Planning for a Desired Future and making it happen

An important part of the Jewish Master Plan is that Jews plan a desired future and then Jews and Jewish minions all work together in lock step to make the planning come into reality.

Here is the concept, for those who do not understand it. Jews Plan for, sometimes decades in advance, the desired future that they want and then all the Jews and Jewish minions work together to make their plan a reality in the world.

Many things in the world appear to be spontaneous (just happening by themselves) that have nothing to do with Jews when in reality Jews have planned for these things to happen and then they have made them happen. Here is a short list of examples.  9-11.  The Sandy Hook School Shooting, Covid 19.  The JFK assassination.

Behind the scenes, Jews are constantly working to bring about a future that benefits the Jewish Master Plan and completely robs humanity of its birthright.  This is the Jewish evil that all non Jews need to be aware of. 

Deception is usually an inherent part of the planning because Jews love lies and deception.  The Talmud tells Jews that it is perfectly fine to lie to and deceive non Jews and even encourages it.  It is the Jewish character to lie to and deceive non Jews so it should come as no shock that there are so many lies and so much deception in this Jew controlled world.   Jews are always scheming together to deceive and manipulate the non Jewish world and they will continue to do so until they have total control, or that is their plan. They deceive because they believe they must until such time comes when all power is in their hands and they cannot be opposed so they have no longer have a reason to deceive.

It is noteworthy that these deceptions do not have to be perfect. They just have to be good enough to fool the brain dead with no glaring mistakes to give away the game. Even if the red pilled notice the mistakes made it does not matter to the Establishment. As long as the brain dead herd is deceived then that is good enough for (((them))).

9-11 as an example

9-11 is a great example of this which anyone who is even remotely red pilled can see through. This excludes the Brain Dead of course, but oh well. Many things that happened during the 9-11 PSYOP clearly reveal that this was a pre planned event. The most notable of these is the collapse of Building 7, shown in the above gif. Here you have a highly fortified building collapsing straight down into its own footprint, clearly demonstrating pre planted explosives in the building, and this is just is one of many many clues that 9-11 was a pre planned deception.

Future Planning

Today in 2021 Jews already know what is going to happen in the next 5, 10 or even 20 years from now. How do they know?  They know because they are going to make those things happen. Its all been planned in advance just like a script in a movie. The script is constantly tweaked to improve it before it becomes a reality in the Jew controlled world. This is what I was talking about in an earlier post when I referred to the world as a Jewish stage. Think of the Jewish World as Hollywood made real. This explains many things.

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