can be a performer on that stage as long as they are corrupt and in bed with the Jews. By anyone, I certainly include Real Satanists.

In a different post I said that the world controlled by Jews is scripted, where Jews plan for future events they want to happen and then they make those things happen.

But here is something new I want to add to the mix for your consideration, and that is that Jews can change or rewrite the world script if circumstances call for them to do that. Jewish control of the main stream media, entire governments and other organizations gives the Jews the ability to rewrite the script whenever circumstances warrant it. Here I am not talking about Rewriting history, which is a completely different subject but I am talking rewriting the present. I told you this was deep and it is. Let me use the movie The Matrix (1999) as an example of what I am trying to say. In that movie, the Agents could modify the Matrix in real time, to make a change to the current version of reality reflected in the Matrix. The Matrix is not something which is static and cannot be changed. Instead it is dynamic and it can be changed at any time, in the moment. In the movie, those who ran the AI Matrix had the power to do that. What I am saying is that those who run this world also have the ability to change apparent reality in the moment when they feel the need to do that.

Why would (((they))) want to change the matrix? Here is one reason why. Something happens in the world that is unforeseen by them and not expected to happen. This unexpected event leads to the unwanted disclosure of information to the public that the public is not supposed to know. So a way for (((them))) to deal with that situation is to rewrite the script so the unexpected event is hidden from the public and a false version of the truth is substituted in its place. Have I lost you here? It may sound like I am rambling here but this is what I allege explains the cover up in the JonBenet Ramsey murder/death.

In this case, the unexpected event that happened was the death of this child exposed the involvement of Fleet White Sr and Fleet Oil Company and Satanic Ritual Abuse to the public eye. So they rewrote the script to hide all of that. In the new version of “Reality”, Fleet White Sr and Fleet Oil Company had no connection to the death of this child. Satanic Ritual Abuse was not involved. In the new script, an intruder broke into the Ramsey home and killed the child and snuck out again.

I contend that this script change is exactly what happened in this case and I reveal it in this important post. A similar script change happened in the case of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. The truth is that multiple bombs and incendiary devices were found in the building. The rewritten script is that there were no bombs in the building and Timothy McVeigh’s U-Haul truck of fertilizer caused all the damage seen to that building. In both cases the script was rewritten to hide the truth and substitute a lie in its place. This is not a rewriting of history but a rewriting of the present.

The Mechanisms of Rewriting the Present

The mechanisms of this are important to understand. First, the substituted lie gets released as a massive disinformation barrage on the Jew controlled main stream media. A lie told often enough becomes the truth. Second, the actual truth that was once known and may even have been released on the main stream media (as in the case of the Oklahoma City Bombing) is memory holed. It never gets said again, so fewer and fewer people know it while massive amounts of people “know” the substituted lie. Jew Controlled Disinformation Agents also spread the substituted lie everywhere while never even mentioning the truth. In this way the lie becomes “the truth” and truth gets forgotten by the people as if it never happened. This is the same basic mechanism used in History Revisionism. Jews, the people of the lie, have this down to a fine art. Once you see how this works then it becomes understandable to anyone.


I just realized that 9-11 is another case where they used this mechanism. They substituted the lie presented by the media disinformation barrage and the Jew controlled disinformation agents to hide the truth of what was actually going on in New York City, Washington D.C. and other places involved in that PSYOP.

As exposed by Simon Shack, most or even all of the footage shown by the main stream media about 9-11 was actually created before 9-11-2001 as part of the deception and then shown on all the Jew owned media as if it was happening in real time on 9-11-2001. That’s the Jewish trick or the rich man’s game that LLoyde England was talking about. You just have to see the way this works to understand it.

More to Come

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