A new development in my JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation

Recently I made a post on this blog called an Observation about Fleet White Jr. I have been doing a lot of thinking about that and I have reached some conclusions, as follows.

First conclusion is that the man shown at the top of this post is not Fleet White Jr. but Fleet White Sr. Although I was misled by the source of the image to believe it to be Fleet White Jr. (perhaps intentionally now that I put some other dots together about that source), I conclude that this is a much older man in his upper 70’s or even early 80’s. This IS Fleet White Sr and its the first picture I have ever seen of him. I have done very extensive research into this case for many years, and I am the only to identify this man as Fleet White Sr., who I have referred to in previous posts as the International man of mystery. Fleet White Sr. travelled to Boulder Colorado to personally watch as the Grand Jury conclusion against the Ramseys was publicly stated. Why would he do that? Perhaps to ensure that the grand jury did not say anything to implicate either him or other members of his family in the death of JonBenet, but in any case he actually came to Boulder Colorado to watch the conclusion of the Grand Jury investigation and this is the first time I have become aware of that. Fleet White Sr. lived in a Chalet in Aspen Colorado at this time so it was not very far of a journey for him to make to go to Boulder.

Second conclusion is that there is some kind of chicanery going on involving Fleet White Jr. just as there has been chicanery involving Fleet White Jr. in everything that has been said about this man to the public. What the big deception that is being pulled on the public is that Fleet White Jr.’s story starts in 1994 in Boulder Colorado but the reality is that Fleet White Jr.’s story starts far earlier than that in Southern California. This deception has been done for the purpose of hiding the link between Fleet White Jr. and Fleet White Sr. Fleet White Sr. is the important one in this case whose identity is being hidden by the cover up I mentioned. Fleet White Jr. has a lesser role in the case and his main importance is the connection to his father and his father’s oil company, Fleet Oil Company. Those connections have been very carefully hidden and very few have even investigated them. I have gone further in solving this case than perhaps anyone before me.

Based upon this epiphany I am going to modify my JonBenet Ramsey murder post to make it more generic and more accurate to fit the known facts of the case. I am retracting my previous conclusion that Fleet White Jr. was the killer and saying that either Fleet White Sr. or Fleet White Jr. is the killer. Both were directly involved as I see it, so who really killed her among those two is a matter of conjecture. Nancy Krebs does not explicitly say which of the two killed JonBenet Ramsey but she mentions both of them as being involved. But Nancy Krebs does imply rather strongly that it was Fleet White Sr. who was the killer. So my conclusions must be modified to show this.

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