Real Satanism

As I was working on my post about the JonBenet Ramsey murder, I realized that a lot of prerequisite information about Satanism needs to be told first before that case can even be understood. So in this post I want to define what I mean by Real Satanism. This is a deep rabbit hole to go down but we must go down it to understand some things about this world. However repulsive it may be to know this, we must know it to understand other things.

The Two Worlds Paradigm

As with most other things in this lying Jewish World, the Two Worlds Paradigm applies to Satanism also in that there are two distinct versions of Satanism. The False World version of Satanism is the one that the common man is intended to believe is the real and only Satanism. The Real World version of Satanism is kept secret from the public and it is intended to be known only by Real Satanists.

The following paragraph summarizes the False World Explanation of Satanism intended for general public consumption.

Satanism is a Religion that was created mainly by Anton Lavey.  It is a peaceful, non-violent Religion that worships Satan instead of God.  Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) of children does not exist. It is not involved in any illegal activities. Satanism has nothing at all to do with Jews or Judaism.

This version of Satanism is not real. It exists only to fool the public about what Satanism really is. The following is my definition of Real Satanism as I have come to understanding it after researching several important cases concerning Satanism.

Satanism is not a Religion but a way of life for many people. Real World Satanism is not peaceful and not non violent. Real world Satanism involves murder and human sacrifice and snuff films, among other things.  Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) of children is commonplace. Almost everything about Real Satanism is illegal and against the law and yet Real Satanists are seldom if ever prosecuted by law enforcement. I will explain why this is so later in this post. 


There is a Satanic Cult on a world wide level that has many branches or subdivisions.


One of the most important things in Real Satanism is maintaining secrecy. Secrecy is extremely important to the cult since its involved in a lot of very illegal activities and its exposure or the exposure of its members could lead to the destruction of the entire cult. Secrecy about Satanism, Satanists and what they do is the foundation for everything in Satanism. Without secrecy, real Satanism could not exist.

Intergenerational Families

Real Satanism is sometimes referred to as Intergenerational Satanism because it involves entire families. The family is the basic unit of Real Satanism, and entire families are involved in Satanism, including the kids. These are called intergenerational Satanic families because the Satanism within these families get passed down from one generation to another. When the kids of that family grow up then they become members of other cult families.

On the surface these families may be church going families and seem to be morally upstanding and Religious. Nobody would suspect these families are involved in Satanism by their public behavior but this is just a front.

Cult Families have a much closer relationship to each other than normal non cult families. These families have business and other connections with each other. These families are linked together in a network. While this close relationship is often hidden to protect the security of the cult and to keep outsiders from knowing about it, these families which may be totally unrelated by blood are all part of the same network because they are members of the same cult. Even cult families that live in different states or different areas of a country can be associated with each other through the cult, so they can work with each other and help each other. The cult is a network of such families working together to accomplish cult goals.

Some of these families are wealthy and some are not.

Real World Examples of cult families

The Bush Family:

The John Bennet Ramsey Family:

Meetings Between Satanist Families

Holidays are a primary time for these Satanist families to intermingle with each other and to conduct Satanist ceremonies. Two of the most common times for them to meet are on Easter and Christmas because of the significance these dates have to Christians. Since Satanists have a real hatred of Christianity, they purposely choose these dates important to Christians to hold their Satanic Ritual ceremonies, during which all manner of evil takes place.

Other times these families meet are during birthdays of family members.

Other members of the Cult

People can join the cult from outside of this Family System but to do so they need to prove themselves by doing something totally evil, such as raping and/or killing a young child and having it filmed. Doing this proves that the initiate is truly evil enough to be a Satanist and also gives the cult Blackmail material to be used against the initiate if they ever try to tell what is happening in the cult. If the initiate does try to blow the whistle on the cult then that blackmail material will find its way into the hands of the Police who will go arrest and charge the whistleblower.

Arranged marriages between Satanists

In order to keep the Satanic cult going from generation to generation, it is often arranged for female members of cult families to become married to male members of other cult families.  In this way, the new family that they start will be Satanist from the beginning. Any children that this couple have will be trained to be Satanist from birth. So the entire family including the kids are Satanists and involved in Satanist activity such as Satanic rituals.


