The JonBenet Ramsey Murder

It is time for me to make a new post about the JonBenet Ramsey murder. On my old Blog I did the deep dive into this murder and made many posts about it but in this post I want to cover every detail of this murder with the latest information I have uncovered in a single post. Here I am starting from scratch to uncover the entire mystery of the JonBenet Ramsey death and its cover up. Since I have a huge amount of information to include here, it will take me a while to assimilate everything here so I ask you to be patient as I do so. I plan to put the information in logical categories starting with what I believe are the most important.

This is a huge case and a mysterious one. As with so many other things in this lying Jewish world, it is not what it appears to be. The Two Worlds Paradigm definitely applies to this case in that there is a false version of reality that they want the public to believe and a real version of reality that they do not want the public to even suspect. My goal is to uncover the truth about this case and show it in a simple way that anyone in the public can understand if they have an open mind. So with this introduction, let us start down this rabbit hole together.

The Two Worlds Paradigm

I want to begin by discussing the Two Worlds Paradigm as it applies to this case. The following paragraph summarizes the False World Explanation of this case.

John, Patsy, Burke and JonBenet Ramsey attended a Christmas Party at the Boulder CO home of Fleet Russell White Jr. and his wife Priscilla White. At around 8:30 to 9:00 PM the four members of the Ramsey family left the Fleet White Jr. residence to go back home, merrily passing out Christmas presents to neighbors along the way. After arriving at their home, they put JonBenet to bed sometime before midnight. JonBenet was murdered inside her home by an unknown person sometime late on December 25, 1996 or early in the morning hours of December 26, 1996. Who murdered Jon Benet inside her home is unknown to this day. Some say that an unknown intruder snuck into the Ramsey home, murdered Jon Benet and then snuck out again. Others say that a member of the Ramsey family committed the murder inside the home. Some say that John Ramsey was the murderer. Others say Patsy Ramsey was the murderer. Others say that Burke Ramsey was the murderer. This murder remains unsolved to this day.

This is what the Establishment wants everyone in the public to believe about this case but as I am about to show, this is not the truth at all.

The Key to unlocking the mystery of the JonBenet Ramsey Murder

The single most important key to unravelling the mystery of the JonBenet Ramsey murder is summarized in the following paragraph.

The death of this child did not occur inside of the home of John and Patsy Ramsey as the public has been misled to believe. Instead the death of the child took place in a different location and after that death, the corpse of the child was moved from that location to her home and a fake crime scene was staged inside the Ramsey home. The purpose of this was to conceal the true circumstances of the child’s death, the true location of the child’s death, and other people who were involved in the child’s death that have not been revealed to the public to this day.

This case involves Satanism

This case involves Satanism but its not the kind of Satanism that most people know about. There are two versions of Satanism, a benign version that is intended for the general public to believe and a real version that the general public is not supposed to know anything about. This case involves the real version of Satanism that is hidden from the public. When I first encountered it I knew literally nothing about it and I had to learn what it was piece by piece as I examined this case. I call this intergenerational Satanism because it involves entire families who all believe in and practice Satanist behavior and the Satanism gets passed from one generation to another. For example, Satanist parents who have children will teach Satanist practices to their children so their children become Satanists too, and then once those children become old enough they start their own families which become Satanist families too. In this way, the Satanism gets passed from one generation to another. This Satanism is like a Religion to these people that they believe in very strongly.

Although it is almost completely hidden from the public eye, there are a lot of Satanists in the world. There are a lot of Satanists in America and every other country of the world but its a completely hidden subculture that the public is supposed to know nothing about.

But Satanism is involved in this case and more specifically, Satanist intergenerational families are involved in this case. I will be talking much more about these families but consider this an important introduction to the hidden Satanism that you must understand to understand the JonBenet Ramsey murder.

