Back on the Fiona Barnett Teeter Totter

It seems like I just cannot get away from the topic of Fiona Barnett. Since before I even began this Blog I have been on the teeter totter about her. At first I believed her story 100 hundred percent and then I thought she was a liar. Later on I believed her story again and then I again reached the conclusion she is a liar. I have repeated this process several times concerning her and my latest posts about her have been to dismiss her as just another Jew controlled disinformation agent telling a very wild concocted story meant to deceive and confuse the public about what is really going on in Australia and the world.

But there are some parts of Fiona Barnett’s story that I at least suspect may be true and have connections to other things I have researched. I have fully looked at this woman’s story and I was even in personal contact with her on Facebook messenger at one point and I admit to still having some confusion about her and the claims she has made. I do not want to just dismiss everything she said just because I distrust her personally. I do distrust her but I am also curious about some of the things she said, especially pertaining to CIA mind control being used on her and that Satanists control the Australian government and Law Enforcement and that they are corrupt and involved in pedophilia. Yes, I am very curious about those things because they connect to things I have discovered to be true in the USA where I live. Of course Fiona may just be using this information to give her own claims validity but I wonder. I like to get to the bottom of things and it bothers me that I do not fully understand Fiona Barnett.

Below are some links that I want to look at.

Abuse survivor Fiona Barnett: The ‘Candy Girl’

Fiona Barnett was allegedly tailgated and stalked on the day of Antony Kidman’s funeral.

As you may know, Fiona Barnett’s claim is that she was abused by Australian psychologist Dr. Antony Kidman (father of Australian actress Nicole Kidman) and that CIA based mind control experimentation was performed on her by Dr. Kidman. She also claims that Dr. Kidman was a Satanist who was involved in many Satanic cult rituals that she witnessed or was personally involved in. She claims that it was Dr. Kidman’s responsibility to make sure that her memories of what she witnessed never came into her conscious mind but that he failed in that. Fiona claims that most or all of her memories of the abuse came back and that she went to the Australian law enforcement agencies and government to tell what had happened to her. Further, Fiona claims that after she told on him that Dr. Antony Kidman suddenly left his teaching position at an Australian University and fled to Singapore, Malaysia where he died a mysterious death.

The above paragraph summarizes Fiona’s claims regarding Dr. Kidman and I do not know what to believe about those claims. Some of those claims certainly sound true to me. It is true that Dr. Kidman did die a mysterious sudden death in Singapore, Malaysia. The Australian main stream media has claimed that the only reason Dr. Kidman went to Singapore is to visit his other daughter who lived in Singapore and this also could be true. Kidman did have a second daughter living in Singapore and this may have been the reason he went there, but did his reasons for going to Singapore have anything to do with Fiona’s allegations against him? Did Dr. Kidman flee to Malaysia to avoid being questioned about Fiona’s allegations or did her just take a vacation to visit his daughter? Its unclear to me.

As for the alleged tailgate situation, if Satanists really do run Australia as Fiona claims then why would they not just kill her to shut her up? Why just tail gate her?

Another thing I noted about Fiona is that she has a lot of Australian press coverage, which is not what one would expect for a real whistleblower. A real whistleblower would end up dead in the bottom of shallow grave and not have MSM reporters coming to her house to interview her. That is a big red flag about Fiona Barnett that points to her being a planted disinformation agent.

One of the big claims by Fiona Barnett that I have questioned is that she was raped as a child by U.S. President Richard Nixon in Australia after Nixon was impeached. The picture Fiona Barnett paints of Nixon does not jive with who Richard Nixon was IMO so I really doubt her story and if she is lying about anything she says then her entire story must be thrown out as incredible.

So what do you think about Fiona Barnett’s claims? I know there are readers from Australia who visit this Blog and perhaps one of them would like to weigh in on this topic.

Kidman Connections: The CIA, Secret Societies & Ritual Abuse

Here is another person going down this rabbit hole. There is something suspicious about both Dr. Antony Kidman and Nicole Kidman. I have seen it before and I see it now.


There is an important link in the above linked article that has been redirected to a porn site. This is what the Snakes sometimes do when they want to hide sensitive information from the public. I used the wayback machine to find the original version of that link, which I post below.

Kidman, Trauma Research & His Abuse of Fiona Barnett

If anyone cannot see the article in that link then let me know and I will try to reproduce the entire article on this Blog.

More relevant links:

MKULTRA in Australia: Part 1

Interesting side note

Nicole Kidman married Keith Urban. One of Keith Urban’s children was used as one of the fake victims in the Sandy Hook School Shooting Hoax. All these rats are connected together when you look deep enough to see it.

More to Come

4 thoughts on “Back on the Fiona Barnett Teeter Totter

  1. DBA (Discredit by association) tactics: “Mix truth with disinformation to discredit it”. Here is how it works:
    When A asks B: “Where did the idea that the Satanists control the Australian government comes from?”.
    B answers: “I don’t know. It maybe comes from Fiona Barnett first”.
    But then this A replies “But she is a disinformation agent, you know”.
    And then B concludes: “Yeah, you are right, I think the same. Then EVERYTHING she said must be fake”


    1. Although I said to you like above, I still think that somehow they want to blame Satanists, not Jew. For example, the Australian media “accidentally” (but actually purposely) posted a video of a Satanic ritual in the middle of the news broadcast. They posted that so people will blame the Satanists for controlling Australian media, governments, etc., instead of Jews, maybe? This “accidental” Satanists case in the new maybe somehow connected with Fiona Barnett’s case…


      1. Although I am fully aware of the Jewish question, Satanism is also involved here in my very strong opinion. Its not all Jews as some would have you believe. Also, its not all Satanists as some would have you believe. Its actually both as I see it, and there is a definite overlap and connection between the two that is very difficult to see even for me. But there is a disinformation campaign in some cases to blame Satanism for certain things and not Jews. That is true also. Yes, the Jewish Australian MSM no doubt showed that clip on purpose as a way to make people believe that Satanists are in charge of Australia but Satanists may actually be in charge of Australia. The connection between Jews and Satanism makes it difficult to know when Judaism ends and Satanism starts and visa versa. Its like a shape shifter is involved here, that change its form in a moment in order to deceive. Its deep and complex to understand. I do not say I fully understand it because I do not.


  2. I am aware of DBA and I made an early post about it on my old Blog. Disinformation agents are very notorious about doing this. One has to be very careful here not to be diverted from some truth just because a known disinformation agent such as Alex Jones is saying it. Many people make that mistake and assume that everything Alex Jones said is Bullshit but that is not true at all. He spoke a lot of truth at first and then he came back later and discredited most of it. He is a true Snake. Truthers have to be wise enough to understand this.


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