Doing Evil is a natural aspect of Satanism. Satanists enjoy doing evil for the sake of doing Evil. Satanists are attracted to the opposite of good, so anything which is considered to be Evil is something which Satanists are very likely to be involved in.

A Hatred of Christianity and Christians

In many ways Real Satanism is the opposite of Christianity in every way. Real Satanists hate Christianity and hate Christians. Pureness for Satanic purposes is a total knowing rejection of Christ.


Satanists are involved in a lot of murders. Most of these murders never get blamed on Satanists but Satanists are behind them none the less.

People murdered by Satanists fall into one or more of these groups:

Real Christians, who are hated by Satanists.

People who are or it is anticipated will make trouble for the Satanic cult if they continue o live. This includes non corrupt members of law enforcement who are investigating Satanist members or Satanist related crimes. It also can include non-Satanist spouses of Satanist members who become aware of Satanism and threaten to expose it or its members.


Pedophilia or sexual abuse of children is often involved in Satanism. It may be disguised as Satanic Ritual Abuse as part of a Satanist ceremony but really the Pedophilia aspect of it is much more important than the Religious Ritual aspect of it. In the cult and with members of the cult, Pedophilia is the norm.

Incest within Satanic Families

Incest is rampant within these cult families, much more so than in normal non cult families.  Within the cult, incest between family members is the norm, just like pedophilia is the norm. It is the incest within the family that leads to the pedophilia outside the family.

Sex between family members usually with the older males in the family (fathers, grandfathers, Uncles) being the primary abusers of the young members of the family (Sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, grandsons, granddaughters).  But also the older female family members can be abusers of younger family members. 

Incest between family members in these families is very common, including father – daughter, grandfather – granddaughter, Uncle – Niece, Mother – Son, Grandmother – Grandson. Part of the reason for the incest is maintain secrecy by keeping the abuse within the Satanic families. Since these children are conditioned from a young age never to disclose anything that happens within the family, there is no risk at all to the adult participants in this abuse.

Case in point concerning the JonBenet Ramsey case is that on the Geraldo show a former Access Graphics employee said that the Paternal Grandmother of Burke Ramsey liked to brag about his penis size. 

Child Prostitution

Child Prostitution is a common element of Real Satanism and the reason is because it is extremely profitable to the Satanists. Children are prostituted to wealthy clients for large amounts of money.

Sexual Perversions

Sexual Perversions of every kind are often involved in Satanism.

Satanic Rituals

Rituals and Ritual Ceremonies are a very important part of Satanism

The use of Human Blood in Satanic Rituals

Satanists collect human blood in Bronze tins to be used in Satanic rituals. Where this blood comes from will be discussed later but the Bronze tins that hold the blood are used in Satanic ceremonies.  Always the exact same tins are used for collecting the blood and in the ceremonies. Satanists drink from the tins containing human blood as part of the Satanic rituals.  

The use of Babies and fetuses in Satanic Rituals

Human babies and fetuses are commonly used in Satanic rituals. These babies and fetuses are often placed in ceremonial boxes as part of the rituals.

Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA)

Satanic Ritual Abuse of children is extremely common in Satanism. This often involves incest and pedophilia. This is done both as a Religious Ritual and for the sexual pleasure of the Satanists involved. There really is no difference between the two in terms of how Real Satanists view this Satanic Ritual Abuse of children. It is one of the foundations of Real Satanism.


Creation and distribution of pornography is an aspect of Real Satanism, including the creation and selling of child pornography to wealthy clients for profit. The child pornography is created by filming the Satanic Ritual Abuse of children. Satanists always film the SRA so they can make profit from it in this way. Satanists are also involved in the creation and selling of Snuff films (often involving children) to wealthy clients for profit.