A Pedophile Ring

Many people investigating this case have surmised that a pedophile ring was involved but what these investigators have not seen and understood is that Pedophilia is often a core part of Real Satanism. Real Satanists may be either pedophiles or involved in sexual abuse rituals involving children. Real Satanism is often involved with child pornography and child prostitution also. So those who see the pedophilia related aspects of this case are not wrong about that but they have missed the fact that all of these things are also common to the Satanic Cult. So its not a pedophile ring but a Satanic cult that is involved in this case and many other cases where pedophilia is involved.


What I discovered the hard way is that there has been layers upon layers upon layers of disinformation released to the public about this case to conceal the forbidden truth. This case is a disinformation minefield that any researcher has to be aware of up front. I was initially confused by some of this disinformation to reach false conclusions in my earlier analysis of this case but in this analysis I am going to try my best to avoid the disinformation and just speak the facts of the case as I believe them to be based upon my own research. The truth is not what they have told you, but I am here to reveal it.

JonBenet died during Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA)

My research has revealed that JonBenet died during a Satanic Ritual Abuse ceremony being conducted by Satanists but her death was NOT intended to happen. It was not a child sacrifice but an unintended death during SRA. After the unintended death, it had to be covered up. If the child had been unknown to the public then the Satanists could have just buried the body out in the woods and that would be it but this child was not unknown to the public. She was a child in the public eye with many public appearances in child beauty pageants and other public appearances. She could not just disappear without her disappearance being explained. So her death had to be explained but in a way that did not reveal how she died or where she died or the other people who were present (Satanists) when she died. This is the reason for what I call the cover up, which I explained somewhat in the key paragraph above. Since the cover up is a huge one involving many people and organizations, its beyond the scope of this section to discuss it. I will devote other sections to discussing this cover up.

The Timing of the Death was Significant

It was not coincidental that the child died when she did but the day and time of the death have significance to be understood, and the significance is that the SRA during which JonBenet unintentionally died was being conducted purposely at midnight on Christmas day (12-25-1996 at 12 PM). This day and time has special significance to Satanists and a Satanic Ritual ceremony involving JonBenet was being conducted at this time. So when she died is significant to understanding the true circumstances of her death.

The California Connection

Although the death of JonBenet Ramsey happened in Colorado, the background of this story is in California. All of the principle people involved in this case have a connection to California, including John and Patsy Ramsey. So we must start in California before discussing Colorado.

Who is Nancy Krebs?

Earlier in this post I talked about Satanism and entire families who are involved in Satanism from birth. I call these intergenerational Satanic families because the Satanism they believe in and practice gets passed from one generation to another. I said that there are many families like this but their Satanism is completely hidden from the public view. One such family is the Krebs family of California. Another of these families is the White family of California, from which Fleet White Jr. is a member. There is an early connection between the Krebs family and the White family. Nancy Krebs is a member of the Krebs family who was sexually abused as a child by multiple members of the White family. As I plan to show later in this document, Nancy Krebs is also a second hand witness to the death of JonBenet Ramsey through other members of her family who were present when JonBenet was killed. The reason I am discussing her here is because she did an incredibly brave thing by travelling to Boulder Colorado and giving testimony about the JonBenet Ramsey death to Boulder Colorado authorities. I consider her testimony to be crucial to the understanding of this case, the truth of which has never been revealed to the public except by her. In this post I will be telling her story and its a very deep and fascinating one. There is no easy way to show this except to go step by step down a huge rabbit hole, which I will be doing in future sections of this post.

Nancy Krebs Family Tree

In my earlier introduction to Intergenerational Satanism I said that it involved entire families which I refer to as Intergenerational families. The Krebs family from which Nancy Krebs comes from is just one of those families that is connected to many other families in this case in a complex relationship. The below family tree shows some of these family relationships but there are others besides these. I suggest right clicking on this image and saving it so you can use it as a reference to understanding all the relationships between the various people in this case. I intend to discuss everyone in this family tree in this post. Understanding these people is important to understanding the background of this case which led to the death of JonBenet Ramsey.

An introduction to Fleet White Sr.

