The Covid 19 Plandemic

I have created a lot of posts on my Blog concerning the Covid 19 Plandemic but that information is distributed and difficult to find. What I want to do in this post is to create a single post that discusses all aspects of this Plandemic in a single place so that everyone can easily see this information.

The “Covid 19 pandemic” was planned years in advance

As I have said before, Jews plan their PSYOPs years in advance before rolling them out and making them “real” in the Jew owned and controlled main stream media and governments. The following link is one such proof of that. Here it is shown that the Jewish Snake was distributing Covid 19 test kits world wide as early as 2017. Open your eyes, Goyim.

COVID-19 Test kits (300215) imports by country in 2017

Event 201

One of the first things I want to say about the Plandemic is that it was simulated approximately six months prior to “becoming real”. Most people know nothing about this simulation but its very important for people to see this in order to know that the global pandemic is not genuine. Below is a good video discussing Event 201. As you watch this, please keep in mind that this was a simulation before the “Covid 19 pandemic” even appeared in the world. Look at all the similarities between the simulation and the “real event”. In the simulation the pandemic started in South America. In the “real event” the pandemic started in China. Otherwise they are basically the very same thing. You have to see this to know that they are lying their asses off to you about the pandemic.

A Great Video about the Plandemic

Below is a great video I have come across that explains a lot of information about the plandemic very well. I recommend that you watch it. Please click on the below image to do so.

Jews are behind the Plandemic

Jews are behind “Covid 19” and the Injections

Jewish Press Explains Why There Just So Happens To Be So Many ‘Jews Behind The COVID Vaccine’

Experts speaking out against the Vaccines being censored

What are the Goals of the Plandemic?

I see two levels of goals of the plandemic. The first goal is to get the injection (I do not call them vaccines) inside of every human being on planet (or as many human beings as possible). That is the first level goal of the Plandemic. The entire purpose of the plandemic is to get the injections into the human population of planet earth.

But what is the real purpose of the injections? That is what is important to know.

What is the End Game of the Covid 19 Plandemic?

Making HUGE amounts of money

Since last year I have been focused on the plandemic as being ID2020 in disguise to get everyone injected with something that can be used to identify them and track them and control their finances.

Mind Control

More recently I have become aware of Dr. Pierre Gilbert and what he said in 1995 about the vaccines being used as a trojan horse to mind control humanity.

The Mark of the Beast

I think that the vaccines are a Trojan horse method of getting everyone to be marked with an internal identifier. This starts with the ID2020 connection that I mentioned earlier but goes beyond it to setting the stage for a worldwide economic control system that is tied to an ID associated with a person. Once this system is finalized then a person’s ability to buy or sell anything in the Jew controlled world will be tied to his mark or internal identifier. If you do not have the ID then you cannot buy or sell anything in the world and a global police state will be set up to enforce this system. This is what I really believe is at least one of the purposes behind the worldwide vaccination push.

Intentional Death and Destruction as a goal of the Plandemic

Not long after the “Covid 19 vaccinations” came out, a lot of truth oriented web sites began to call these injections kill shots because of all the illnesses and deaths of those who were stupid enough to take the Jewish Jab into their body. I have been aware of all those deaths and non lethal adverse effects caused by the Jewish Jab but I did not like the term “kill shot” applied to the injection because I thought it was disinformation. To call the injections kill shots is to imply that their primary purpose is to kill the receiving host and to me I have considered this to be disinformation up to now.  I have been focused on the control aspects of the worldwide injection push and have not been really looking at the deaths and injuries caused by taking the “vaccine” as anything more than collateral damage. Up to now this has been my opinion about these adverse effects related to the injections but I am beginning to think differently about it which I will begin to discuss in the following paragraph.

Death by Vaccination

Symptoms of an EVIL Jewish PSYOP

More to Come

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