Snuff Films

In the False World of the Two Worlds Paradigm snuff films are nothing but an urban legend that do not exist in reality but in the Real World Snuff films are common place. Since Satanism is involved in murder and evil of every kind, its a natural that Satanists would be involved in both the creation and the selling of Snuff films for profit. This all happens among Satanists in that Satanists create and distribute the snuff films and other Satanists purchase and view it. Keeping this within the Satanist cult helps to keep its secrecy and ensures that nobody outside of the cult will know what is going on.

Human Trafficking

Kidnapping and selling children to wealthy clients for profit is an aspect of Real Satanism. As with many other activities Satanists are involved with, this happens entirely within the Satanic cult. Satanists are involved in kidnapping and conditioning the children to be sex slaves. Then these kidnapped and trained children are sold to other (wealthy) Satanists. Keeping everything inside the Satanist family helps to ensure the secrecy of what is going on.

Mind Control

Many Satanists are highly sophisticated in the art of mind control. See this link about Operation Monarch Mind Control.


Satanists are involved with torture because they love to inflict pain and suffering on others. This is just one aspect of the completely evil nature of Real Satanism. Its the opposite of good and Godly in every way imaginable.

Many Satanists are highly sophisticated in torture techniques.

Infiltration and Subversion of Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Agencies, including the FBI, Police Departments, etc. are often infiltrated by Satanists in leadership positions and the reason for this is logical. Satanism is involved in secretive, highly illegal activities. One of their main priorities is to remain secret and to not have any of their activities investigated and exposed by honest non corrupt LEA. For this reason they make sure that the leadership positions of LEA are filled with people who are corrupt and will not pursue any investigation of Satanist activities should they ever come to light. Satanists infiltrated into LEA leadership act as a cock block to any investigations and ensures that Satanists will not be investigated or prosecuted by LEA. In the U.S., virtually every police department of any significant size has been infiltrated by Satanists for this reason. Chiefs of Police are one of the most common people to be corrupt and Satanist owned. The same principal applies to other countries outside of the USA, for example in the UK or in Australia. Satanism is practiced worldwide in many countries and in every country it is practiced in, Law Enforcement Agencies in that country are infiltrated by corrupt, Satanist owned people.

Freemasonry Connections

There is a connection between high level Freemasonry and Real Satanism but its a hidden one. Real Satanism hides itself under the cloak of Freemasonry.

The following Freemasons have been accused of being involved in Satanism and Satanic Ritual Abuse activities:

George H.W. Bush, 33rd Degree Freemason

George H. W. Bush Becomes Longest-Living Satanist President

Robert C. Byrd, 33rd Degree Freemason

Bill Clinton, Freemason of unknown degree

Kenneth Copeland, Freemason of unknown degree

Walt Disney, 33rd Degree Freemason and a Jew

Gerald R. Ford, Freemason of unknown degree

More to Come

Examples of Satanists outside of the Freemasonry context

Through my research I have discovered many people who I believe are or were Secret Satanists who have no direct connection to Freemasonry. I list those here in no significant order.

John Lennon:

Jewish Connections

There is a secret connection between Jews and Satanism. I contend that Satanism, like Freemasonry is Jewish at its core but that the connection between the two is very deep and secretive. This is certainly not intended to be known to the Goyim. I discuss this in the following post.

The Hidden Connection between Jews, Satanism and the Illuminati

There are many hidden signs that Satanism is Jewish, one of the biggest being the Satanism connection to Freemasonry.

More to Come

My Conclusions about Real Satanism

What I contend is that there is a vast Satanist movement in America that is very secret and very powerful and that has managed to get control of the government. 

Cases involving Satanism

On this Blog I have discussed six different important cases that I believe all involve Satanism:

The Finders (1980’s)

The Franklin Credit Union Scandal (1984 – 1988)

The McMartin Preschool case (1983 – 1990)

The JonBenet Ramsey murder (1996)

The North Fox Island, Michigan case (1975 – 1978)

The Bizarre Case of Richard and Susan Hamlin (2004)

Although it may not be easy for you to see, I contend that there is a common denominator or link between all of these cases.  I say that all of these cases are connected and each one gives us a glimpse into a hidden underworld that nobody is supposed to see and know about. I am extremely interested in shedding the light of day on this hidden world to uncover its secrets.

More to Come

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