Besides Fleet White Jr., there is another member of the White family directly connected to this case and that is Fleet White Sr., the father of Fleet White Jr. Most people who have looked into this case know about Fleet White Jr., but how many people know about his father? Likely very few people know because in the official story Fleet White Sr. plays no role at all in the death of JonBenet Ramsey but the truth is different. In reality, Fleet White Sr. played a central role in the death of this child but in the previously mentioned cover up he has been entirely removed from the story. Part of the reason for the cover up is to remove this man from the picture. It is my belief that the internet was wiped of most information about this man sometime after the murder as part of this cover up. Allow me to elucidate. Fleet White Sr. was a famous man in Southern California. He was a household name in Los Angeles in the 1960’s and later. He owned a large oil company that had some of the biggest oil and gas wells in Southern California history. He was a former Hollywood movie star. He was a famous person who hung out with Hollywood celebrities like Goldie Hawn but try to find this man’s picture anywhere and you will have a very difficult time doing that. The picture at the top of this post is the only one I have been able to find of him after very extensive research. Its almost like he’s a ghost. Almost all the information about this man and his oil company has been wiped from the internet and I believe its all connected to hiding his involvement in the JonBenet Ramsey murder. Most people have been told that Fleet White Jr. was an oil man, but how many people know that Fleet White Jr. was employed in his father’s oil company? How many people know that Fleet White Jr. was a partner in his father’s oil company? I had to dig very deep to discover that information but apparently nobody before me in all the people researching this case even bothered to look. Why is that? The reason is because of the cover up and the assumption that the murder took place inside the Ramsey home and that it had to have been one of the Ramseys who did it. Bad assumption. I saw through the cover story very early but apparently very few others took the time to even look at Fleet White Jr. and his family. Had they taken the time they would have discovered what I did about him. But its Nancy Krebs who reveals the sordid story of both Fleet White Sr. and Fleet White Jr. I am going to be telling that story in this post but there is a huge amount of material to share. I want what I say to make sense and be easy for people to understand so I am going slowly to reveal this information. Stay tuned.

Nancy Krebs Testimony

In February 2000 Nancy Krebs travelled to Boulder Colorado to disclose to Boulder Colorado authorities investigating the JBR murder what she knew about the case, which is a lot. Partial transcripts of her testimony were documented and the below link shows those transcripts in PDF format.

Nancy Krebs testimony PDFs

I have gone through these transcripts with a fine tooth comb to get all the significant information from them and which I will be showing in this post, but this is the foundation for most of what I say about this case. Feel free to look at these PDF files yourself and use them as a reference.

Gordon W. Christoff

Gordon Christoff was Nancy Krebs’ maternal grandfather and he plays a role in this case. Gordon Christoff was a close childhood friend of Fleet White Sr. from Long Beach, CA, where the two grew up together. IMO this man was a Satanist through his family. He both sexually abused his granddaughter Nancy as a child and allowed both Fleet White Sr. and Fleet White Jr. to sexually abuse Nancy. At some later point, this man appears to have developed a conscience and was trying to protect his granddaughter from further abuse by both Fleet White Sr. and his son, Fleet White Jr. Gordon and Fleet White Sr. got into a huge argument over Nancy’s abuse in 1966, during which Gordon had a massive heart attack and died on the spot. Although it is not said what the argument was about, I infer that Gordon was threatening to tell police about what was going on unless the Whites stopped abusing Nancy.

An introduction to Macky Boykin

Macky Boykin is a very interesting person in this case. From my research about him, he was a member of the Satanic cult who died in 1995 but who was heavily involved in the sexual abuse of Nancy Krebs and many other children. Macky Boykin was convicted of raping Nancy Krebs but he did very little jail time because of his connections. It is my opinion that Macky Boykin was directly involved in mind controlling and otherwise conditioning young children to be willing sex toys for adult men in the cult. Macky Boykin was involved in sexual abuse, child pornography, child prostitution and other things. He has secretive connections to U.S. Navy Intelligence (as does John Ramsey). He is experienced in performing sexual asphyxiation techniques on children during sexual abuse for the person of making a child feel sexual arousal from the abuse. It is this that I say led to the later death of JonBenet Ramsey but it was not Macky Boykin who was performing it.

