The Brain Dead

of In the earlier version of this Blog I used the concept of Brain Dead to describe most people who live in the fantasy world created for them by the Jewish Snake. In this post I want to elaborate on that concept. As someone who used be one the brain dead but who eventually woke up to the deception, I am in a unique position to describe this.

So what do I mean by brain dead? I mean someone who has no clue at all that they are being deceived but it goes beyond not having a clue. It means not having the ability to see past the deception. The brain dead are so thoroughly brainwashed by the illusion that they literally cannot see outside of it. Any attempts by the red pilled to wake up the brain dead will be futile because the brain dead can never understand. If you try to tell these people the truth it will be like you are speaking in a foreign language which they cannot comprehend. Its like you are from another planet to these people.

Now I am not saying that the brain dead are stupid. Some of them are very smart in their careers and jobs, etc. but that is not what we are talking about here. We are talking about understanding the Matrix. The red pilled know what the Matrix is without having to be told but the brain dead will never understand even if told. They will never accept that the world they live in is an Establishment created illusion that deceives them and ultimately enslaves them. They are locked inside of the illusions of the False World.

Its easy to know who the brain dead are today. They are the ones wearing the masks. They are the ones lining up for the Covid 19 injections and paying for it out of their own pockets. These are the willing slaves of the Establishment and there is nothing you can do about these people except to ignore them. They are lost to the truth. They will live their entire lives and die lost to the truth. Write them off as casualties to the Jewish Snake. If you are going to try to wake anyone up, do not waste time on the brain dead. Spend your time focused on those people who are starting to ask questions about the Covid 19 pandemic and are starting to doubt the validity of it. Spend your time trying to wake up these people. The Covid 19 plandemic while a curse on humanity is also a gift in that it can be used to wake up people. Like 9-11 before it, the Establishment has given so many clues that its a lie that this can be used to red pill people and it should be done as much as possible now during the plandemic.

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