Donald Trump is a Jew

After making a lot of posts on my old Blog exposing this man, I want to make a single new post on this new Blog with a summary of all information about this man in one place. In this post I am going to shit all over Donald Trump and also shit all over Trump supporters. Fair warning that I have no respect at all for either. Even though I myself started out as a Trump supporter I came to my senses during his train wreck of a Presidency and anyone who is still a Trump supporter at this stage has no excuse for being an idiot. There is much to expose about Donald Trump. It will take a while for me to add all the information I have to add to this post so please be patient.

All four Trump children married to Jews

All 4 Trump Kids married to Jews

Trump is in bed with the Bad Guys

Despite all the lies of the lying pro Trump QAnon PSYOP to paint Donald Trump as a white knight fighting against the evil “Deep State”, in reality Trump is in bed with the Bad Guys and always has been.

For example, Trump is very close friends with Jewish Mossad agents and child sex traffickers and blackmailers Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. See below image.

Bibi’s Bitch

Get a room, you two.

President Trump at the Israel Museum. Jerusalem May 23, 2017 President Trump at the Israel Museum. Jerusalem May 23, 2017

Trump supports LGBT

Trump fully supports LGBT, which should not be surprising at all since Trump is a Jew and Jews are fully behind the LGBT movement. What is surprising and very sad IMO is all those people who call themselves Conservatives and Christians who support this lying Jew and yet either do not know or do not care that Trump supports what they are against. But hey, as long as it wears a red hat and makes sounds like a Patriot I guess that is good enough for the average Trump Supporter. Who cares about what he actually stands for.

Make America Great Again….NOT!

All I can say is that Trump has no shame. Since he is a Jew that makes perfect sense.

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5 thoughts on “Donald Trump is a Jew

    1. I think all of Biden’s children are married to Jews too, if my information is correct about that. Both sides are 100% Jew owned and controlled. That is why elections are not a solution to the problem because the entire system is compromised and Jew owned. Revolution is the only solution to the Jewish problem in America or anywhere else in the world. That is an interesting forum that you linked. Do you recommend it? Most Donald Trump supporters are idiots, I am sorry to say. I was initially deceived to believe in Trump in 2016 but Boy was I wrong. Trump should have zero support from non Jews. He is as Jewish as he can possibly be and works against American interests.


      1. I don’t know why so many people protest heavily for one Black man’s death (he is maybe a criminal, not an innocent saint), and even the entire story of his death may be a Psyop too. Meanwhile, so many US politicians (not only Democrats but also Republicans) are so corrupt with many scandals including the most terrible ones such as incest or pedophilia but American people ignore it. They think these politicians’ scandals are either fake stories made up by haters of the opposite party, or bullshit conspiracy theories. But it is not just immoral politicians, is it the Jews, and Satanists/Illuminati/Freemason behind them. People in some democratic countries in Asia protested heavily when they hear a rumor that their President may be corrupt or received lobbying money, and they force these presidents to go to jail, however, Americans don’t protest anything even when they have pictures of their presidents (Trump, Bill Clinton, etc.) who are friends with pedophiles and possibly they are pedophiles themselves too. Bush and Obama may be homosexual with clear pictures of Bush’s homosexual actions (even the dumbest people can see what happened without the need of explanation), but then they say these pictures must be fake or misunderstanding! America is ridiculously corrupt but American people ignore all the faults of their presidents and do not revolt against the corrupt system. They are blind, ignorant, meek, unserious, and weak.

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  1. In the case of the George Floyd murder PSYOP I think a lot of people have been paid under the table to protest by agent provocetuers. The American people are the most deceived and dumbed down population in the entire world, IMO. They are like rats being led through the street by a Jewish pied piper. I agree with everything you said in this comment.


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