A Chronology of Nancy Krebs

In my research about this case, I have created a Chronology about Nancy Krebs from all the resources available to me. This is useful for understanding her testimony to Boulder authorities.

April 25, 1962: Nancy Krebs is born to Don and Gwen Krebs who are living in Buena Park, CA. 

~ October, 1963:  Nancy Krebs sister Shirley is born to Don and Gwen Krebs.

Unknown Date:  Nancy Krebs brother (name unknown) is born to Don and Gwen Krebs.

~1965 – 1968: Nancy Krebs is sexually abused by many people starting when she was around 4 years old. A short list of these people follows:

Don Krebs (her father)

Gordon W. Christoff (her maternal grandfather)

Fleet White Sr. (close friend of Gordon Christoff)

Fleet White Jr. (son of Fleet White Sr.)

Harold Krebs (her paternal grandfather)

Lois Krebs (her paternal grandmother)

Macky Boykin (a member of the Satanic cult from a different family)

John Bennet Ramsey (eventual father of JonBenet)

Many others, most unknown individuals.

All the people who abused her are part of a Satanic cult that she was born into. All of the abuse and abusers mentioned above happened when Nancy was living in Buena Park, CA as a young child. Some of the abuse happened at the White residence where her mother Gwen took her. Her younger sister Shirley was also being abused in the same way.

I suspect that Gwen Krebs was prostituting her two young daughters to adult men for money. I suspect that Gwen Krebs was not working a regular job but was living off the money she earned by prostituting her daughters to other cult members, especially rich ones like Fleet White Sr. In addition I think child pornography was being taken of her daughters’ abuse and sold and Gwen Krebs was getting a cut of that. I contend that Gwen Krebs was profiting from her daughters’ abuse in these two ways and I contend that John and Patsy Ramsey were profiting from JonBenet Ramsey’s abuse in these same two ways later on.

~1968: Nancy’s parents Don and Gwen Kreb divorce.  Nancy and her sister remain with their mother in Beuna Park, CA and her brother goes with her father to live in Los Osos, CA.

1972:  Nancy and her mother and sister move from Buena Park, CA to Los Osos CA to live with Don Krebs and his son there.

Unknown Date in 1970’s: Nancy Krebs flies to Aspen, Colorado to visit Fleet White Sr. (Fleet White Sr. owned a villa in Aspen Colorado and was a frequent visitor to Aspen, Colorado).

Unknown Date:  Nancy and her mother and her sister and her brother move from Don Krebs’ house to a small two bedroom apartment in Los Osos.

~1975:  Nancy is is in the seventh grade, approximately age 13 and living in Los Osos, CA.  She had a lot of absences because of the sexual abuse she was experiencing.  This is around the last time that Nancy Krebs had sexual contact with John Ramsey.  At this time Nancy was living in a small two bedroom apartment in Los Osos with her mother and her sister and her brother. Gwen and Nancy share one bedroom and her sister and her brother share the other bedroom.  Her mother was a prostitute during this time a lot of men would come over to the apartment and have sexual intercourse with Gwen and sometimes they would have sex with Nancy who was sleeping in the same bed.  John Ramsey was one of these men who would sexually abuse Nancy when she was in the 7th grade. He would tie her to the bed or tie her to the clothes rod in the closet (bondage) when he abused her. She said strangulation techniques were being used on her and she thinks that both John Ramsey and Macky Boykin were there together. Note: If John Ramsey and Macky Boykin were both using strangulation techniques on Nancy then it means that John Ramsey knew, possibly from Macky Boykin, how to use these strangulation techniques to achieve sexual arousal in a person being abused.

~1976:  Nancy is in the eighth grade, approximately age 14 and still living in Los Osos, CA with her mother and her sister and her brother.  She has even more absences due to sexual abuse she is suffering.

