Good and Evil according to the Jews

Here is something which is important for non Jews to understand in attempting to comprehend the way Jews view the world. Jews have an entirely different view of Good and Evil than non Jews do, which the following paragraphs will hopefully elucidate.

Non Jews get their concept of Good and Evil primarily from Christianity, which I have identified as Jewish created Religion for non Jews to believe in. But the concept of good and evil comes from Christianity and the Christian Bible, for the most part. Almost all non Jews know the difference between Good and Evil and I need not explain those terms here for the non Jewish readers of this Blog. The concept of Morality comes from the difference between Good and Evil as non Jews view those terms. Moral people do good. Immoral people do evil.

Jews on the other hand, have a completely different view of Good and Evil. I have implied this before but never said it explicitly but here I will state the Jewish view of Good and Evil as I see it. Jews view whatever favors Jews as being good, including what Christians define as evil. Jews view whatever is against Jews as evil. So the Jewish definitions of good and evil are an entirely racist view that has nothing to do with morality at all. There is no morality to the Jews. There is only Jews vs Non Jews. Jews are good. Non Jews are Evil. This is the view of the Jewish Religions, primarily the Jewish Talmud. Whatever Jews do is inherently good because Jews are doing them. Whatever non Jews do is inherently evil because non Jews are doing them. Jews can do no evil, and non Jews can do no good.

It is very important for non Jews to understand the racist view of Good and Evil that the Jews maintain because it explains so much in the world. It explains why Jews can do evil to non Jews and feel no guilt at all for doing it, because to them it is not evil at all.

If a Jew murders a Jew then it is evil according to the Jews, but if a Jew murders a non Jew then it is not evil according to the Jews. A completely different set of laws apply to Jews vs non Jews. Jews are seen as the only humans on planet earth. Non Jews are seen as sub human animals, and the laws that apply to Jewish humans do not apply to non Jewish animals, according to the Jewish Religion. Racism is the foundation of the Jewish religion and Jewish thinking. This is the foundation for understanding what the Jewish race is about and an explanation for the Jewish Problem.

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