Jewish Control of Political Parties

In every country that has political parties, especially in infiltrated and subverted Democracies that Jews control, Jews control ALL political parties behind the scenes. In the United States, for example, Jews control both the Republican and the Democratic Parties. Any division or conflict between the Jew controlled political parties is nothing but controlled opposition and public theater to deceive the public.

In many so called Democracies such as the United States, its not the people who control but the political parties. Although the political parties are supposed to represent the will of the people in theory, in infiltrated and subverted Democracies the political parties have been perverted to serve the Jews who are giving them huge amounts of money to influence their decisions and NOT the people who the parties are supposed to serve. By controlling the political parties on both or all sides, Jews control the government and the people control nothing. This is the sad reality in the United States of America, which has become totally compromised to serve the Jews and not the people. Only a Revolution by the people to overthrow and replace the corrupted government can fix this situation.

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