1976-1978:  Her family (or at least her mother and her and her sister) move from Los Osos, CA to Trona, CA.  Nancy Krebs lives in Trona, CA with her mother Gwen and her stepfather Thomas Boykin. When Gwen and Nancy and her sister and brother first moved in with Thomas Boykin, Tom Boykin had a two bedroom trailer.  Nancy and her sister shared one bedroom.  Tom and Gwen shared another bedroom. And her brother, Macky, and Macky’s two sons Theodore Eugene Boykin and Kent Alan Boykin all slept in the living room together. Also on the property was a pull type trailer and sometimes Macky would stay out there. The last time that Fleet White Jr. was sexually involved with Nancy was a sex party that took place inside this small trailer with Nancy as the victim.  A lot of Macky’s and Tom’s nephews attended, Macky Boykin attended, Fleet White Jr. attended, Tom Boykin attended.  All of them gang raped Nancy during this sex party. Nancy was 14-15 at this time and Fleet White Jr. was 28 – 30.

~1977 – 1979:  Nancy was in the ninth to eleventh grade in Trona, CA. During this period of time, Nancy Krebs met Patsy Ramsey at a Rainbow Girls convention being held in Sacramento, CA.  Note: This is the first mention of Patsy Ramsey in this story and it was before she even met John Ramsey. This connects Patsy Ramsey to both California and Freemasonry (of which Rainbow Girls is a part of). It also connects Patsy’s father, Don Paugh, to Freemasonry. Keep in mind that there is a direct connection between high level Freemasonry and Real Satanism.

~1980: There were threats made against Nancy’s life at the time of the trial of Macky Boykin including a bomb threat called in to the school she was attending in Trona and the entire high school was evacuated to the football field.

Unknown Date:  Nancy Krebs moves back to Los Osos, CA.  She may have gone to live with her father and brother. 

~1990:  Nancy Krebs starts therapy for being a victim of child sexual abuse.

December 26 or December 27, 1996:  Nancy Krebs received a call from Gwen Krebs saying she had seen on the Extra TV show that Fleet White Sr. was a suspect in the JBR murder.  Gwen is calling Nancy from her sister’s house in Arvada, Colorado.

End of December 1996 or early January 1997: Shortly after the murder of JBR, Nyla White talked to Nancy Krebs and told her that Fleet White Sr. was very disturbed that he was spending all of his time and all of his money on Fleet White Jr and trying to find the murderer of JonBenet. In this same conversation,Nyla White disclosed to Nancy Krebs that Fleet White Jr. and Fleet White Sr. had accidentally killed JBR. Note: This disclosure has been edited out of the Nancy Krebs testimony transcripts, above.

End of December 1996 or early January 1997:  Nancy Krebs receives a call from her grandmother, Alyce Christoff Sprague. Alyce tells Nancy, “you know he’s guilty.” and she is talking about Fleet White Sr., not Fleet White Jr. She said it was Fleet White Sr. who did the homicide.

~August of 1998:  Nancy Krebs picks up her mother and niece and nephew at the San Francisco airport and drives them all back to her apartment in Los Osos, CA.  The mother of the niece and nephew (Shirley) is in Germany where she was transferred as part of her U.S. Government job in May of 1998.  Gwen and Nancy and the niece and nephew spend some time together.  During this time, Nancy Krebs drove Gwen, her niece and nephew and a neighbor boy to Arroyo Grande, CA which is close to Los Osos, CA where Nancy lived. As they were walking past a sidewalk sale at a Payless drug store in Arroyo Grande, CA, Nancy Krebs’ niece saw a binder that had a picture of a Barbie on it and instantly became hysterical and said “They’re going to kill my guinea pig. They are going to take my guinea pig and kill it.  They are going to kill me!” Nancy Krebs took her niece into the back seat of her car to try to calm her down and this when her niece screamed “they killed the little girl and they were going to kill her!”  She was talking about JonBenet, whose death she saw at the party at the White residence.  This is one thing that makes me suspect that the murder of JBR was intentional and not accidental.

Unknown Date:  While Nancy Krebs’ mother had her niece and nephew under her care, she was prostituting the two kids to men in Southern California.  Nancy Krebs saw her niece brought back to her house in handcuffs during this time.

