Similarities between 9-11 and the Covid 19 Plandemic

It is my contention that 9-11 was a long planned giant Jewish PSYOP,  just as it is my contention that the Covid 19 pandemic is a long planned giant Jewish PSYOP. There is similarity between 9-11 and the Covid 19 pandemic, which are the following:

Both are PSYOPs disguised as real events

Both 9-11 and the Covid 19 plandemic are PSYOPs disguised as real events. Jewish control of both the world media and the world governments allows them to get away with this scam. For the most part it is fiction made real by the lying Jewish Main Stream Media and the Jew controlled governments just back up that lie.

Jews are secretly behind both PSYOPs

It is important to know not just that 9-11 and the plandemic are PSYOPs but that they are Jewish PSYOPs, with Jews and Jewish minions controlling every aspect of them. Many people besides myself have exposed the Jews behind the 9-11 PSYOP such as Larry “the cockroach” Silverstein. And the Jews behind the plandemic have been exposed also by many people. The following link is my exposure of it.

Jews are behind “Covid 19” and the injections

World Transformation is the Goal

The purpose of both of these PSYOPs is to transform the world in a way that serves Jewish interests and that serves the Jewish Master Plan.

Jewish Main Stream Media pushing false narrative 24-7

The Main Stream Media pushing the Establishment narrative onto the people 24-7 in lockstep every single day non stop for a long period of time so that the public comes to believe it as the truth and so nobody questions the validity of it.  A lie told often enough becomes the truth.

Anyone saying anything different than the main stream media narrative is going to be ignored, ridiculed or their voice will be completely drowned out by the huge barrage of disinformation being pushed by the Jew controlled world media.

Mass Death Disinformation

The Main Stream Media pushing that there has been massive loss of life in the event when in reality that is not the truth.

In my post on 9-11 I document the disinformation of mass deaths in that PSYOP. Similarly there has been disinformation about mass deaths concerning Covid 19 since the beginning of the plandemic and this continues up to now (and will continue). Many truth oriented web sites and Blogs have clearly documented that the total number of deaths in 2020 were no different than in previous years even though the Main Stream Media said repeatedly that many people died from Covid 19.  The trick being played on the public is that many deaths not caused by Covid 19 at all were classified as Covid 19 deaths to make it appear as if Covid 19 is a very deadly pandemic when that is not the case at all.  We all can see what the Establishment is doing to give the appearance of a deadly pandemic when that is not the case at all.

More to Come

2 thoughts on “Similarities between 9-11 and the Covid 19 Plandemic

  1. Excellent job you are doing! I hope you will work diligently to fill the gap caused by the demise of Judicial Ink a few years back.

    The two biggest similarities between 9/11 and C-19 is both are Jewish ops.


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