What is the Jewish Problem?

This Blog is primarily about the Jewish Problem but I realize that I have never explicitly defined what the Jewish Problem is. I just assumed that everyone knows what it is but its likely that many people, especially newbies, have no idea what this term means. Perhaps many people have a different definition for this term but this is my definition for it. This is the definition that I consider to be valid in terms of this Blog. Its important to know what the Jewish Problem is and how it relates to many things that are seen in this world.

The Jewish Problem relates directly to the Jewish Master Plan and also to the Jewish Talmud. In a nutshell, here is the definition of the Jewish Problem as I see it:

Jews view themselves as being separate and superior from non Jewish races. Jews conspired long ago against non Jews to take over the world. Jews are at war against non Jews and have been for centuries. Sometimes this war is overt but often times it is covert and hidden from view. Jews are not a peaceful people willing to peacefully coexist and share the planet with everyone else. Jews are a warlike people who want to control the entire earth and everything and everyone in it. Unlike other races, the Jewish race conspires together to control the world. The Jewish race is inherently racist against all non Jewish races and this racism is condoned by the Jewish Religion. Jews do evil to non Jews and this evil is condoned by the Jewish Religion, primarily the Jewish Talmud.

That is the most concise summary of the Jewish Problem that I can give. This is the reason why the Jewish race is a problem for the non Jewish races.

Is that clear? Do you have any questions? If so, ask in the comments.

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