Unknown Date in 1998:  On the night before Nancy Krebs’ niece and nephew were to fly to Germany, something significant happened.  Nancy was helping her niece pack and she found inside her niece’s backpack a manila envelope about the same size as the one Fleet White Sr had sent her pictures in.  Inside the envelope were photographs of mummified bodies, a scorpion and an ant hill with ants.  This envelope was from Fleet White Sr and the photographs were used to scare the child to keep her quiet about what she had seen at the Event.  The mummified bodies was a threat that she would become a mummified body if she told.  The picture of the scorpion was also a threat.  After the murder, this child was threatened with a live scorpion to scare her and the scorpion actually bit her.  She was terrified of it.  So the picture of the scorpion was being used to reinforce her terror and fear.  After the murder she was also bit by ants to terrify her so the picture of the ants was meant to reinforce her terror of being bit by ants.  IMO it was Gwen Krebs who threatened her granddaughter not to tell and was covering up for Fleet White Sr.

Unknown Date:  Fleet White Sr. sends Nancy Krebs the funeral notice of her Grandfather, Gordon Christoff, who died in 1966.  This was a death threat to Nancy Krebs that if she talked the same thing would happen to her.

January 2000:  Nancy Krebs’ was abused by Kent Alan Boykin, one of the sons of Macky Boykin.  Note:  Macky Boykin died in November of 1995 but his family members continued to abuse Nancy.

February 2000:  Nancy Krebs is offered a cash bribe of $75,000.00 by Fleet White Sr. to keep quiet and to not testify in front of Boulder, CO authorities about what she knows.  She refuses the offer, telling Fleet White Sr that she does not want any of his money. Nancy Krebs then makes the journey to Boulder, Colorado to testify in front of Boulder, CO investigators of the case. What Nancy Krebs fails to realize though is that many of those investigators she gave her testimony to were corrupt or bought off by Fleet White Sr. not to legally investigate what she said.

More to Come

List of Intergenerational Satanic Families involved

The Christoff Family (California)

The Sprague Family (California)

The White Family (California)

The Krebs Family (California)

The Boykin Family (California)

The Paugh Family (Patsy’s family)

The James Dudley Ramsey Family (Nebraska and Michigan)

The John Bennet Ramsey Family (Colorado)

More to Come

Freemasonry Ties

Nancy Krebs revealed that she saw Patsy Paugh at a Rainbow Girls Convention in the 1970’s before Patsy married John Ramsey.  This is a key bit of information linking Freemasonry into this story.  On the surface Rainbow Girls appears to be a completely legitimate organization that does nothing more than teach leadership skills to girls and women but there is a darker side to it.  Rainbow Girls is a Freemasonry organization and within it there is another organization called Job’s Daughters.  It is said that the members of Job’s daughters are the daughters of Master Masons.    I do not see it clearly yet but I perceive that these organizations are somehow involved in connecting Freemason men and women for marriage. I perceive that Patsy Paugh’s marriage to John Ramsey was not a coincidence.  It was an arranged marriage and the family they raised was not a normal family.  It was a family where Satanism and incest was practiced.  

Sex Party vs Satanic Ritual Ceremony

Here I want to address an important point. Nancy Krebs describes the event in which JonBenet Ramsey met her death as a sex party, with no real mention of Satanism being involved but I contend that the truth is different. I note that Nancy Krebs was raised as a Satanist in a Satanist family and as such she would likely want to keep the Satanism aspects of the case hidden while still showing the sexual abuse related aspects of it. What I contend is that Nancy Krebs used the “sex party” concept as a way to conceal what is really involved here, which is Satanism and Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA). So while Nancy Krebs never explicitly mentions Satanism or SRA in her testimony, it is very strongly implied if you read between the lines of what she said. In my earlier studies of this case I was focused on the sex party aspect of it but since then I have ditched that to go to the Satanic ritual abuse ceremony explanation because I believe that it makes the most sense to explaining this case. A sex party is a generic way of explaining what a Satanic Ritual Abuse ceremony would look like to a non Satanist, so that is why I think Nancy Krebs used that terminology when testifying before Boulder Colorado investigative authorities. This is not just about child sexual abuse but about organized child sexual abuse as part of a Religion in my very strong opinion.

