An Observation about Fleet White Jr.

So as you may know I am doing a new post about the JonBenet Ramsey murder and as I was making this post something I had not noticed before jumped into my awareness concerning Fleet White Jr. What I noticed is that his appearance has changed over time in an unusual and unexpected way. For example, I came across the following video of what is alleged to be Fleet White Jr. and Priscilla White on March 18, 2014. Go to the 2:40 mark and in that video and observe the way the man who is said to be Fleet White Jr. looks and sounds.

I was actually quite surprised when I saw that video because this does not look or sound the way that I perceived that Fleet White Jr. would look or sound from his earlier pictures, which I have recorded. Of course he is lying his ass off in this video to support the official story but that is to be expected. If you watch carefully you can see the woman behind him smiling and looking down as he tells his story because she knows what he is saying is complete bullshit but I will be covering that in my other post. But what I am focused on is his appearance. He certainly does not look like the guy in the below image which is said to be Fleet White Jr. listening to the proceedings of the Ramsey case.

Compare this picture to the man in the video above and its not the same man even though this man was identified as being Fleet White Jr. This man is a much older man but there is a facial resemblance to the younger man in the video. Is it possible that the man in the above picture is the mysterious Fleet White Sr. that I have been looking everywhere to find his picture? Did Fleet White Sr. come to Boulder Colorado and sit in on the court proceedings concerning the Ramseys? For the first time I am suspecting that this IS Fleet White Sr but he was not identified as such in the article where I got this picture. Fleet White Sr. would have had to be in his upper seventies or even early 80’s for him to be sitting in that court room. This man looks like he could be that old if he took care of himself well earlier in his life. I really do think that this is Fleet White Sr. but he was not identified as being such.

But going beyond that picture, there have been a lot of other pictures of Fleet White Jr. taken over the years and there is something odd about the way this man’s image has transformed over the years. Take a look at some of these images.

I sense there is something not right about this man and the way his appearance changes. The man in the video at the top of this post talks so smoothly and looks different than earlier appearances of Fleet White. I can’t put my finger on it but there is something wrong about this man. It may sound bizarre for me to say this, but its almost like the man in the video from 2014 is not Fleet White Jr. at all but someone who is portraying him, like a look a like. I don’t know but my suspicion is really triggered now that there is some kind of a public deception going on regarding Fleet White Jr.

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