Jew Controlled Disinformation Agents

Protocol 5.10. IN ORDER TO PUT PUBLIC OPINION INTO OUR HANDS WE MUST BRING IT INTO A STATE OF BEWILDERMENT BY GIVING EXPRESSION FROM ALL SIDES TO SO MANY CONTRADICTORY OPINIONS AND FOR SUCH LENGTH OF TIME AS WILL SUFFICE TO MAKE THE “GOYIM” LOSE THEIR HEADS IN THE LABYRINTH AND COME TO SEE THAT THE BEST THING IS TO HAVE NO OPINION OF ANY KIND IN MATTERS POLITICAL, which it is not given to the public to understand, because they are understood only by him who guides the public. This is the first secret. This is controlled opposition, where Jews control all sides. This is also disinformation agents propagating purposeful disinformation and putting it in front of the public’s eyes to confuse them and make it impossible for the public to know what the truth is. Truth is not intended to be known by the public. Truth is intended to be known only by the Jewish ruling class. The public is intended to know only lies and bullshit.

Jews use Disinformation Agents to deceive, manipulate and control non Jews. Disinformation is very important to the Jewish Master Plan to keep the Goyim stupid and believing lies that benefit the Jews and the Jewish Master Plan.

There are many many disinformation agents in the world, many of them wrapped in sheepskin so they appear to be truthers in order to deceive other truthers. In a Jewish world, most of the so called “truthers” are nothing more than disinformation prostitutes who get paid big money by the Jewish Snake to tell the people the Snake’s lies in a convincing way.

Here is a short list of these vipers that I have been able to identify. Note that many of these people appear to be against the Snake but that is merely controlled opposition to deceive the people. Every one of these people have outed themselves in various ways as being deceivers.

Bill Cooper

Alex Jones

Mike Rivero

Noam Chomsky


Isaac Kappy

Timothy Charles Holmseth

Miles Mathis

Rusty Nelson

Fiona Barnett

Tooj Nijenhuis

Edward Snowden

Fritz Springmeier

Cisco Wheeler

Corydon Hammond

Julian Assange

David Icke

L. Lin Wood

Jesse Ventura

Jeff Rense

Jeff Rense, pictured above runs a disinformation web site called He is a huge disinformation agent, even worse than Alex Jones if that is possible.

Uri Geller

Tricia Griffith

Tricia Griffith is the Administrator of which is a controlled opposition web site. This woman is a Snake.

Besides these there are many other disinformation agents, many of them whose names are not known to the public. The internet is filled with disinformation agents of every kind. They are the Administrators of entire web sites. They are commenters on Youtube who attack truthers and who say that obvious lies such as the Apollo moon landing is truthful and a fact instead of the hoax that it is. Disinformation agents have infiltrated every truther community and in some cases they have taken leadership of entire truther communities.  For example, it is my very strong opinion that the 9-11 truth movement was purposely created by disinformation agents soon after 9-11 to purposely lead a disinformation campaign to mislead and confuse any honest person who questioned the official 9-11 story as told by the main stream media. Jews are smart enough to know that a lot of people were not going to buy that story and so they had this back up plan to give the truthers an alternative story which would also be a lie but that would sound like truth to truthers.  Any lie will do when it comes to the Jews. But the point I am trying to make is that disinformation is king in this world and actual truth from honest people is a rare thing.

Israeli Disinformation

The Jewish nation of Israel is a hive of disinformation, with many Jews being paid by the Government with U.S. tax dollar support, to spew this disinformation all around the world. Remember when you pay your taxes you are paying the Jewish Snake to lie to you on the internet, among other things.

More to Come

8 thoughts on “Jew Controlled Disinformation Agents

  1. Truth is the most important thing in the world. We are here to wake up. I feel that I am very lucky when I found a genuinely honest truther (not a deceptive disinformation agent) like you.


    1. You are right that truth is the most important thing in the world. I saw that long ago. As for me, I am just doing what everyone should be doing. In an honest world, everyone would be telling the truth but in a dishonest world (like this one) most of the so called truthers are paid disinformation agents. This is a SAD testament to what planet earth has become under Jewish control. Its time for humanity to remove the Jewish face hugger and kill it.


  2. You forgot John Pilger and Russel Brand BOTH CRYPTO JEWS….both no doubt millionaires.Brand is worth over 20 million pounds (at least).
    Its amazing that people believe one word the ex heroin addict says…..a socialist worth millions….just shows you how stupid people are.
    How about Bob Geldof who wanted to save Africa. Appropriately GELD means money in German.He is worth over 75,000,000 pounds….and appears to be untouchable by the press even though it is obvious he has stolen much of his money from donations by the public.
    Brand was formerly married to the jewess pop singer which he no doubt benefited financially after the divorce.
    John Cleese of Monty Python fame is not a jew but was absolutely taken to the cleaners by his former jewish wife AND tgere were no children. No doubt the judge dealing with the case was a jew….to “facilitate” the case.

    A thorough check of your blog will be in order to see if it is YET ANOTHER fake site run by the enemy of humanity…THE JEW.


    1. Feel free to do any checking that you like but I can assure that I am not a disinformation agent. I have no connection to anyone except myself. I would not blame you for being suspicious though since there are so many disinformation agents in the world.


    1. I beg to differ about Bill Cooper. Bill Cooper is one of the first people who says the driver shot JFK in the JFK assassination. Anyone who says the driver shot JFK and does not say Jackie shot JFK when her shooting of JFK is in plain sight in the Zapruder film is a one hundred percent disinformation agent working for the same snakes who killed JFK. It does not matter what else Bill Cooper said or did. That alone identifies him as an evil liar hiding the truth and shielding the perps in the JFK assassination. I do not need to look at any links about him because I already know who Bill Cooper is. Its sad that you don’t.


    1. Are you really seriously asking me to justify why Alex Jones is a disinformation agent? You should do a search on this Blog on Alex Jones and read everything I have said about him since this Blog started to get your answer because I am not going to repeat that here. Some things you just have to know without it being explained to you. If you were red pilled you would not be asking me this question but maybe you just don’t know about him. He is a notorious shill.


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