Nancy Krebs’ Niece

The Niece of Nancy Krebs, daughter of Shirley, plays a role in this case. She was five years old at the time of the JBR murder and witnessed the murder. Both threats and mind control programming were used to keep this child from disclosing what she witnessed. This child was being prostituted by her grandmother, Gwen Krebs. This girl was later transferred to Ramstein Air Base, Germany, perhaps to get her out of the U.S. so she could not be questioned by investigators.

The alleged Christmas Party at the house of Fleet White Jr.

The official story has a Christmas party taking place at the Boulder residence of Fleet and Priscilla White and that both the White family and the Ramsey family and other Boulder friends of the Whites and Ramseys were in attendance at that party. For a long time I was convinced this was true and that the death of JonBenet took place at this house but now I believe that this allegedly Christmas party is nothing more than disinformation to support a carefully crafted cover story to hide the truth. I contend that the Whites, and the Ramseys and others were together that day but in a completely different location that has never been revealed to the public.

Where did the death of the child take place?

I have been trying to answer this question for a long time but I do not know the real location where this child was killed. The best answer I can give is that death took place in an unknown location in Colorado centering around the Denver/Boulder area. As I have said before, there is no reason to believe that the death took place in Boulder Colorado even though that this where the child lived. It is far more likely that the death took place somewhere in either Denver or the remote areas surrounding Denver. Note that Denver is easily within driving distance of Boulder so it would be very easy for the Ramsey family to travel from Boulder to this unknown location on the morning of 12-25-1996. Forget about Boulder and focus on Denver as being the real location of the child’s death.

Burke Ramsey provided the best clue to this location when he revealed he had been shocked by an electric fence on the day of 12-25-1996, from which I infer that this location was surrounded by an electric fence to keep intruders out. It is noteworthy that Svali, if you know who she is, mentioned that electric fences are used by Satanists to keep out intruders from their secret compounds. I suspect a direct link between Svali’s statement and Burke Ramsey’s statement. What I believe is that electric fences are one form of security that Satanists use to keep out intruders and to maintain secrecy from the outside world about Satanist operations.

What I suspect is that the location where JonBenet Ramsey met her death was in a remote area outside of Denver, Colorado., somewhere within the region of the below map. I believe this was a secret compound surrounded by an electric fence to keep out intruders. Only Satanists were allowed entry into this compound.

The Event and who was present during it

For the sake of ambiguity for now that I will later clear up, I want to refer to what I believe to be a Satanic Ritual ceremony during which JonBenet Ramsey died as the Event. I will be explaining all of this in detail but here are the people who I believe were present during the Event at a minimum, based upon the testimony of Nancy Krebs. I refer to this group of people as the core group.

John Bennet Ramsey

Patsy Ramsey

Burke Ramsey

JonBenet Ramsey

Fleet White Jr.

Priscilla White

Daphne White

Fleet White Sr.

Gwen Krebs (mother of Nancy Krebs)

Niece of Nancy Krebs, name unknown, who was at the time 5 years old

In addition to that core group, these other people may have been present:

Nyla White

Fleet White III

Randy Simons (photographer/pornographer)

