What is the end game of the Covid 19 Plandemic?

In this post I want to discuss a very important topic, which is what is the end game of the Covid 19 Plandemic? One of the advanced Red Pills on this Blog is that everything of any significance that is seen is just a means to an end and certainly this applies to the Covid 19 Plandemic. So the Covid 19 plandemic is a means to an end, but what is that end besides a lot of Jews getting filthy rich?

As I have said before repeatedly, the Covid 19 plandemic is a means to an end to getting everyone on the planet to take an injection inside their body but that too is a means to an end. The Covid 19 vaccination push is dishonest and disingenuous and is hiding something very important from most people but that the Jews behind the plandemic are fully aware of, because this is the entire reason behind the Plandemic.

What is the end game of the plandemic? I wish I could tell you. I have been looking seriously at it since the beginning of the plandemic. I never trusted what the lying Jewish Main Stream Media was saying but I was looking for the real reason(s) behind it. Even now I cannot say that I know the answer to that question. I have been looking at the Jewish problem for long enough to know that there is always a hidden reason behind these things that serve Jewish interests, even if we mere non Jewish mortals do not know what they are. Certainly nobody is going to tell us these things. We have to figure them out on our own.

What are (((they))) really trying to accomplish by the plandemic? I have my theories about it, which I have elucidated before in the following links.

Why did they stage the Covid 19 PSYOP?

What the Covid 19 vaccination push is all about

Why the Injections? Why now?

Death by Vaccination

In those links I list a lot of possible reasons behind the plandemic. The real reason for the plandemic could be one or more of those things or it could be something which I cannot even see at this point because it has been so well disguised. Since the Jewish race are master deceivers and master planners, there could be a hidden reason behind the plandemic that nobody sees yet.

Even though I admit I do not know what the end game of the plandemic is, intuition tells me it is something BIG and world wide, just as the plandemic is world wide. There will come a time when the plandemic will go away, but this other thing which I cannot see will take its place and the Jews plan for this to be here permanently in a world that (((they))) control.

Whatever it is, I sense the Jews are transforming the world as (((they))) want it to transform in a way that favors Jews and disenfranchises non Jews. Whatever the reasons behind the Plandemic are, you can bet that it serves the Jewish Master Plan.

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