Other unknown adults

The True Circumstances of the death of JonBenet Ramsey

As I said earlier, the death of JonBenet Ramsey was a case of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) gone wrong. Perhaps I need to create a post about Real Satanism itself because understanding Real Satanism is a required prerequisite for understanding this death. Unless you understand how Real Satanism works then what I am about to say here will not make a lot of sense, but from my research JonBenet Ramsey was being sexually abused as part of a Satanic ritual at the time of her death. Two people were directly involved, which were Fleet White Sr. and a second person. Fleet White Sr. was sexually abusing JonBenet Ramsey and the second was performing sexual asphyxiation techniques on JonBenet for the purpose of making her feel something sexual from the abuse. This involves cutting off the air flow and bringing the subject to a near unconscious state while still retaining consciousness. This state can be used to make even a child to feel sexual feelings from abuse. Satanists know about these techniques and use them during SRA activities. This is the way I understand it. The second person’s role in the death is that he was performing these sexual asphyxiation techniques for Fleet White Sr. as Fleet White Sr. abused JonBenet Ramsey but he made a mistake and accidently strangled JonBenet to death and she could not be revived. I am saying that the second person unintentionally killed JonBenet Ramsey during sexual abuse of her by Fleet White Sr. So the second person caused the death of the child but Fleet White Sr. was also directly involved in the death. And in case you are wondering where John and Patsy and Burke were during this, they were watching it, along with other people… possibly a lot of other people. In the previous section I identified the core group but there could have been many others besides them present. I do not know how many people were there who saw it happen, but everyone in the core group above saw it happen and knows exactly what happened to cause the death of JonBenet Ramsey.

Who was the second person who killed JonBenet?

From the testimony of Nancy Krebs, the most likely person was Fleet White Jr. but an alternate person is John Ramsey. It appears that BOTH Fleet White Jr. and John Ramsey knew how to perform these sexual asphyxiation techniques on a child so it could have been either one of them. But I ask the question why would Fleet White Jr. be performing these techniques and not John Ramsey, the girl’s father? It appears to me far more likely that it was John Ramsey who was performing these techniques on his own daughter for Fleet White Sr. as Fleet White Sr. was abusing her. That makes the most sense to me.

John Ramsey was JonBenet’s handler, so if he knew how to perform this techniques on a child then it would be him and not Fleet White Jr. strangling his daughter to make her feel sexual arousal. And if he knew how to make garrotes and ligatures then it would be John Ramsey who would create the garrote from one of Patsy’s paint brushes and who would form the loose ligatures on his daughter’s dead body in the staged crime scene later. This has the strong feeling of truth to it.  What does this mean? Does this mean that it was John Ramsey who accidently killed his own daughter during the SRA? This feels right to me but I cannot prove it. Its my own conjecture based upon everything I know about the case.

A Snuff Film

As Nancy Krebs revealed, Satanists always film the abuse so they can profit from child pornography made from this film so the death of JonBenet Ramsey was filmed. This filming could have been done by John Ramsey or it could have been done by Randy Simons. I really suspect Randy Simons was present at the time of the death and was filming it because afterwards he freaked out and ran. This is a snuff film that I believe has been distributed to multiple members of this Satanist community. Of course it will never be seen by the public but it is my opinion that this film exists in private collections.

The Cover Up

In this section I want to discuss the cover up to hide the true circumstances and location of the death.

After the death of JonBenet, the Satanists who were involved in the ceremony were much more concerned with preserving their secrecy than they were with the unintentional death of this child.

Since there is so much material about the Cover up, I moved that content to its own thread:

The JonBenet Ramsey Murder Cover up

The Grand Jury Indictment against the Ramseys.

In my opinion, the Grand Jury indictment against John and Patsy Ramsey was the correct one without revealing any of the true circumstances of the child’s death to the public. What the grand jury said is that John and Patsy Ramsey were guilty of putting their daughter in an unsafe situation which led to her death and this is exactly what I contend happened. John and Patsy Ramsey willingly put their daughter into the unsafe situation which led directly to her death. So the grand jury indictment against John and Patsy Ramsey was the correct one while being intentionally very vague so as not to reveal any details of the death to the public. So all those people outraged that the grand jury did not indict John and/or Patsy for the murder of their daughter are outraged over nothing because their belief that one or both of the parents murdered their daughter is incorrect. The parents were complicit in the death but neither of them murdered their daughter. Neither did they intend for their daughter to die. This is the way I view it. The daughter died during a Satanic Religious ceremony and it was not intended to happen.

The Smoking Gun

On December 26 or December 27, 1996, Gwen Krebs called Nancy Krebs and said she had seen an episode of the Extra TV program mentioning that Fleet White Sr. was a suspect in the death of JonBenet Ramsey. This contradicts everything publicly “known” about the case and yet I believe it to be true. I discussed this in a former post.

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